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Transcription Jobs (2020) Work From Home

February 25, 2020

okay guys in today’s video I’m going to
show you four places that you can get involved with and do transcribing or
transcription and make anywhere up to a thousand dollars per week
so you’re gonna want to sit back and relax and catch all the details of these
four places that I’m going to show you here and I’m going to get you
jump-started into it here all right now all righty guys welcome back to the
day’s video first of all we’re going to get the two dudes out of the out of the
way here and starting off with my name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin Nash later
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well let’s all that out of the way let’s get straight into this video we’re going
to come over here as you can see to our opera browser and this is the I’m going
to show you four sites today which you can make up to a thousand dollars per
week in this video here today and I’ll just go over one of the sites to start
with here just through the details of it because
they’re all basically the same thing and it’s just a matter of getting signed up
and becoming a transcriber for each of these sites alright well so first of all
transcribing it’s fast and accurate transcriptions I mean there’s nothing
easier than that most of all these four sites I’m going to show you they have up
to five to ten minute audio switch all you got to do is listen to the audio and
just type it out just as you hear it I mean there’s nothing more simpler than
that it’s just as easy as that to make this kind of money alright so as we
scroll down here this particular site here and it’s called transcribed me you
see it there look up here in the address bar recommend that you guys write these
addresses down on a piece of paper so that you can come to a more type them
into your notepad or something like that and sable alright its transcribe
mean calm here and then what we’ll do is go down through here this what
businesses companies businesses individuals universities all types of
industries that these places do transcription for alrighty and comes
down here talks about here some of the industries technology consulting market
research medical regular translating in different languages and education such
as universities and schools and things you can choose a different they can
choose a service or whatever speech recognition translation of transcription
and so on so forth and here’s some of the brands that this transcribed me
partners with and you see some of these are probably recognizable to most of you
Oracle Harvard University Genesis Facebook some of it a lot of Cisco here
a lot of different fortune 500 companies here that works with this particular
company transcribed me all right and they can get started today and get
signed up and have their work transcribed for so what you want to do
is you get here is you want to come down here all the way to the bottom of the
site in right down here under this category right here where it says for
transcriptionists we want it you can click right here to become a
transcriptionist or up here at the top you see where my arrow lives right here
but what we want to do is we want to see how much money we can make right that’s
what this is all about how much money you can make doing this work so I’m
going to click on monetize your downtime right here brings us over here to this
page and it says become a paid transcriptionist today transcribe audio
and video into high-quality text and get paid is that easier that simple top
rated best work from home site which by the way all of these sites guys can be
done from anywhere in the world and three of them out of the four are free
in terms of getting started with I’ll show you that here a little bit later
now this can be done like I said anywhere in
the world and been recommended by certain blogs here popular blogs on the
internet and it says what we have to offer we pour we pay more than anyone it
says here since we have the industry’s best rates with earnings starting at
fifteen to twenty two dollars per audio hour and top monthly earnings at twenty
two hundred dollars the average monthly earning is 250 so if you take a average
between those two let’s just say five hundred and fifty dollars that might be
a little bit low but you can start out at 250 and work your way up to a total
of two thousand two hundred and twenty or two hundred dollars per month and on
weekly basis that would be five hundred and fifty dollars per week just on this
one website low but stick around keep watching with me because we’ve got three
other ones to go here all right now and then it comes down this particular site
has growth and learning opportunities the more you learn and the better you
get at this the more money you can make with it alright and then they have no
experience or upfront investment it doesn’t cost anything and you don’t need
any experience to do this work on this site all you need is a have regular pass
you just doesn’t cost a penny you just need a reliable internet and computer to
get started here right has freedom and flexibility since you work from the
comfort of your home whenever you want how much you want to work this is not an
employee type of work here this is basically like independent contractors
so to speak or just working with this company and it says transcribed short
one to two minute clips some of them are five to ten minutes some are one to two
just anywhere but usually not longer than about ten minutes and it’s just
that simple you just type out what you hear is all you do and then submit it
back to the company and get paid and so on so forth in
program and payment plan they says we pay regularly and securely via PayPal so
you want to make sure that you have a PayPal account for this site and it’s
recommended that you when you sign up to join as a transcriptionist here that you
use the same email that you did when you signed up with PayPal so that keeps
everything congruent right this makes it better for you and the company alrighty
so that’s the first site right there transcribe make sure your right
debt address down make it save it so you can come to this website second site
that we’re going to talk about here today guys is this site right here it’s
one eight eight eight type it up dot-com you see it up there in the address bar
one eight eight eight type it up dot-com write that down and save that over here
at transcription jobs we know the transcript requires hard work and skill
and they want people that are good at typing and have some a little bit of a
little bit of already done this in other words you even have a little bit of
experience with it and it says here but we’re always looking for new talent as
well so again this can be done anywhere in the world and then top talks about
right here and you can click on apply and sign up with this website they’re
hiring status it says here we are currently hiring see that as of
yesterday February 21st it’s updated yesterday and then it talks about they
got some helpful tips here for claim they got a blog that you can read on
tips about headphones and foot pedals a lot of these guys these websites guys
they want you to learn more they wants you to become better at this the more
better you are at it of course the more money you make
right here’s their transcription pay right here as you see the number one
most frequently asked question by applicants is
how much do you pay and says although our focuses on quality actor we
understand it practically the practicality of knowing whether our
transcription work will be worth your while our transcriptionists make thirty
to one hundred and eighty dollars per audio our guys so if you take on the
other side over here you take an average of five hundred and fifty and you take
this site right here and you average about another hundred dollars per week
on here that’s already you’re up to almost seven hundred dollars right there
or even some of these can be anywhere from thirty to one hundred and eighty
dollars depending on the the type of transcription that is being asked for so
some jobs maybe thirty some maybe a hundred eighty some maybe 150 so on and
so forth so now you’re up to about say around seven seven fifty between these
two sites here alrighty and there this particular site does have a one-time
non-refundable entrance exam fee of just $39 you see right there okay this is the
only one of the floor that I’m going to show you total that you have to pay a
fee to get through their exam okay international applicants so we do accept
applications from non-us applicants and then it says if PayPal which they use
all these sites going to use PayPal is not but it’s if it’s not available in
your country no matter where you’re at says we can pay you through Swift
Payoneer and Western Union there so some of you guys that are over in the other
countries outside the US you can use Payoneer website to get paid with okay
all right Nana goes on talks about California applicants and then
contractor versus employee if you wanted you could actually become an employee
with this site but it’s probably better just to stay as an independent
contractor it’s also fourth because who wants to be an employee right when you
have set scheduled and so on and so forth
it’s better to be a contractor that’s your choice on that
all right that’s site number two guys and then the third site we’re going to
come to over here is daily transcription dot-com you see it here in the address
bar up here daily transcription comm make sure you write that down on a piece
of paper as well or into your notepad and save it at this site right here you
can benefits of working less with the daily transcriptions flexibility creates
your own scheduled work where and whenever you want to assignments come to
you paid weekly we pay higher rates than our competitors in many more of their
rates are starting at 75 cents to 85 cents per audio minute okay and then you
can receive training here and feedback and country and collaborate was
like-minded other people that are doing on here to help increase your knowledge
understanding and get you better and better too so that you can make even
more money but look here says we don’t guarantee a specific amount of work per
day or week but our top transcriptionists make anywhere from 250
to 900 and fifty dollars per week guys take an average there of about $500 or
so now between those three sites transcribed me one eight eight eight
type it up calm in this site now you’re looking at about twelve hundred dollars
per week guys per week see that per week now who they’re looking for stay-at-home
moms follow students part-time teachers writers academics or anyone who wants to
supplement their income and says you must be a highly detailed individual
who’s committed to perfection independent workers who can meet strict
deadlines professional novice and beginners are welcome to apply so
whether you have some experience of this or not doesn’t make any difference you
can come over and take some action on this website and you see right there
just between these three websites guys were already over $1,000 per week okay
how do you get started you click on the position you want to apply at the right
side of the Navajo navigation bar on the page and then you’ll be expected to pass
a skills assessment test and so on and it’s free to do that and then some of
the frequently asked questions down here it says do you provide training yes we
do we provide training video style guides and procedure documents as well
as many practice jobs as your request and can I apply if I do not live in the
u.s. to apply the transcriptionist you must reside in the United States or
Canada now but if you don’t they will take you if you know a second language
besides English if you know a foreign language you can get on with this
company so yes anywhere in the world you can do this all right
it says how do I get paid daily script transcription pays weekly by cheque only
this life this site here will mail you a check
straight to your house unless you live outside the US or Canada other payment
arrangements can be made so possibly through Payoneer you can always check
that out with their customer service alrighty guys so between these three
sites were already up over $1000 per week but hang on we’re not done yet
we’ve still got one more to go here the next site that we’re going to check out
here for this transcription work is right here go to transcript dot-com you
see it there in the address bar write that down or save it on your computer go
transcript dot-com and you come over to this website transcription jobs
available world why’d guys worldwide even have a little
video talks about it here and then what they pay is is up to 60 cents per audio
or video minute okay average earnings per month are 150 but you can work your
way up to the top monthly earnings of twelve hundred and fifteen dollars per
month break that down that’s about another what about another four hundred
dollars per week add that on top of the twelve hundred we’re already at now
we’re looking at sixteen hundred dollars per week guys all right I told you
originally on my title of my video and in my thumbnail it’s a thousand dollars
per week but as you can see if you take action and come over here and sign up to
all four of these websites and work for all four of them you can make up to
about fifteen hundred dollars per week guys that’s pretty good money that is
pretty good money right there alrighty guys I’m gonna let you go with that I
wanted to show you this today and I hope you come over here and you take action
and you sign up for these four sites transcribed one eight eight eight
type it up calm and then over here daily transcription calm and then finally go
transcript dot-com website sign up take action get involved with these companies
and make pretty doggone good money alrighty well guys that’s what I had for
you today give me a like on this video if you got some value out of this and
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and you want to get out of your nine-to-five job that you’ve get up and
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there below at the top of my description and hit word says mentor with keV com
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sharp who
is the owner and CEO of the legendary marketer powerful business building
platform and you can get your business set up for just the cost of a cup of
Starbucks coffee in 15 days or less and have an opportunity to be able to make
up to four thousand dollars in just one day all righty guys
come on over and check that out I’m gonna let you guys go with that and I’ll
see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video you guys take
care bye bye now


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