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Top Five Profitable Small Business Ideas For Beginners in 2020

February 16, 2020

Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, I’m hasbullah and I provide
tips and tools for entrepreneurs to build their business online. Have you ever wanted to start a business but
you just don’t know where to begin? In this video, you’ll discover 5 business
ideas that can help you kickstart your entrepreneurship journey in 2020. Coming right up The first business that you can easily get
into is by offering something that you already know to help others. This is called becoming a freelancer. Throughout your life time, it is likely that
you have accumulated knowledge or skills, that might seem nothing to you, but might
be beneficial to others. Let me give you an example, let’s say you
have been working in graphic design industry for a few years. Chances are, you might be familiar with softwares
such as photoshop. This is something that you learned over time
so you do not realise how good you have become over the years. While doing photoshop is now a skill that
you just use for work, there are others out there who just want simple work to be done
using photoshop but they just do not know how, and they don’t want to spend several
weeks to learn photoshop tips and tricks These are the people that are willing to spend some
money in order to get the job done, and if you already have a profile in freelancers
websites, then you’ll immediately pop up into their search results. So things that you might find easy such as
photoshop is actually something very valuable for someone who urgently need their photo
edited but have no idea how to use photoshop. This is just one example. To do this, you need to register yourself
to []( or, tell them what you can do and then wait for
your first customer. Not only that this business is easy to start,
but you also get to choose who are the client that you want to work with, and you get to
choose your own working hours. More importantly, with more projects coming
in, you can start building your portfolio to show to your potential client, which in
turns, will lead to more clients. If you go to, they will show the
lifetime income of the freelancers. Some of them have been earning millions of
dollars just by working as a freelancer. So this is a huge opportunity for you to start
a business, especially in 2020. Some of the most common misconception that
I see is that people think they need to have a product before they can start a business. Building a product is a very stressful process. It will require a lot of time and money. and if you don’t have a buyer before you start
building the product it could be a very stressful process. because of this, people would usually abandon
their idea to start a business altogether. If This is the first time you start a business,
I would highly recommend that you do not start by building your own product. instead, what you can do is big and exhausting
product and sell them In order to get your commission.This is a great way to earn money
while building your actual product. But more importantly, this takes the pressure
of building a new doing this you basically eliminate any risks associated with
building a completely new product. This is called affiliate marketing. Perhaps the best thing about affiliate marketing
is that you can go to websites such as click and they already have a list of products
that are already selling fast at this moment. This is because you don’t want to spend your
time selling products that people are not buying. If this is the first time you are doing affiliate
marketing, I would go for digital products. Imagine this, if you are the owner of a digital
product, you may spent considerable money and time upfront but when sales start coming
in, it almost purely profit. Therefore, the creator of digital products
usually allows their affiliates to earn huge percentage of commission. For me anywhere upwards of 30% would be acceptable. I have even see a digital product that gave
out 100% of commission to their affiliate, and they can do this as they do their up selling
in the product itself. To make things even more interesting, many
of these products are subscription based. Therefore, when the buyer pays them every
month, you’ll get your monthly cuts as well. The third business that you can easily start
in 2020 is to create your own online course. This is related to the first business which
is freelancing business where you offer your skill as a service you someone else. However, this time, instead of directly offering
your service, you are going to package it in the form of online course to teach other
people how to do it themselves. Let’s use the earlier example which is photoshop. Now instead of using it and directly help
your clients edit their photos, you are going to record yourself teaching how to use photoshop. I know that there are many other resources
out there where people can learn photoshop including YouTube. But these resource are really disorganised. For someone that is really looking to learn
photoshop, they will find your course useful. If you have been doing photoshop for years
and they can see what you have accomplished, it will increase your reputation in their
eyes and they will buy from you. To start doing this, you don’t have to plan
for an all out 100 hours course in the beginning. Sites such as [](
allows you to sell 30 minutes courses. This is very doable and you can do this to
limit the risks of people not buying your course. If you sell a 30 minutes course and many people
buys it, then you know there are a lot of demand on your offer so you can create longer
courses and charge more. Nowadays, every business is required to have
a presence online. If someone wants to build their personal brands,
they are required to have interesting social media profile where his or her potential client
can follow and see what they are doing at all times. The job to keep up social media presence online
could be overwhelming at times, especially when they run out of idea what to post. As it turns out, this is an opportunity for
the fourth business you can do in 2020, which is becoming someone’s social media manager. I bet nowadays everyone has experience managing
their own social media. You may even find my video here through social
media. In my own experience, at a personal level,
I usually post once a week. Some of my friends post their status twice
a week. Doesn’t matter if its on facebook or instagram
or twitter, this is how much people usually update their status. However, for someone that is trying to build
a brand, they would like to post everyday if possible. If you think you can help them do this, then
you are up for the job. You have to be resourceful as coming up with
ideas on what to post everyday on every social media platform could be difficult if you run
out of ideas. But if you like doing research online to find
interesting things to post, then go find someone and offer your service as their social manager. Perhaps at first, you can even work for free
to build trust between you and the client. After that, you can leverage your experience
to find another client. Once you have more exposure into this industry,
you will definitely learn more and more and then start charging more for your next client. Another business that you can start in 2020
is a life coaching business. At times, when I’m struggling with something,
I often find that the best way to learn is by consulting people who have been there and
done that. It turns out, this is what people called life
coach. For some of you, you may have experience something
that completely changed the way you looked at life. Perhaps you quit your dream job to pursue
your passion, perhaps you’ve been involved in the near death experience, or whatever
it is that makes you look at life a bit different than most of the people around you, you can
use these experience to help them as their life coach. If your client can relate to your story, they
are likely to want advice from you in order to get them out of the horrible situation
that they are in. While there are general advice that you can
give them for free, some of the more intricate advice, perhaps require months of planning
in order to be achieved. Once this happens, your advice would become
very valuable and that people would pay money for it. If you live near cities or in developed countries,
the opportunity to become life coach is even better as people can afford it. So craft your sales message well and target
these people so that they can improve their lives they way you managed to improved yours. There you go guys. These are 5 best online business ideas that
you can start in 2020. If you find this video useful, please consider
subscribing and turn on the notification bell so this video gets push to more people. Also, don’t forget to leave your comment below
about what do you think I should cover next that will help you to grow your business. I’ll talk to you soon. Good luck in your entrepreneurship journey. Bye!

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