Two Stroke Engine Won’t Shift!

September 11, 2019

what’s up everyone hope you guys had a
great Christmas and were able to spend some time with your families I know I
definitely had a good time so what I’ve got here behind me is an O three cr250
engine and it is not wanting to shift so I’m gonna bust it all the way apart and
figure out what’s going on with it I know I look like Red Nosed Reindeer
right now it is freaking cold in here but nonetheless I’m excited to bust this
motor apart let’s get going all right I’m gonna show you what’s going on with
this thing I’m gonna pop the shifter onto the shaft so going up is completely
locked solid doesn’t really matter if I turn over the engine or the counter
shaft it’s still locked solid and then going down is not really do much either
so hoping it’s something simple but we’ll figure that out soon so this
cylinder is just chilling on here it’s not bolted down at all I’m gonna pull
that off and then move on to pulling off the flywheel and stator now I’m gonna transition over to the
clutch side and as you can see there’s a lot of missing bolts on these covers so
I’d venture to say it there’s probably some missing parts inside too bummer deal I’ve got a broken outer
clutch cover so this is another part I’m gonna have to replace so the first thing
you notice the plates are gone that pressure plates missing and on this
inner hub one of the studs for the pressure plate this one right here is
busted off so this inner hub is junked too well here lies the problem guys on the
shift shaft this is the one that goes through the cases and the shifter bolts
on on the other side so this hole right here
is supposed to go over that pin so that’s an easy fix I could probably just
do it right now just like that so it should be working fine now let’s test it
all right I’ve got the shifter mounted up and I’m gonna test the shifting
assembly so I’m gonna pull up see what it does so that’s clicking it into gear and then
going down and it always helps if you’re spinning the transmission when you’re
shifting this helps it pop into the gears a little easier so I’m gonna find
neutral go all the way down and halfway up should be right there and how to test
if it’s in neutral I’m gonna spin this main shaft and then
the counter shaft won’t stand they’ll spin independent of each other and so I
can turn them against each other and they’re not locked but then if I go down
into first gear so now I’m in first gear they’re locked against each other one
will not spin without the other spinning and then it’s the same through all the
other gears so it’s in first gear now I’m gonna pop it in a second we got third fourth and fifth so it
looks like everything’s good to go with shifting and transmission all right I’m
gonna finish tearing this thing all the way down since I’ll be replacing the
crank crank bearings and seals and all the gaskets but there’s something inside that I need
you to release which way is right which way is home so this is how I’m organizing all the
bolts and smaller parts on the engine so far I’ve got ziplock bags labeled clutch
and shift so all the shift components all the little bolts and springs are in
here and then I’ve got all the clutch parts in this bag now it is on to split
in the cases I’ve got some bolts on this side of the engine to pull out and then
I can split this thing into you know what I’m gonna try splitting
the cases from the left side I’ve always preferred going from the right but I’ve
seen a few people split from the left and I’m gonna give it a shot
see how I like it you give on the mall and I can return brothers are so much I’m actually really surprised with the
condition of this bottom end didn’t really come across much it was messed up
transmissions in really good shape along with the shifting components cases are
actually super nice although a bit dirty so that’s a huge plus and the only
things I’ll really need replacement or the cylinder I got to do something with
it either a replay tree sleeve or just buy a new cylinder gotta buy a new hub
it’s got a broken stud and while I have the engine apart I’m gonna toss in a new
crank – I tell you what guys I am really stoked for the next video I’ll be
cleaning up the subframe the swing arm and the frame gonna be getting these
things as close to new as I possibly can and I gotta clean the frame outside in
20 degree weather that’s gonna be fun but this is gonna be a mind-blowing
video so keep your eyes peeled thanks for watching everyone if you enjoyed the
video give it a big thumbs up and write me a comment down below I’ll check in
with you soon see ya Oh

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