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Vocolinc SMART Aroma Oil Diffuser – for HOMEKIT

February 23, 2020

[FUN MYSTERY MUSIC] Smart Home? [SMOOTH RELAXING MUSIC] Welcome back guys my name is Eric you’re watching Modern Day Tech. Where like to simplify tech for your life. If this your first
time here, today’s video is a part of my HomeKit series. If you’re into smart
homes I hope you will consider subscribing. So for full disclosure Vocolin
did send this to me, but that won’t sway my opinion in one
way or another. I’m gonna tell you what I think about this if it’s good or bad. So
my first thing I got to say is, what is this? This is like… You would never
think this is like a smart home item. My wife loves oil diffusers and when I
found this and it is smart home. Whoa! Two birds one stone. So something for her and something for me. It is also a humidify if you don’t want
to use the oil that’s fine too and then you also have this mood light and as you
can see is shaped like a flower bud and I think it’s one of the most unique
smart home products I’ve ever seen. I mean no other manufacturer produces
something like this. This is not even really smart home it’s like more like a
like an accessory for your house but then it has all this smart home stuff in it so
it’s really cool. Not only can you control the light in the humidity but
you can also see the humidity reading in that room that you have this in plus
guess what this not only works with homekit but this works with Lady a aka and
also Google. It comes with the cover which comes off. That’s all that that is. whoa [Loud bang] and
then this is the base that has electronics it has light and everything on here and you can also put the water in here there’s actually a little bit of water in here
so I’m gonna tip it over and then it also comes with a little filler upper so
it’s about two of these goes in here before it hits the max line at that max
line running this for about just about eight hours or so until it needs to be
refilled on the front there are two buttons one
for the light to turn that on and off and then another one for the mist if you
hold it long press first time that you hold it long press it’s going on timer
for two hours do that again four hours do it again and and your get
six hours if you just hit it on once you’re getting the entire eight hours or
until the water is done if you do want to use this as an oil diffuser you want
to make sure your oil is water soluble oil not so I guess regular oil I’m not
into that that’s something my wife would know but I have no clue but she had to
stuff we put it in here and it smelled up the whole room it smelled great
alright let’s go ahead and set this up with the app home kit lady a in the
awesome rule and see what we get into like I mentioned this works with home
kit lady a mr. G and its own app but anytime they have something it works
with home kit I always start with home kit it is extremely easy and smooth
everything else down the road to do that open up home kit app and the QR code and
you’re pretty much done it’ll show that you you are having two things the aroma
diffuser and the mood lights then you’ll be able to control each one individually
on the diffuser / to minify or you’re actually controlling what level you want
that you may that rise – it’s not a fan level as I originally thought if your
room is too big you’re probably never reach a hundred percent so I just leave
you 100 no matter what and it just runs its course with the light you can pick
what color you want what shade but that’s pretty much all the options you
have at home kit you can’t do basic automations with the mood light for
instance here when I open the front door it’s gonna turn the mood light to red
but that’s pretty much all you can do with in home kit unless you move on to
home kit plus which that is a paid app and then you can actually do things with
the actual humidity level as a trigger but the fun stuff is actually in the
vocal link app which by the way they call link wise and just fustrating that
every time i search for the app i have to remember that’s called link wise and
not vocal link because it never comes up under
vocal link so hopefully they fix that in their future but the cool stuff is the
special lighting effects you can have the blinking the flow in the breeze so
depending on what you’re in the mood for you can set those up within the vocal
link aka wise and for all my lady and Google
fans then forget about you you can easily set this up just like any other
skill go into your app search for the skill for vocal link enter your username
and password and the information will come right over
do you want to make sure it gets copied over correctly into the correct room and
then can use your voice first assistant or the app to control your flowering bud
turn the mood light to red so I’m pretty impressed with this I love the design
that love the features and it’s just different it really is different so I
will be updating my full pros and cons list with a continued update as I use
this over the next couple of years so definitely check out that link down
below if you guys want to see in the next video in my home kit series click
that video right there if this is your first time here I hope you’ll consider
subscribing for more great smart home products click that blue circle right
there and I will see you on next video thanks for watching


  • Reply KnightOf LightOfficial February 20, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    I used to have a diffuser years ago, Peppermint was always my favorite aroma, and a drop of Eucalyptus in my shower clears my nasal passages, I may have to check this out
    Thanks Eric

  • Reply ROPERGG February 20, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    nice video

  • Reply ROD Sculpture February 20, 2020 at 4:30 pm

    Kool, too many features. But it's really smells? Because there is a bunch of diffuser in the market and a lot not working like a should be. I bought a little one in Amazon and works good so far. I tried differents and expensive but this little one from Amazon is a bomb. Maybe that smart one works good

  • Reply DVZN Media February 20, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    smart aromas for that smart lovin! haha

  • Reply Shane Whatley February 20, 2020 at 5:04 pm

    Nice video Eric! I’ve had one of these guys for a while and it is pretty cool. I’ve set mine up to automatically turn on at a certain time before I go to my bedroom every night so it smells all nice in there.

    Have you found a way to get notifications when the water gets low? I know you can check in app but I always forget.

  • Reply Scott Fichter February 20, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Wow that thing is way bigger than thought it would be.

  • Reply Tube Techie February 21, 2020 at 1:20 am

    Yeah, Vocolinc is solid when it comes to HomeKit items!!! Nice review!!! 💪🏽

  • Reply PrincessZumbaDancer February 21, 2020 at 4:29 am

    The best diffuser we have! Btw you can make the color any color and I LOVE that! I’m an orange peppermint for morning and serenity for night!

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