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TubeSiphon Review, Perfect Bonuses [TubeSiphon Review]

March 25, 2020

Hey Will Weatherly here and welcome to my tubesiphon review So what I’d like to do here is have a quick look at my written review here head over to the sales page Go into the members area give you a demo and then return here to my blog and have a look at the upgrades as well As the bonuses that I’ve put together for those of you who pickup tube siphon through my link So what is tubesiphon? Well, this is a new Cloud-based software by the Koski brothers Glen and Lee and rod Beckwith. It goes live on March 22nd at 9 a.m EST so what is this about? well this is a way that you’re going to be able to create a membership course using other people’s content and What this means is once you have this content generated from other people’s hard work. You’re going to be able to monetize it Through various ways by affiliate product cpa offers ecommerce products or you can even sell your own digital or physical product also you can have Banner ads or popup ads to monetize your site further. So this is a very unique strategy for leveraging other people’s content and I really like it in my review I talk about who I think it’s for and then who I think it’s not for I think that this is a great product for someone who’s brand new to internet marketing because you don’t have to create any content and If you are even if you’re a more advanced, but you don’t have time to create content Then this is something that will really work for you And if you’re an advanced marketer on the content creation track, then you may want to continue doing that in your niche But you can use this in the niche where you are not an expert in Let’s say you have a secondary niche that you’d like to To kind of go into without not knowing a lot about it. This is something that you can go ahead and start doing So what i’d like to do now is have a quick look at the sales page Okay, so the headline is we generate 1000 plus daily by turning other people’s content into our personal source of leads Sales and commissions and the sales page has a lot of information that’s got some testimonials It’s got the steps involved It’s got a lot of graphics and a lot of information that really actually won’t tell you what it’s all about You’re going to be a little overwhelmed with a sales page in my opinion. It’s just a little busy It’s got too much going on. And so that’s my opinion of the sales page. So let’s go ahead and have a look at the members area Okay, so when you arrive you’re actually going to be on the dashboard and You’re going to get a welcome from Lee Koski who’s going to give you instructions on what to do Okay. So this is the video that you’re going to want to watch first and foremost Next you’re going to go to training and then that’s where you’re going to get instructions on what to do what what to do next But before you’re going to do anything what I suggest doing is going to where it says YouTube search tool because this is what Lee Koski is going to tell you to do so you’re going to click here And you will need to follow the training on this Lee Koski or walks you through exactly what to do So you’re going to get your YouTube channel set with YouTube by way of YouTube’s API And it takes about five minutes. It’s something I’ve already done and it’s very easy to do and just get YouTube’s API key and then you’ll be able to Go to the first step, which is to start adding your videos now There’s two ways of adding your videos. And this is the one that I recommend first is to do add Collection and you’re just going to be adding videos one by one So you set a title for your Essentially your course or your collection of videos and I would do something along you could say something like affiliate Marketing For For beginners something like that And then you would put in then you would go find a YouTube video and I’ve already put one here So this is one that I’ve already got so I just go ahead and then put ad video Okay, so you would have your video right here so you can see affiliate marketing for beginners and to edit this you’re Going to click here where it says edit Okay, so for your title for your description and for your call-to-action You’re just going to get go ahead and put that information here where it says update info and then you will be able To have a title in the description and a call to action for each of your videos Now you would go ahead and click on manually add another video and this is what I suggest doing when you’re creating your membership site Because it’s going to create specific Videos that you’ve chosen that are going to add Value to the experience of people who visit your sites. So the other way to do it is by going To where it says go go back to collections What you would do here is you would click here where it says search video collection Okay, so what you would do here is you would put in your YouTube keyword, let’s say make money online and Then click search here You go You would have all of these videos here where you can click on where it says select all so this is a way to get multiple videos all at once and This is going to be of course less selective Which is why I don’t recommend it because you’re going to want to create content that has some sort of order to it that will add value to people so they don’t think this is just Something where they can go on YouTube and get some random videos. You don’t want to create that impression So although you had these two options I would say go with number one where it just says add Video to your collection and just do it one by one would be my suggestion. Okay So next up you’re going to click where it says categories Okay, so what you’re going to do here is you’re going to put in a title you can put something like Digital products or we could put let’s say I think that’s already in there physical Okay, just press submit create a category Okay, so now what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be creating Products, okay, you’re going to be actually having you can see here where it says physical products that was just added So we’d go ahead and click Edit. So here are the products and what you’re going to do is you’re going to add Different products for your sites, so it depends on what kind of content you have created. So if you have content that is based on Affiliate marketing and then you would want to have perhaps an affiliate marketing course so it’s just a matter of choosing products that will go well with the content that you choose and So people are going to have the opportunity to go ahead and buy the product now What I want to do is just show you what this looks like Once it’s all set up. So you’re going to have your videos over here and then you’re going to have Your product here for the button. So for instance, this is a physical product. You’ve got the Information on photography and then they’ll have the opportunity to go ahead and get the camera the way this Website is set up There are some other steps and I don’t want to take the whole thing because Lee walks you through everything but what you’re going to do after this is you’re going to integrate your autoresponder so that you can Go ahead and collect leads and you’re also going to have landing pages built in So you’re the final step is to go ahead and click where it says campaign builder And Then you’re going to have for instance two You see here the squeeze page URL and the website URL and then you’re going to have a variety of templates to use For your squeeze page and then you integrate that with your autoresponder And so that’s what you have. You have all of these different options For monetizing your site you can use Clickbank you can use Amazon you can use JV zoo or warrior plus Any or any cpa network? You really have a ton of options for monetizing your site And what I want to do now is head back to my blog and have a look at the OTO is the upgrades As for the OTO zuv tube – OH – number one is the unlimited version and you’re going to be able to create unlimited Campaigns this goes for 97 with a down sell to 67 OTO number two done-for-you funnels here You’re going to get additional done-for-you sites in various niches this starts at 97 with a down sell to 67 Automated traffic flow which is a way that you can put a pixel on the vendors sales pages Before I believe one year and get all of this traffic so that you can retarget this traffic for dirt cheap And this is a good one if you can afford it OTO number for conversion boosting tools This goes for sixty-seven with a down sell 247 OTO number five Bonus page builder 67 with a down south of 47. OTO number six license rides 197 with a down sell to 97 of the ones that I recommend I recommend OTO number one or oto number three now as for my bonuses What I’ve done here is I have put together a kind of dual emphasis The first is on traffic Of course, you’re going to need traffic to drive to drive traffic to your websites And also you’re going to want to over time begin to brand yourself so those are the two areas that I’ve focused on in my bonuses and You go if you pick up tube siphon through my link You won’t need to get this automated traffic flow because I’m gonna have enough traffic for you as is Bonus number one are my top 5 traffic sources of 2020 here You’re going to get a full Ken campaign set up on all five platforms Bonus number two is really special and I’ve made this bonus Specifically for tube site then here you’re going to get an exclusive tutorial on how to drive Craigslist traffic to your tube sites and sites and I’m going to show you which offers to use which niche to go into Everything step by step bonus number three free online classified ads secrets here You’re going to get a free easy way to promote your members area Then my Twitter strategy where you’re going to get free traffic from Twitter to your membership sites Bonus number five the CPA project how to create easy videos before cpa offers. This is my best-selling Product from back in August of 2019 and it works really well with tube siphon bonus number six Explosivo, which is my best-selling course and how to get low-cost traffic from Instagram to any offer that you’d like bonus number seven additional free tools to use to boost your video marketing Bonus number eight secret method to promote Clickbank products with videos bonus nine mmm a secret method to get free traffic from latest trends bonus ten product display video creation CPA method and Then you’re going to get these premium bonuses as well $300 CPA everyday $500 CPA everyday CPA coffee-shop method $200 cash hack to Casey CPA traffic jacker $250 cash magnet the commission glitch Six-figure influx million dollar toolbox overnight Commission’s commission toolbox pure profit paid $100 CPA daily Commission profit hack instant traffic jacker the commission magnet the Commission blueprint and access to affiliate lab, so if you are on my blog What you can do is go ahead and click this red button here where it says get tube siphon plus all relevant That’s going to take you to the sales page And then when you check out all of my bonuses will be waiting for you If you’re on YouTube just go ahead and click the link in the Description that’s going to take you to the sales page. And once again, all of these bonuses will be waiting for you

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