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TRAVEL Gimbal MOZA AIRCROSS 2 with Canon M50 camera

September 11, 2019

I think I’m in love. Seriously, I think I’m in love. This is what I call Mr. Moza. Actually
this is Moza Aircross 2 gimbal and trust me, you don’t want to skip or not
watch this video if you’re in a market for gimbal because this one is something
else and I’m not usually over-the-top over a product but this one
mm-hmm let’s get going. For those who don’t know me, my name is
Zdenka Darula. I take photos since 2007 and I make photo and video
tutorials and tech reviews like this one and also creative camera challenges so
if that’s something you’re interested in you might consider hitting the subscribe
button. You are looking at Moza Aircross 2 gimbal which comes in two kits. Standard kit and a professional one which has three more items arca-swiss
release plate, the phone holder for object tracking feature and ifocus
motor. Gimbal weighs 950 grams without the battery but the battery is very
light. The payload is 3.2 kilograms. Battery is fully charged in one and a
half hour which I find really fast and when fully charged lasts up to 12 hours.
It is quite long time but if you still want to make it even longer, you can
charge it with power bank on the go. Let’s quickly look at all the items in
the box. Gimbal which is foldable and as I mentioned very light makes it perfect
for travel and it fits in my backpack. There are three locks which help when
moving it from place to place, mounting the camera on. It’s not going to swing on
you in all directions. Next we have small tripod. You can absolutely mount it on a
big tripod. Then we have our bracket, phone holder, ifocus with a belt,
arca-swiss release base and plate for ifocus, little zipped case with all cables
and manuals packed with lots of information. You can mount your camera
horizontally or vertically. You would use ARCA quick-release plate for vertical
position. When it comes to horizontal mounting, L bracket is used and you can
setup the gimbals roll arm on either side. For example if you are
using wide camera and heavy lens, the camera can be mounted from the left side changing the center of gravity of the bearing which makes balancing easier.
Well, I mounted my Canon M50 on the gimbal and I gotta say that mounting and
balancing was very easy and very fast but you know what? Let me actually show
you how steady this gimbal is. This is walking shot and here we have a running shot and you can absolutely use this gimbal
in the up position or the other way before I show you some really cool
features and I’m talking about really cool features which I haven’t showed you
on any other gimbal on this channel at least yet, let’s go through all the modes.
The power button is on the smart wheel which once turned on will start flashing
with different colors. With a smart wheel you can control external follow focus
motor. You can control up to two motors which is ifocus attachment as one. You
can control electronic follow focus which is working awesome with my m50. I can film nicely in 4k and manually focus on whatever I want. You can control the
tilt axis, roll axis or pan axis Display on gimbal shows very nicely what
mode you are using with the little icons and each mode has different light color
on the smartwheel which you can fully customize in the settings. With the
joystick you can go up and down and left and right. You can do tilt follow mode, pan follow
mode, roll follow mode, you can lock and unlock whichever motor you want. It is
nicely displayed on the screen. L means locked, F is follow. You can shoot in fpv
mode for 360 degrees, sport mode for fast-moving objects, inception mode which has been upgraded with automatic rotation speed adjustment and angle
control. You can edge a speed of any motor from
zero to 100 by simply turning this wheel. Center button here records your video if
you press one time or takes a photo if you press two times. Here you can also
enter menu where you can customize everything, just press longer. Let’s look
at the trigger. If you press and hold the motors will all lock. To unlock simply
release the trigger. If you press the trigger two times you will recenter the
gimbal. Press three times and it will spin around for selfies and and that’s
not everything. If you download Moza Master App to your phone and connect it
with your gimbal via bluetooth, more very cool features get unlocked for you. When
you go to remote section, you can use your phone to mimic motion. That is how I was moving the camera at the beginning of the video. You can hold the phone or
attach it to your tripod and then precisely guide the gimbal. When you go to creative video section
you can do motion lapse, track recording, variable speed time-lapse, fixed point
time lapse and object tracking. Here you will use phone attachment. You can select object you want to track and let the gimbal do all the work and that is
pretty awesome something I really love from smartphone gimbals, I’m so happy to see it here as well. It is compact, it is light, it is fallible, it is easy to
transfer, it is packed with very very cool features. What else
do we need? Maybe if this thing was following us on a wheels or something
behind us I don’t know… It is absolutely insanely good product
it is my favorite product right now and it will stay with me pretty much every
time I’m filming. Yes please, like I said I’m not over-the-top or anything like
this but this literally blew me away his time. Well, if you are interested to
see the pricing I linked that product in the video description below so depending
where you live in the world, if you click on it it will take you to appropriate
place so you can see the pricing in your currency. All I have to say now it hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video subscribe to all future videos like
these. If you have any questions, comments about this gimbal or any other question
comment or just want to say hello I will say hi back you can do so in a comment
section below and I will see all of my friends in the next video.


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