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Top 5 Tips for the 80 Yard Golf Shot

February 14, 2020

all right hope you’re doing well today
or tackle in this shot the 80 yarder let’s go thanks for tuning in today
we’re tackling the 80 yard shot this one we’re going over little water I’m gonna
give you my top five tips and if you want to stay up to date with the latest
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dive in to my top tips from 80 yards tip numero uno here we go 80 yards run the
button I’m even going over water so you would think you take your 80 yard Club
which for me is my 60-degree wedge and I would use that it makes a lot of sense
tip 1 is do not do not use your 80 yard club especially if it’s your 60-degree
lob wedge don’t do that I rarely rarely use my 80 yard club which I hit this 80
yards like right on the button you would think it would be the right choice but
it’s really gonna cause more problems than anything else because you’re taking
a full swing with a high lofted Club if I make a mistake I’m in the water
unplugged in a bunker a lot of issues can arise so I do not want to use this
guy you’re going to want to take your next club which for me is my 54 but
don’t be afraid to even go one more with the 50 because it’s really gonna help
you out so I’m going to more going 50 that is tip number one I’m like six feet
for birdie so do not use your most lofted Club from
meteors but okay tip number two is this we it has to do is set up we want
everything to be in the center of our body so many times I see a lot of people
back that ball up when you’re hitting this 80 yard shot and and you’re using
your most lofted Club so we don’t want to do that so you’ve got your let’s say
fifty degree gap wedge or something like that I want to set up in the center of
my stance everything what my hands Center hands Center ball Center
everything Center right here I do not back that thing up you get it
back here you’re gonna come to steep on that ball and you’re gonna just chunk it
you need to create a lot of issues Center everything in the center ball
center hand center right here this is where you want to be you can take a nice divot with that ball
in the center of your stance that’s tip number two and it is critical if you
want to pull these shots off with any consistency let’s go to number three
okay tip three and this is also they’re all
important okay they’re all equally important you’ve got to get them all
working together so you’re going to want to watch each tip and make sure you’re
practicing each one individually get all together look that makes sense this tip
number three is we want to have a shallow golf swing okay so when I say
shallow that means you’re not picking it up your hands don’t go high I want my
hands low in here now I’m not whipping the club inside you want the hands to
come inside but don’t do anything with the club you’re not turning your hands
you’re not rotating you’re not doing any of that because once you start rotating
and doing this then it gets whipped inside you don’t want that that’s gonna
be a problem but the hands stay low okay the hands stay shallow almost like
you’re just turning your body here that’s why we’re taking extra Club so we
don’t have to do a whole lot of extra stuff
okay so shallow golf swing is your thought process that’s why the ball has
to be in the middle that’s why everything’s working together not here
here not here here right in here not a deep divot shallow shower now I
like to talk quieter when I say shallow but if it’s not aggressive it’s loose
its fluid it’s turning motion rotation motion that’s what the shallowness will
help you get into your swing two more for you let’s go to number four
okay number four and I love this because this is a tip that is so critical for
your wedge game your short game in particular with all your short game
shots this tip applies basically all of them fly but this one more if you’re
only going to do one in all your short game do this and that is we’re gonna
keep our weight more on our front foot than our back foot and you’re gonna keep
it there the entire swing okay you’re not weight transferring at all keep it
on that forward forward foot I’d say 70 percent on the front foot you’re into
that front foot here you’re not going you’re not none of this you can rotate
but even even as you rotate your hips a little bit that weight once you want to
keep it on that front foot okay this is no good
none of that here here at least 70% everything’s working
together right there wait forward with shallow swing I mean it’s all it’s all
starting to come together there’s one more thing that’s really going to help
you mindset thing and a technique thing a little bit but it’s going to really be
a game changer in your wedge game let’s go oh by the way I am using the Voki sm7
this is a 50 degree wedge I have the F grind on here which is a full sole God
so it’s much more like the other clubs that would be in your bag your pitching
wedge or 9-iron same like that and I’m using believe eight it’s eight degrees
of Bounce on this one so not a lot of bounce mid-range and just case you were
wondering tip number five is this you want to think low you want to hit it
lower okay all the things we did in terms of ball position flat and swing
weight on the forward foot that’s all gonna help but also you need to think
low try to hit a lower and remember when you’re hitting a shot low you want to
finish with your hands low you finish with your hands up high that typically
is going to give you a higher golf shot we want to turn around so though our
hands are staying low closer to our belt okay I don’t want my hands up on my ear
I want to rotate so my hands on the finish are down by my belt this is more
of my finished position here that that’s gonna get me a higher shot that’s gonna get me a lower shot but
what’s cool about it is finishing low forces your hips and your body to rotate
and that’s really the Achilles heel let’s say of many people’s golf swing
its lack of being able to rotate if your hands are low you have you rotate it you
can’t not rotate if your hands are finish low it’s just uh hey I mean
really you you have to rotate so in these shots in particular we’re trying
to knock it down get it low and so we’re thinking low everything’s low low hands
low shot low everything and you’ll be good to go love that right in there
boom you start doing that forget it the game’s gonna go to the next all
right everybody remember there are no shortcuts in this
game if you want to get better you have to put in the time and practice I’m here
to help to facilitate what to do how to do it to achieve the best results with
things you can actually take to the course so if you like this video make
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click right over here if you want to have a little more fun go golf uh funny
video it’s right over here love you guys see you


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