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VIEWPOINT MessageCloud talks about how VAS providers work with affiliate marketing

October 5, 2019

You know in terms of our service providers and VAS partners what affiliate marketing does is allows them to enter a market already knowing that there are a good source of traffic in those market that they already exist so it makes it a lot easier for them to branch into new countries and allows them to come to us to say that we’re looking at this country, we’ve heard there’s good opportunities in terms of generating good volumes of end-users and then we can look at our connectivity as well. I mean one of the main risks obviously I’m sure that everyone is aware of is the rise of automation and artificial intelligence bots within the industry as a whole there’s also been, I believe, cuts in payouts from major affiliate programs and ad networks, also Google algorithm updates that have wiped out certain affiliate sites and traffic and their affiliate income you know over a short period of time and also like I’ve may have mentioned, you know, the entry of the big media companies into the today affiliate scene as well and also there are issues that are caused by poor affiliate marketing you know, there’s no real centralised regulation or accountability for potential rogue affiliates and everything can be hidden, potentially, behind sub ID’s so there’s no clarity in terms of knowing where a source may be generating their end users from and also you have potential issues in terms of end user complaints caused again by rogue affiliates which causes consumer harm and results in more non user friendly flows being introduced by the telcos which has obviously a knock-on effect in terms of the CPA and it kind of restricts markets as well in terms of growth. To be completely honest with you, in my opinion, you know, from the experience that we have The affiliate market is dynamic and resilient and I don’t think that it will see this type of a challenge in any way as something that cannot be overcome and as can be noted in any market what will result is that the best in that market will find a way around the adverse conditions and what will remain will just be that, I mean in terms of that, will just be the best. The main tips I think would be in terms of the kind of services that you’re obviously promoting in terms of all the tracking tools that are available nowadays, I mean from from our point of view, we have various checks that we have in place, platform security, algorithms which can tend to monitor the times and time stamps etc, the mode of an opt-in, I think it’s always good to work with trusted sources and you know enquire in terms of the origins of their traffic, and work with those who you have a long-standing relationship with, or try and get some sort of references in terms of the credibility of the source . Cliche as it may saound you know, the affiliate marketing is always going to be here. it’s always going to generate huge revenues for all those in the supply chain, as long as the focus is on the value provided and the user experience. What end up being our more niche markets appearing in terms of content user flows and this will give way possibly to more specialised affiliates who will get in early and solidify their position. I think the focus of the key players is changing as well within the market as a whole. Europe is the market where we see as continuing to set trends and with the introduction of 5G the advancements and opportunities from that will be immense and I think from our our point of view, with the presence that we have and the consolidation that we have planned, we plan to be a pivotal link to all those in the supply chain affiliate marketing, I believe, if managed properly and with the right partners in place across the supply chain it will continue to play a key part. VAS without good diligent affiliate marketing would not provide the same reach and ultimately not allow the best VAS services to be accessible to the wider population.

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