Walmart Haul For Homeless

September 28, 2019

– What is up, guys? Welcome to the vlog. So middle of the day, you
already saw this morning that was Abigail’s new morning routine. If you haven’t seen that video
I’ll link it right up here so you can check it out. I gotta get something out of the car. Priscilla is going to pick up Abbie. Maverick, you and I, we’re
going on a trip, dude, me and you.
– You. – I don’t know how excited he’s gonna be. Look, (chuckles) we’re not leaving yet. We’re walkin’, we don’t have a car, okay? Hey, not yet, go back inside, go inside. – Maverick, no this way.
– No, you’re not leaving yet. No, no, no, go back inside.
– Come here. (laughs) – Go back inside.
– Maverick, come here. – Go inside, no, Maverick, no. Go inside.
– Go in there, bud. – [Asa] He’s confused, there you go. And we’re off, hang on. (door slams) Okay, let’s go, are you so excited? We’ve got a long walk, dude. You better pace yourself, calm down. (upbeat music) – Hey!
– Hi! – [Priscilla] Hey, did
you go to Walmart today? – [Teacher] We went to
Walmart and Daily’s. They did so well at Walmart.
– You did both? – That we went on and
went to Daily’s, too. – [Priscilla] Put it back there, girl. – We went to Daily’s as well. – Wow, I am so proud of you.
– So they did awesome and she did awesome there.
(Abbie vocalizes) We did a scavenger hunt.
– Oh, uh-huh. – She did really well, this
afternoon she was cranky. – Okay, did she bite
and scratch on her arm? – Yes.
– Okay. – That was this afternoon.
– Okay. – [Asa] Okay, dude, this
is our final destination. You may not be super happy about
the walk anymore, let’s go. – [Priscilla] Look at you getting your backpack all by yourself. I’m proud of you, Ab, ready? (Abbie vocalizing) Remember, we’re gonna go inside,
you have to take it inside. And we’ll go to the bathroom
and we’ll get a snack, okay? (Abbie vocalizing) You’re doing so good. You like going out don’t ya? I think that’s why you’re in
such a good mood today, huh? You had such a good day. Dad’s got Maverick at the vet right now. Nice, you don’t even need me. – [Asa] Okay, they said that you’re okay. So he’s got some dry skin going on and he’s been licking back here again, he’s got a little bit of a patch there. Hasn’t been raw or anything,
it’s just been dry. So they’re gonna put
him on some Prednisone. Hey, you’re kinda high maintenance with the skin issues, dude. – You good, thumbs up? Do you need music? I can’t see you. Do you need music? No, okay, I’m gonna go do dishes, okay? Okay, love you, aw, thanks. So on days she does not have therapy, she just gets to hang out. Her afternoons have been
going so much better so I’m proud of her. She’s working through things and I think when she
gets home she just needs that chill time. Just like all of us, right? She seems to be happy with
doing that, so that’s good. I don’t know about you guys, this morning I came downstairs, and I like to have everything picked up, so I pick up every day before I go to bed, so I can start my day off fresh. Asa and I had lunch
earlier, I made us lunch, so I’m just doing those
dishes from when I made that. And yeah, then we’ll have
everything back in order, ready for the next meal. Seems like what we do, right? (Abbie vocalizing) Ab, who’s here, who’s here? She’s so funny, Ab, come here. – [Nanny] She asking for food. – [Priscilla] Say we
just finished our snack. She went to Walmart today and Daily’s with school.
– Ooh, high five. – [Priscilla] And she
did so good day said. – Great job. – [Priscilla] As soon as
you walked by the door she jumped up and ran in there. (Abbie vocalizing) – That squirrel didn’t get Nanny. You have a squirrel that
as big as a raccoon. – [Priscilla] (laughs)
Abbie, don’t pull on Nanny. – Shoulder, please.
(Abbie vocalizing) (Priscilla laughs) It’s Tuesday, are you ready to go? (Abbie vocalizing excitedly) Is that a yes?
– I would say that’s a yes. Girl loves to go.
– Go potty? – [Priscilla] You need to go ahead and go to the potty again, okay? You made her day, Nanny. – Maverick has far less pep
in his step on the way back than he did not the way there. (laughs) He’s ambitious. – [Priscilla] Ooh, the cupcake place? – Yes, the Keto cupcakes.
– They have Keto cupcakes, right?
– Yes. – [Priscilla] You look so excited, Ab. I’m gonna give you money
so you can go buy things with Nanny, okay? All right, I gotta go
pick dad up from the vet. He’s there with Maverick. – I was gonna say.
(Priscilla laughs) Now we’re sending Dad to the vet. (Abbie vocalizing) – She’s just dogging him out.
– Come get your shoes. – She’s just dogging Dad out at the vet. – [Priscilla] Bye, oh you did a cute spin, can I have a hug? – Nanny’s going potty.
(Abbie vocalizing) – [Priscilla] I love you. – Nanny’s gonna go potty.
– Okay. Nanny has to go potty first, okay? Just wait just a second. Are you so excited, why don’t
you come put your shoes on. (Abbie vocalizing) You’re just gettin’ to go
to all the places today. I gotta take your stuff upstairs. All the clothes that are folded, huh? You’re saying bathroom,
but do you mean go? Hey, come put your shoes on.
(Abbie vocalizing) Do you have your going-out bag, you do? Here you go. Can you zip that for me,
I only have one hand, look, right here. Can you do the zipper, right here? Look, zip it up. Okay, put it on. – Good job, say, now we’re
gonna go full circle to Aldi, there was a yellow Volkswagen
in the parking lot. – Oh.
– You wanna go see Hannah? (Abbie vocalizing)
– You wanna go see Hanna? – Flopsy.
– I know. She zipped it up halfway not all the way. I’m gonna grab you some money. Got it.
– Say oh chunka munka. – There you go.
– Tell Mom, bye. – [Priscilla] Bye, I love
you so much, aw thanks. – (lips smacking) Have a great time. – [Nanny] Say dessert first, okay, Nanny? Dessert first, we wouldn’t
want to run out of room before our dessert.
– Right? Y’all enjoy.
– We will. – [Asa] Look it’s Mom,
you wanna get in the car for the last couple blocks? Hi.
– Hi. – [Asa] He’s like thank
goodness, he’s tired. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It went well. They put him on Prednisone.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– A steroid? – Yeah, it’s for the itchy, itchy, itchy. So they said even though
he takes his flea meds. – Tri.
– Triflexis? – Yeah, Triflexis.
– Yeah. – That if he gets like one flea bite, if he’s allergic to flea bites, then that can set him off.
– Oh. – To where he starts itching. And during the warmer
months it’s an issue. During the cooler months
we can talk him off of it. We may notice some side effects, if we do, then we take him back and get ’em to put him on another medicine that doesn’t have the side effects, but they said Prednisone is a lot cheaper, so they usually try that first. – Okay.
– Yup. – That’s good, good job, buddy. – Oh, he’s dying, we’ll get you some water.
– Yes, oh my goodness. – I should have brought a
bottle of water or something. Maverick, I didn’t know
that you were gonna die from a two-mile walk, not even. Okay, guys, I’ve gotten
a few email and messages from some of you guys wanting
to start YouTube Channels, start creating content, recording video. Whatever you wanna do. And the question is always
what camera to start with. This entire vlog, except for the part where we’re walking fast and
heading to the vet and stuff, has been shot on my iPhone
and Priscilla’s iPhone. Just keep that in mind, okay? But cameras, if you’re gonna get a camera, I’ve got some tips for ya.
(dramatic music) This is my gear closet, guys. Pretty stoked about this. Are you excited about the gear closet. – So excited.
– She not excited at all. Okay, epic music. Yeah, I’m not the guy to ask
what basic camera to get, but I do know the best camera
for YouTube, hands down, my opinion, as far as price, as far as what it can do, and the quality that you’re gonna get. Is gonna be the Canon M50, the EOS M50. I will link all this down below. I’ve actually got a link
I’ve don’t before for folks. Yeah, so I’ve got a link
with all the best equipment, like a starter kit. So this camera, this microphone, Which is the Rode VideoMicro, and then this tripod from K&F Concepts. And if you need a grippy thing
for holding the camera out, this one’s really good and it’s way cheaper than the Joby stuff that everybody else is using. And the Joby stuff, I
just can’t recommend it. Not for how good this is for the price. The problem is when you look up best camera for YouTube, things like that, those YouTube videos where
people talk about gear, they’re by people that
do this for a living. So they’re buying, a lot of
times, way high-end gear, and you can make some pretty great videos just on your phone. But if you’re gonna get a camera, again, I’ll link everything down
below for a starter kit for making videos. Do you have any idea
how much giving this is? From me, to do this kinda of thing. (Priscilla laughs) My contribution to Maas Squad Cares. Do you guys have any idea right now? We’re going into Walmart. – Yeah. (Asa groans) You guys, so far, and we haven’t even– – [Asa] No, we haven’t
even scratched the surface. – We’re going in here to spend $500. – [Asa] $523, is what we got, of the cards that we
have processed so far. – Right.
– Yeah. So a lot of the card were Amazon cards, but a lot of the stuff we can get cheaper so we can buy more of it.
– Right. – So we did like an exchange. We buy stuff on Amazon. We buy stuff for the house
on Amazon, so it’s fine. It’s not gonna hurt us at all. – So we’re starting with $523.
– Yeah, starting. That’s cute, babe. That’s a good start, you got like $20 worth of stuff in here. Okay, so we’re not gonna go with these even though they’re a lot cheaper. We’re gonna go with these because the kids at Abbie’s school are gonna be packing them.
– Right. – [Asa] And I think they’ll be able to manipulate that better, don’t you think?
– I do. – [Asa] That way they can
participate with closing the bags. I know Abigail will do
better using a zipper than she will pinching down the line. – That one’s clearance. – Clearance.
– Clearance. – [Asa] Do you know who MrBeast is? – MrBeast?
– Yeah, on YouTube. – No.
– He’s kinda a big deal. So they bought an entire grocery store. Everything in the grocery store and they donated it all to a food pantry. – I love that.
– Yup. I feel like MrBeast,
just way smaller scale. (Priscilla laughs) Like, we cleared out this row. (upbeat music) A little more than we thought actually.
– Yeah. I thought we were gonna be way under, so that’s good.
– Me too. – That’s good, yup.
– That is good. I’m so excited. thank you, guys.
– Total price. – 580, oh, oh.
– Oh. – [Asa] $578, nice, look at that haul. – Ready?
– Okay, so we have $523. – Yup.
– Right, and I feel like I need one of those electronic receipt sounds, like the old-school receipt
(imitates printer whirring) as it prints out. How much did we spend? – 578.65. – Holy cow, that’s awesome.
– Thank you, guys, so much! – That’s amazing.
– Aw, it just warms my heart. – [Asa] Priscilla was crying
when she was putting deodorant in the cart.
– I was. – [Asa] ‘Cause you know,
well tell ’em, you tell ’em. – It started with just me doing this. I never expect it to be like this. – [Asa] We didn’t even vlog it. It was just a you thing. – Yeah, and I don’t know. I think it’s awesome however you give back to your community, like we said before, it doesn’t have to be like this. You could pay for someone groceries. Pay for their meal, whatever. Just do something nice for somebody. – [Asa] Start with smiling
and saying hi to people. – Yup, start with that. – Congratulations, Cilla, look at what you’ve done.
– Thanks. Aw, what we’ve done.
– Yeah, mostly you. – This is amazing. – [Asa] I just complain
about going into Walmart. Push a shopping cart. – But then it’s cool
because that guys was like, “Oh, are you an extreme couponer?” And I’m like, “No.” So then he wanted to know
the story and he was like. – [Asa] And he has a grandson with autism. – Yeah, and he’s like, “Oh wow, that’s awesome.”
– Yeah. – He wanted to stand behind us. – You know?
– Yeah. – I don’t know, when you tell people you’re doing stuff like that
their while demeanor changes. – Yup, it does.
– It spread positivity. – [Asa] Hi, did you have fun with Nanny? – [Isaiah] She has a
really good day I hear. – Yeah, good.
– Mm-hmm. Yeah, really a lot of fun.
– Good. We went shopping, we got
all kinds of fun stuff. All kids of great stuff,
awesome stuff for people. Why are you taking our iPad apart? How many times has she taken the case off? – Three with me.
– Oh. Stop doing that. I’m glad you had a good day. – [Isaiah] I love the hair. – [Asa] Yeah, digging the bun, kid. It’s super cute. What are you watching? (Abbie vocalizing) Oh, didn’t play it fast enough. See, just goes to show you
how important thumbnails are. – Yup. – ‘Cause she picks her
videos by the thumbnails. – [Isaiah] And you can’t
have too long of an intro, Abbie won’t watch it.
– Right. (laughs) Hey, everybody’s super
happy you had a good day. Can you say bye to everybody? Over here, bye. You wanna close it out for me? (Priscilla laughs) Look, here look, let me show you, ’cause it’s a phone so
the lens is right there. (Abbie vocalizing)
So say bye, and then close it out, like this. (beep) You said that right as I was thinking it. You said, “Find a nice looking cashier. “Someone who looks like
they’re not gonna be mad “at us for all this stuff.” – I’m a good judge of that.
– Okay. (people murmuring) Anybody? – Let’s go here.
– Here, okay.

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