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Vorsicht Betrug beim Kamera und Objektiv Kauf über Amazon. Diese Angebote soltet Ihr meiden.

February 8, 2020

hello everyone and welcome to this
video today is about a really brazen scam at amazon dem
actually the world’s largest online dealer
where you should assume that something like that is actually not possible there and
that you’re in good hands here as a buyer, i got there
good friend asked me for advice has to buy a camera in the case
he is interested in the canon eos rp market price at the moment so the body around
the 1400 euro is currently available offers at amazon 715 euros for the body. he
called me and said people you can have a look at this great offer. can
to buy that? I went into it all the time and have
then quickly found that here really the whole thing is based on fraud.
so if you want to know what you by no means at amazon
should make and what offers you don’t even get involved at all
should not sacrifice such a thing to become fraudulent
then stay tuned because I explain you in the video I’ll show you the whole time using the
example that I am concerned with. I now have here at amazon
called the canon eos rp and we see a price up here on the right
1404, 95 euros and then see down here new and used from 792 € that’s now
not so unusual because it is normal that for example amazon warehouse
deals for example over here offers that means you can here
click and get for example about a warehouse deal a cheaper product what
sent back for example was or
maybe repacked again there is a cheaper price for that
but if we are in the case here now go on there, then we’ll see get
we offer here from 715 euros and then we see the description here
used as new from the company frey discount gmbh. see everything for now
pretty good because i assume that if a dealer is also in
third countries maybe something about amazon offers then it has been checked by amazon
I mean if I have anything today need i want a credit card or
I have to sell something somewhere at least do a Post ID procedure or me
had to send a copy of something I had to get a business license
have submitted etc this is obviously not the case with amazon
the case when we look at the whole time then let’s go here
and get us some information about this company itself about the
providers and we can already see it says up here
please note if you want to buy contact us with exact product
title or asia under info at such an email address with a one
corresponding website in the back the fall of suggests a year
then okay also steers one official website about that
works if we look at each other now sometimes change discounts quickly
then you can see them website was not found
it’s even there not the whole thing continues now stands
a company is another business name world did you see anything sl
it doesn’t exist at all I have at least nowhere
found also the commercial register number that can
one check online which is here I checked is not accidental
the same applies to this business address there is meininger
Strasse 85 but not in Neuenkirchen in Thuringia or not under the
postcodes so address either they didn’t make it
to publish your address or to register somewhere or is a great one
super new building, but what I’m not looking for I’m just going to assume
that people here are completely free is invented
what happens now if you over here for example, that means ordering
could the whole thing here in the shopping cart 715 euros
then usually the following you get an email in the
rule from the provider and this is that difficult you will receive an email about
the official amazon contact form and usually you will
suggests that your payment is something didn’t work with your payment
but no problem for the super great price of 715 euros you can use the camera
of course if you have directly to the partner now transfers, of course
many yes how can you be so stupid to transfer anywhere else
but of course the whole thing is right officially because you buy through amazon
and then pours from there I have I made the purchase here
autumn shopping cart ordered now i get an email about that
Contact form directly from amazon it will be correct
have problem here but if you a transfer is made here
your money almost gone because you have it not paid through the amazon form
So over the entire order form transferred but you have yourself
independent transfers anyone made transfer
usually do not bring her back and these companies that exist somewhere
wherever these accounts are you won’t get back
the same works if you the letter
I used to have fun I wrote to her too
get an answer very quickly and The answer was as follows
like new factory packaging became for some presentation pictures opened in
the factory sealed packaging with 24 months international guarantee
which is funny on the one hand write the was opened and
on the other hand it is sealed again but it doesn’t matter
i can within 48 hours The incoming payment will be shipped well
sentence construction doesn’t fit because you should then also become noisy
shipping included in the price 715 euro of course a schnapps when you get it
would get for that please send us the delivery address
including telephone number and we provide your invoice from that means you want
following you want very clear she wants my phone number first
I find that very surprising because you normally need me
not and then of course my full address then there’s the bill go
would you like to transfer then please and that’s basically the same thing in green
as if it were through amazon then this I got a request for payment
among other things, wrote to two companies and also have a second answer
to get and I found them still interesting
the machines there obviously it’s similar
Free shipping all over Europe to and then there is even the offer here
limited to seven days and there is manufacturer guarantee in its original packaging
was and then the transaction through amazon payments and delivery takes five
you can fit up to seven days again not at the latest with such
Of course, you should listen to mails but will be paid in one
amazon account in one not mine but an amazon confirms that the
payment was made by you and me can send the product to your address
sounds like normal order process from amazon
after you receive the package there is a 14-day right of withdrawal
and you can return the product and the money becomes complete
refunded and now that’s coming a safe transaction for both
partner if so sure it has to
not to mention at all now the cracker comes if you always
are still interested in this Share product to buy through amazon
me your data name address delivery address and mobile phone number with it
I open a transaction with amazon and can declare them as a buyer
there is a possibility at amazon not at all that it is
complete nonsense when I buy something then I want to confirm that at amazon
in which I pack in the cart to the checkout go and say order now and then
will also make payment through amazon settled and now comes amazon
then get in touch with them and clarify it and explain it
the entire process in detail payment and shipping details
that means you can here from assume that
certainly get an e-mail but it will for sure
not be from amazon there is a fake e-mail somewhere
I have the whole thing here now broken off for me and there you see
so it goes in the whole here is one who even wants that
sellers suggest that it does runs on amazon but you should
of course not here about one do the shopping cart
communicate and he initiates that and then the rotten will
So there is something like that at amazon that’s not what amazon does
you can just see your finger from to let
I just wanted to show you how is reacting to it when you
actually actually write to this Apparent companies are of course limited
not just on one product but when they deposit it
of course with many high-priced products such offers
I have one here, for example signal 70 200 the 28 from the sport series
costs via amazon prime 1199 euros and here too we find that used
offer for 715 euros and then if we look here
here we find our free one again discount gmbh exactly the same game 715
they don’t even have them even made the price trouble here
to adapt if you have such an offer runs over the way and you see they are
of course wherever there are articles it’s worth speaking freely on something
higher priced item where to get could already say at half
I’m really looking forward to it product and maybe even then danger
runs that you fall for it there is certainly in life
situations where afterwards then says yes I should have seen that
but then you might be like that euphoric and focused on one thing where
they say for the price i need the article and of course is software
Amazon is a certified dealer but that’s just not the case and see
me a little too partly to blame for amazon
obviously there is no test here enter the commercial register or
the template of the trade seems to be an ID card anything but known to register
at amazon what all stated voluntarily or
or from own pieces and who obviously checks that yes
no testing will take place otherwise Such dealers could indeed
not at amazon on the marketplace frolic fundamentally amazon is one
great thing I also order things there but it fits
on that it’s either directly through amazon you can see that for example
arises in the item description shipped by so sold by
third that may be then it’s in the amazon warehouse and then
you can also be sure that amazon Payment directly checks the item
anyway only on amazon not any deals let in that one
he says if you’re right above us ordered or paid then it gets
free shipping etc but then maybe maybe again on one
look at another website on one trustworthy website if you can
maybe not for one other price anywhere else
otherwise one or the other can now maybe say who is so stupid though
when there are fraudsters around there must be a target group for it
if they had no chance of success or no corresponding success
wouldn’t do it because it’s worth it the whole amount of time me
definitely look if you at amazon something like that can even be ordered
not one or if you’re unsure just be with the seller
have a look at the address where does he come from sometimes ireland
I already have a limited society already in the
you can also find the description finger von Lassen limited is liable
one with a pound of sterling silver there never give him your money even if he
who would sue had just that have no liability basis there
you even if you have one court order have a long time or one
judge somewhere then you have nothing anywhere of which you can see your end
never let money catch your fingers again maybe you already have similar ones
experiences with such favorable offered at amazon maybe
I’ve already ordered something then got the rejection or
send me a similar email then I would like to have a comment
really interest me otherwise new video would have fallen
maybe you a little could take information with you for
then please let me thumbs up there and if in future one of us
want to see new videos again then just subscribe to my channel
until then


  • Reply Hans-J. Thomas February 6, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    Danke für den Tipp! Solche Fake-Angebote habe ich auch schon gesehen. Ich bin mega enttäuscht, dass AMAZON seine Kunden ins offene Messer laufen läßt! Aber: so etwas kann auch nur funktionieren, wenn einige Zeitgenossen ihre Gier nicht bremsen können……

  • Reply Vincent J. Liebold February 6, 2020 at 6:50 pm

    Danke fürsVideo hab es gestern Abend bei einem Fuji x f 23mm auch festgestellt, neu 200€ billiger. Das Amazon nicht schnell und hart dagegen vorgeht wundert mich! Kaufe allerdings wenn möglich und nicht zu teuer fast immer in meiner Stadt.

  • Reply Pearson Meador February 6, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    danke für den Tip

  • Reply FritzAutoFokus February 6, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Krass wie viel Abzocke es online gibt. Hab das Video durch Zufall gefunden und vor ein paar Stunden ein ähnliches Video bei Ben Jaworskyj gesehen. Sollten viel mehr Leute sehen, nicht nur die mit der Fotografie zu tun haben.

  • Reply Silke Entsch February 6, 2020 at 7:57 pm

    Vielen Dank für das Video und die Info. Amazon prüft schon, wird aber vermutlich bei der Fülle der Anbieter nicht alles im Griff haben können. Bei mir wurde seitens Amazon eine Lieferung schon einmal verzögert, da angenommen wurde, dass der Versender evt. unkorrekt handelt. Leider hält sich Amazon dann auch sehr bedeckt mit Informationen und ich wusste erst gar nicht, warum die Ware nicht kommt und der Verkäufer nicht, warum die Zahlung nicht eintrifft. Also gibt es wohl auch tatsächlich eine Betrugsmasche direkt über den Warenkorb. Bei mir war letztlich alles in Ordnung, trotzdem bestelle ich seitdem auch nicht mehr über diese "Gebrauchtsparte" bei Amazon.

  • Reply P. Hufnagel February 6, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    Hallo, Ähnliches ist mir auch aufgefallen. Unterschiedliche Anbieter, mit unterschiedlichen Adressen (einige scheinbar existent. Eventuell wurden diese Adressdaten illegal verwendet), boten Ware über Amazon an.
    Einzig deren Email Adresse war und Wortlaut waren identisch. Eigentlich, sollte laut UStG 22f ein unklares auftreten solcher Anbieter nicht mehr möglich sein. Mein Anruf bei Amazon zu diesem Thema /Anliegen war ernüchternd – ein Algorithmus soll solche Anbieter vorsorglich ausfiltern. Nachteilig für mich war, weil ich mehrmalige stornierte, dass ebenfalls ein Algorithmus zuschlug und ich nicht mehr per Rechnung bezahlen konnte.

  • Reply Klaus Dieter Rottke February 6, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    der Geschäftsname hat den nachfolgenden Anhang SL. Diese Bezeichnung ist vergleichbar mit einer deutschen GmbH und wird in Spanien verwendet. Die Registrierungsnummer B98….usw. ist die Firmenidentnummer die ebenfalls in Spanien verwendet wird und vom Firmeninhaber auf jedem Firmenbrief/Rechnung angegeben wird. das ist auch seine Steuernummer in Spanien.
    Wenn man die Registrierungsnummer B98… bei Google eingibt, findet man Infos über diese Firma: Adresse in Spanien: AVENIDA MAS DE L'OLI, 79. 46940, MANISES, VALENCIA. Besteht seit 2016. Man sollte jetzt also in Spanien nachfragen, ob diese Firma noch offiziell tätig ist.

  • Reply Inc Jo. Ma. February 7, 2020 at 7:30 am

    Nun ja, Amazon lässt nur all zu oft seine Kunden im Regen stehen. Waren kommen nicht an, Amazon eigene Lieferanten verbummelt Waren, liefern einfach nicht aus weil keine Lust… usw. Der Support antwortet mit vorgefertigten Textbausteinen und vertröste nur. Letztendlich hat der Kunde immer den Ärger und bleibt damit allein.
    Wie können wir das ändern??? Geht wieder in die Geschäfte Vorort einkaufen!

  • Reply Thorsten N. February 7, 2020 at 10:56 am

    Genau dieser "Rabbat GMBH" taucht inzwischen bei richtig vielen Kameras mit dieser Masche auf!!! Ich habe eben vor 3min mit Amazon darüber telefoniert. Eine Beschwerde wurde eingereicht und der Verkäufer soll jetzt gelöscht werden…. usw. na mal abwarten….

  • Reply A Knight February 7, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Interessantes Video. Leider gibt es genug Leute die bei solchen Preisen das Gehirn ausschalten, weder Google benutzen für Recherche oder Bewertungen anschauen. Wenn nicht expliziet Amazon Verkauf/Versand steht oder Fachgeschäfte aus Deutschland bei solchen Artikeln, würde ich nie und nimmer kaufen…Selbst EU Ware nicht die gefühlt 200 EUR günstiger sind…dafür habe ich im Garantiefall nur Ärger…

    Aber schon erstaunlich wie lange Amazon brauch solle Fakes rauszunehmen…da sich ja Name Domain Mailadressen allesamt unterscheiden und nichts erreichbar ist…

    Wer sich sowas zulegen möchte…geht bitte in ein Geschäft und last Euch beraten udn kauft auch dort…


  • Reply Willi Ha February 7, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    Die Zielgruppe ist "Geiz ist geil"! Gier frisst Hirn! 2:45 wer geht schon davon aus das es bei "[email protected]" um eine Webseite geht? Eindeutig eine Mailadresse! Hirn vor der Überweisung einschalten!

  • Reply Lokführer Thorsten February 8, 2020 at 2:39 am

    Amazon nie!!! Fachhändler immer weil besser ist das!!!

  • Reply Jürgen Wittmann February 8, 2020 at 9:02 am

    Bisher habe ich mit Amazon nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht, auch wenn ein Händler mal nicht oder schlechte Ware geliefert hat. Vorsicht ist geboten, gerade mit den angezeigten Namen. Wenn man den Herstellernamen als Händler liest, heißt dass noch nicht zwingend, dass wirklich das über den Hersteller läuft. Bei Kameras und Objektiven bin ich sehr vorsichtig wegen der Garantie. z.B. bietet Tamron 5 Jahre Garantie – aber nur wenn es über einen offiziellen Händler läuft. ich habe keinen Bock, mich mit Händlern im Ausland (gerade Great Britain, jetzt sogar in der Grauzone außerhalb der EU) abzuärgern.

    Fachhändler vorort sind auch nicht fehlerfrei. 3h Fahrzeit verschi..en, weil der Händler das Produkt nicht da hatte obwohl auf seiner Website gelistet. Oder er will mir partout etwas aufschwatzen, bei dem er die maximale Gewinnspanne hat oder was noch schnell raus muss bevor es vergammelt. Viele Verkäufer im Laden haben gar keine Ahnung oder sind markenblind.

  • Leave a Reply