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UNBOXING THE GOOGLE PLAY BUTTON! | Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Career Choice

September 11, 2019

if you give me 45 seconds did you know what is the best time ever to start a Shopify store, yep it is super easy there’s nothing getting in your way Nah, I’m just messing with you. But I received this in the mail the other day and if I believe correctly if I’m correct this is the Google specialist plaque and now this is kind of similar to the YouTube play button and but I haven’t really seen this on youtube so i wanted to unbox this with you guys and share with you what exactly this plot is all about now i’m pretty excited about this and hey i could be wrong and this might be something completely different so tune in and this could potentially be an embarrassing unboxing if it’s not the google what is our purses welcome back to the side hustle academy a channel where we go through how to set up side hustles with a goal of setting up passive income sources on the side if you haven’t already subscribed to this channel and you’re looking to set up side passive income sources then you may want to consider hitting that subscribe button hitting that del button because there’s always new videos up on wednesdays 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so recently I attended the annual Google summit which was pretty awesome it’s basically where all the big top marketing agencies marketing brands and top digital marketers in general gather together at this one event to talk about e-commerce advertising marketing digital marketing all that good stuff it’s basically a huge boozy mastermind group and you know what just check out the clips inside the subway interface you can create these campaigns you can manage these you only have one place to go in orbit so this coming down at the end of it I think I’d way too many drinks and I think I lost my notebook but the main thing I didn’t loses this package here so let’s go ahead and open up right now like I said this is I believe the Google specialist clock and I’ll tell you in a second how I got this but let’s first open it up I don’t have a box cut up but I do have scissors around me so I’ll just use this cut this off did it’s fragile and what’s gonna come out what oh there we go don’t need this anymore get out oh this is pretty yeah it’s pretty legit what’s the bubble wrap on this bad boy and here we go check out this is really nicely packaged and to not expect it to look like this it’s quite heavy by the way it’s quite substantial don’t know what to expect hey hey there you go congratulations what does it say here look focus for a second it focuses well now it’s a pretty clear part block but um as you can see that’s it that sure looks like it’s floating 3d and but yeah this is this is literally it this is this is the plot now you’re probably wondering how exactly did I get this plot how exactly did it get to go to this Google summit event with Google partners and essentially that like that you just saw was kind of similar to the YouTube play button in the sense that you need to meet to meet certain requirements to get that block and those requirements are you need to be working or own an agency a digital marketing agency that has a certain number of clients a certain number of a certain amount of revenue that you’re turning over newly and you need to most importantly get access to the exams that you need to sit so roughly I believe there’s seven to eight exams that you need to sit yeah that’s quite a lot and some of these exams have like a hundred and twenty questions in them and get this guy’s you need to pass these exams by over ninety percent that’s insane right but your boy your boy passed it with flying colors so to be honest you know that google plaque it’s not accessible to everyone you need to meet those Center requirements and obviously not everyone owns a digital marketing agency I know everyone turns over a large amount of revenue per year but that doesn’t matter and the good news is there is a Google online portal that a lot of people are under utilizing and you can take advantage of it too to sit those exams so you can better your knowledge and become Google certified I highly recommend that you sit those Google exams whether you’re starting an ecommerce business where you’re sewing drop shipping affiliate marketing selling a marketing agency especially and whatever you’re doing highly recommend these exams are completely free basically it’s called the Academy of ads and I will insert a direct link down below so you can sit those exams and become Google certified across a whole bunch of things like Google Video Google Ads I’m Google mobile all that good stuff and will really help you take your ads game to the next level while we’re on the topic of digital marketing digital marketing agencies I wanted to talk about why I think digital marketing is probably the best career path to go down at the moment so whether you’re graduating uni whether you’re even graduating high school I do think that you should look at digital marketing as a career unless of course you’re doing something completely different like science or something like that right and like I said this is applicable to everyone including people that are you know entrepreneurs and want to work for themselves or at the end of the day they’re looking to graduate you need graduate high school and look to get a job I do think you should seriously consider digital marketing I mean if you’re subscribed to this channel already more than likely you’re in some sort of way of form so highly recommend that you get deeper into digital marketing because there’s a big career opportunity there at the moment and in the future the first reason why I believe digital marketing is a great career path to get into is because it is in-demand there’s a current statistic that says job vacancies for digital marketers will increase by 38 percent year-on-year that is a huge increase in demand so that creates a landscape where demand exceeds supply and that is always a great industry to get into when the demand exceeds supplies which means you have more leverage as a a new employee coming into that role to leverage your skills where it is a technically a rare skill and there’s going to be supply across the industry so again you have the advantage and the second reason is because you’re going to be paid more than your peers and obviously this is a great reason to get into an industry but I know at the end of the day it’s not the entire reason you should get into an industry but because there is such a demand for digital marketers at the moment employers are willing to pay more for there are new recruits in comparison to other industries where salaries are stagnating it is again statistically proven that digital marketing as an industry has the fastest salary growth in any industry at the moment and that is across the board from completely new recruits all the way through to managerial level all the way through to c-suite so again you’re going to be paid significantly more than your peers when you’re starting out and because if the demand continues to increase then you have more bargaining power when he kept that promotion advertisers so companies and brands such as coca-cola for example they’re willing to pay big bucks with digital marketing because firstly they know it’s working secondly it’s way more measurable when you think about TV advertising or billboards that’s that’s hella old-school right but with digital it’s all measurable you can you can customize it it’s instantaneous so as a result advertisers are more willing to put more advertising dollars into digital marketing and hence these marketing agencies are getting more money to pass on to their employees so it’s really a win-win situation here now the third reason and this is complete non career related this is actually cater towards entrepreneurs because like I said on this channel I always talk about entrepreneurship and creating inside our souls with the goal of potentially growing your own business that can sustain a your own source of income in the long run and that still is the case however I do think a career is very stable and I think especially particularly in digital marketing is a great niche to get into at the moment however digital marketing is also great for entrepreneurs ok because so many so many small businesses at the moment need digital marketers they don’t know how it works it’s a relatively new in comparison to TV advertising billboard advertising print advertising so there’s a lot of companies out there who need your expertise so you can set up your own marketing agency you can set up your own e-commerce stores and start signs the world and leverage to Demark digital marketing because this is a it is a fairly new concept a lot of people don’t know how to properly digital market so hence why there’s that demand at the moment but for those who do not want to work for somebody else there is huge limitless business ideas if you know how to become a digital marketer if you are a digital marketer so like I said you know like I said you can create your own digital marketing agency you can leverage Facebook Ads Google Ads YouTube ads all sorts of different ads to drive traffic in qualified traffic for very low cost to your personal brand to your store to Amazon FBA one of the most important weapons in a entrepreneurs repertoire and nowadays is digital marketing if you think about it if you carefully think about it all the best entrepreneurs at the moment whether that be Gary Vaynerchuk – Tim Ferriss to grant Cardo whoever it may be they all or and know how to digital market quite well and if they don’t they’ve outsourced it but when you’re first saying off in your bootstrapping your business I highly recommend that you become a gun digital marketer and one of those ways is to get into that free Google Ads Academy and that’s completely free I’m not plugging anything here it’s just a link that you can see down in the description box below and in that way you get your career sort of kick started in Google Ads by the way it is not Google AdWords anymore it is Google Ads the decide to completely rename the entire structure of their offering but anyway that’s what I think that you should really take into consideration because if you want to get started and get kick-started in the entrepreneurial world digital marketing is such a important hard skill and I’m talking about hard skills here I’m not talking about soft skills soft skills are interpersonal skills motivation all that good stuff going into a bit of a rant now I do think that a lot of people do not understand how to be a digital marketer properly there’s a lot of gurus out there fake gurus at the moment that pretends that they know how to use Facebook Ads know how to use Google Shopping PAS know how to use Google Ads in general but really in reality when I take a look at their courses they’re just skimming at the tip of the iceberg really they don’t know how to get into the deeper analytical stuff they don’t know how to use Google Analytics they don’t know how to use tag manager they don’t know how to set up anything really properly and that’s when you see a lot of dropshippers fail that’s when you see a lot of dropshippers coming to the scene and think hey this is gonna be super easy I’m just gonna drop some Facebook ads are gonna find some winning products and that’s gonna be it but like in my previous videos I showed you a really really easy way to get those winning Facebook products and winning Facebook Ads but and and if you haven’t seen those videos already if you haven’t seen that video ready then check it out I’ll place a link right here but if you think it’s an easy game it’s not because half the equation is being a pro marketer knowing how to use all those platforms and tools correctly and that can take a lot of time like I said there are people in these digital marketing agencies who have two years of experience two years I’m talking about five days of work eight hours a day for two years and still considered entry-level so what about all these gurus that are coming in using Google Ads for like a few months and thinking of their absolute guns and selling courses I kind of despise that so like I said guys get stuck into training yourself up first invest in yourself get those digital marketing skills because I believe that is one of the most important skills that you can learn nowadays as an entrepreneur whether you’re getting into career whether you uni graduate whether you’re high school graduates so get stuck into that I just want to share those tidbits with you and get you onto the right path like I said this channel is all about creating society passive income sources if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you want me to do more of these sorts of topics where I talk about a bit more of my personal life bit more of my professional life talk about that digital marketing now you can see talk about career paths and whatnot then let me know this is a little bit different to what I usually provide you but like I said this is a channel all about side passive income creating those side hustles so that doesn’t need to be particularly just about drop shipping it could be affiliate marketing printed demand wherever it may be let me know what you want to see because I’m more than happy to create those videos so as always guys thanks for watching keep on hustling

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