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Was im Online Marketing wirklich Sinn macht | FFC Podcast | #004

February 10, 2020

When it starts it’s not yet
my job, not my work. Three, two, one. Welcome! I
I’m curious. I’m curious to see how successful it’s been…
you say my name… to say it again without me
thinks that somewhere, somewhere out there. I’m different. Are you there? I don’t know what you’re talking about? In any case not
…in my kingdom. But I told you affectionately…
welcome to a new series of C. C. It’s the new name. The
Christoph said of the original sin D. Junghann’s watch.
…maybe I’ll give you a discount? Yeah, c 20 years. Hello Christoph, to a
listening to other viewers. We’ve had a new week,
and now it’s Friday, just before Closing time. The curry sausage is ready.
on the table. Chris bought it. People for me. I hope she’s a vegetarian and
a normal, self-replicating double Wallpaper. And oh, the beer’s gone. The beer is getting bitter. I have… Yes, because we both
are no bigger. The new week to
new episode from last week. Yes, here, please, I would. Here I go.
I’ve always wanted to do. Please don’t hurt me again.
Did that do something? As the only one in the world who has
a refrigerator door with your finger pinch. To the new episode. And that’s enough now
# In Roder we come directly to the first
important issues of the day. Or don’t want to. Yes, I know. Here’s something else.
It happens this week. Technically speaking, where
was shaken once again. You want to hear the shock? I’m currently in charge of a relatively
many discussions with potential New customers and also very well known. Partially different now are not only
unknown companies, and it is always incredible. How few companies are aware of this in the
What’s clear is that what really need. In its marketing mix Agassi and
what they have to do to to succeed. So that one. How can I put it? The thought or
what you think you need is often when someone
speaks to you with experience. doesn’t overlap. The point is
a lot more often, so. Yes, the growth actually in
completely different areas and channels lies that you, when
believe that, for example. Now I had a conversation
with a large consulting firm that to obtain the content of
has downloaded us, about Search engine optimization and directly
to link up again. We can’t always link everything
and definitely in this E-book. He’s all that,
how the EU budgets will be built. It takes all the fun out of it. ¿Y? This consulting firm that
management, has this iBook downloaded and after a first
The conversation with me was the The management is also convinced of this,
who needs it. The only problem is ambition and
the objectives they had are to achieve anything with anything. At least not for the next six
up to eight months from my Visibility. And you had, well, like…
it’s always like that. The companies need success now and not
in six to eight months. Unless you have. Also a very
a clear idea of how and when choose your user theme User trip
and Beiers Johnnie Jusos Johnny Beyer’s theme is Journey. All this Johnnie we have
has been discussed many times. If you really think about it…
it’s a hundred percent clear, then you can, so you can also know
for instance to use. But many companies
they just had a complete misconception of how
now traffic through Google? Okay, but that’s…
it’s probably more likely due to the fact The company doesn’t know,
what they need. And then you just have to google quickly
and say “Oh, now we need one way or another. I mean…
not every specialist in the field Yeah, that’s what I think. Yeah, that’s right. But I don’t think so.
That’s, that’s something else. Well, it has something to do with me. That many experienced entrepreneurs also
you still feel like you’re in the middle of something, that SEO works the same way
as of 2005 to 2010. What we do now is
in three months. Is it off or much earlier? Maybe in two months, I’ll get
the blatant classifications, and then I’m staying there too.
and millions of them. Like the ones
have been around for a while. They have the times
…he was still involved. So where was this and. Yeah, that’s what happened.
but of course completely changed. But then you have
…he’s already done that, hasn’t he? No, you don’t have to do that. You
it’s like you know someone who that got you out of
from the old days, right? Schommer. You were here five years ago.
years with someone who can give you said how quickly
…for something. And then, of course, you think
Okay, basically Google, so organic Google traffic I have to do,
I don’t have to pay you. It’s a cost per click. That was always
the most exciting thing, right? That’s what’s so exciting
on the search engine. And, of course, I’m very
wide, so a very wide spectrum. But he hopes, yes, that the knowledge
is not at all in the way came for the businessmen. That, on the one hand, that I’m an organic
entangled, no longer in the The first rule is simply
just to buy. Use keywords of intent. So we’ve been through this before.
Buy Nika, buy a dress, which I Buying tennis rackets? Sure, you’ll make money. But you can.
in a completely different way. ¿Y? It’s always the same for me,
only in all the conversations that I’m taking, more and more clearly, that
a lot of half-knowledge but. A lot of it is supposed to be,
I always need a marketing mix that needs
I just… And the basic principle is
that’s completely true. But of course you did. Until resources are limited. If you’re a big company now
or even one that’s only a dozen millions, which
perhaps also in the medium term he’s already thinking, okay, how can he
we use organic to growing up or around the questions
of our users to respond? Very, very good idea. The strategic brands
that makes perfect sense, but a lot. You know…
Yeah, my favorite term. Many companies are often
in Waldheim here too constantly and must and must not
Generate turnover. And then there’s just…
completely different in the generation possibilities. The content is very central
Theme, which then even in six months. But if you stack the contents
and leave it there, then you can you don’t expect her to do anything
for you, but what you must …and then you request it. And then I…
I’m definitely going to have more foresight desire. From many businessmen who
understand how and how I deal with it. Kocsis So, because with
calling us at the office. And it’s 8:30, 20
30 o’clock, and who’s calling now? Yeah, barely judging. Yeah, that’s why the phone’s ringing,
because now I’m a little surprised. But I wanted
don’t confuse me with this. But a frightened look
he said it all. But then…
also an important aspect. And yet, as
The agency can give people help to fulfil your wishes
better defined. You do, I suppose, with
you with the potential customer’s inquiry and to whom the information
they needed. You don’t have to be
SEO, but paid media invest. I think that’s…
a support, which then of the agencies. Good point.
not too close, but to a Talking to myself. But in principle, there is often a lack of
someone at the top of the Marketing. It doesn’t have to be an agency,
which can also be absolutely be. This could actually be
also be a consultant. You don’t need a complete team
sit behind her, but only someone with the perspective of
because you, yourself. I can do it from
…with me here. So often, so deep in the grass, so to speak.
she’s lying there trying to figure out …and tried to break through,
to make it all work somehow. And there she often misses herself
a little perspective around better. Yeah, being able to judge what
maybe it’s the right one There are no such impulses anymore, I think.
I, very, very important and also still very, very good,
because I, for example. Let’s see something with mine,
yes with me, with my experience, which is now far beyond
100 years is where Touch your shoulder. So do I.
if I’m that ambitious. No, so when you’ve been
also already in Icomos or usually in the digital field, then the following
…things open up so fast, where the other person then
may seem a little silly and think about how the
people figured out so quickly now? But it only has to do with
to do that when you’re practically always only in its own juice. Me, of course. This is then the advantage of a
Agency, if it’s good also includes, of course
many other examples. But that’s the advantage,
that you can have so many different The business case sees that
reminds me of something else that one already had training. When I’ve been in a situation ten times.
20, 30 times and I’ve had I see it again. Do I take this
naturally in a very different way indeed and quite differently up and down, then
are still very different. And that is also missing in that sense,
and then stay with a consultant or with an agency, it’s then
Of course I do, and that’s very often so that if, for example, you just
tco supplier and you need the customers, then think very
many agencies simply first in itself and it’s not right. That will give them
but not that much. But you speak to yourself more beautifully. Yeah, it’s not that bad,
and that’s going to do them good. But the truth is that often
…we have, for example… wider, because the
is often not enough. You have a lot of business cases,
where you think. Yeah, right, Technical SEO we should do. We should, yes.
were also established in a healthy way. You can also
Plan of contents. But if they really succeed
then they must have Instagram ADS, since
I don’t give a shit. But I have
no one for Instagram. And that’s how the Saxo develops
for example the agency, by the way, so that still to break a lance.
Really strong 360-degree agencies. Digital agencies are simply a
an incredibly good solution, because you, because you’re responsible for so many
real and perceived areas of specialization at the rate
everything is moving these days. Is that what you need? You can’t be that slow. You must be very, very fast. You have to keep up with the trends.
can also react. This hiding and saying yes, we
don’t make all the trends now with. It’s just that
will stay on track in the end because they just don’t get it. And because
you know, kids these days …we had met before. The story
of Tick Trick we had? Yeah, she doesn’t care. Then do the
The trend is no longer competitive. And a certain point. In conclusion, I
doesn’t want to put this in the Pull the length. Absolutely
…that you came in. Thank you. You’re welcome. I would recommend that a company
…to think more. What makes sense? And she herself
and then get help. Or I could ask
an outsider does not have to always be an agency, but space,
which is in the area of a a little better. What’s your absolute advice, the
you give other companies trademarks would I? My absolute advice is that
I wouldn’t start not be satisfied with half knowledge and
to pretend that I know something. Take me, for example. I have received from Artificial
The intelligence has no idea. And I have a
I read some things about it. But that’s why I would go
not to go to anyone and say “we”… need. I think that…
it’s very important. Just because
I’ll be able to hear not say yes, I need
…this is now absolutely, but correctly. Either I’m really going away…
pure and practice-oriented and Steam me up. Or I’ll get
the people who did this for me and also respect
that just doesn’t they only offer the one. Maldives, of course, always the perfect
I have a solution for you. For this service. Even if the service is not
is perfect for you. I mean, I was looking for someone
because a little more camellias is in a moderate position. Although all of you, even
if you don’t. But even though all of you always. Almost the agency specialized in
a very special service would like to have. I think that…
it makes you extremely vulnerable. That means that everyone who listens to us You can also
I’d be happy to contact us. But I think it’s a good
form of advertising, also for us. Anything you say
please do not contact our capacities are full. Actually, but still. No, we’re happy to help you, too. I could go in private.
a superior Volta. Say it, this time we’re blinded
please enter Sarah’s email address and not mine. Here we go.
also directly to the next topic, and his e-mail box is full. You’re the one
extremely in the gums. For those who don’t know yet. She could buy it. With DM you simply look for
a great product. I’m delighted.
Are you excited? I’m disgusted by the abundance
the advertising we’re going to put unpaid advertising. I can’t get
He doesn’t get any money either. Coal. I get paid for this. Then I get the new ones, look…
my nine thousand euros only not the one I’m looking for now.
I let him out for now. Okay, Flu Marketing. Because I am
…is also an influential person. Are you really there? Are you interesting
for our client? Yes, are you in the group? What 18- to 24-year-old girls, 18
girls up to 24 years old follow me a lot. 18 to 24 years old? Now, what is the
Your girlfriend’s choice? Why target group? You’re our audience. What do you do? We’ve been through this with Instagram. I’ve got plenty of time,
it’s important, naturally I find for a long time
Motivation, published slogans We’ve done it.
…I’m afraid it wouldn’t fit. But you have to
really stick to the subject. I didn’t mention it. But it’s the example
that’s because you, because you’re really worked very hard and
somehow not by a a small budget of 550 euros, yes,
with a lot of influence and negotiation current? No or yes,
so there’s no 500 euros. That’s why this is relatively exciting,
because I think even only in the area of flu yes
it burns a lot of money. And we see how
many other flu marketing campaigns to be driven. Every day. And really? I’m pleased to say
it would be very exciting, if you give me a
a little more about that. No, not at all. Yes, you must…
but a little more concrete will be what you hear from me.
I can do the whole range open. Flu marketing works or
how I handle it. I have two specific questions. First, how to find the
Example of what is best for you Drugs? How to find
Do I need to take supplements? Food supplements? I’m sorry. How do I find
the right influencers? And the second was moderately successful. For example, from a campaign like this. And third, the rush. So a campaign like this
so that you have a certain amount of time. Turn around, for example. If I go to the first
…will have to collapse at that very moment. Or does it take a little? When these three are caught.
to the first subject. The first question was that I know
before it was a little late. So my first question was
just the first question. And then we’ll move on. That’s how we do the flu. For example, how do I find
the right one for a company Flu? The first step, the
started with the customers. And then I have to do mine,
teammates of supertoll Amara or mention. Because she also has…
contributed a lot to this, it’s firstly, to define how
is our target group, so we definitely the product to understand, to deal with
the client who is a little about this. Well, you can’t exactly…
influence, yeah, even people to a bit therefore Abdulaziz
product. You’ll find them a target group. It doesn’t have to be
specialize in a target group, but you can also
…unfolds a little bit. There are a few more if you need them. So now it’s
…I was also doing data… This perception of the target group or
we don’t have any I’ve had data. Therefore
we’ve been working hypothetically. But we have
I checked the dietary supplements. We were looking at what
…the market is so… who works there in that way,
a great business, which nutritional supplements that have just been announced, it
already has relatively many Impreza, that
are already blocked. You can see what’s going on there,
what works, what has worked in the past and
then you decide. We have our target groups, they are
for example, an influential person Flu Gym, Mommy Flu. We have it a little diversified
and see what’s possible It’s, uh. I’m asking why
…we’re going to have a wide variety of options? Because we’re leaving ourselves the option
I wanted to see who was acting. Better? What group of
People are interested in the Product? How can the
I’m not sure. You may have to say that again,
that the product of England is coming. Now it’s a market launch
since the market launch in Germany. We have to try everything and
try to see how is running. So we have, we’re in
the thing went on and then the to find the right influencer. There’s a way to estimate who’s in the middle
well executed, once they’re in pay the follower. You see.
in the commitment of the respective flu, in that
already relatively large. I did it the other day, I think,
read that Lena Meyer-Landrut was in Germany is quite successful with
what he does. Good. With Lena Meyer-Landrut
we’re not working together right now, because it doesn’t fit. But there are
certain people who are doing quite well in shape. Fitness Flu to
example, the supplement, its Most of them. And I mean,
when sublime bull and new, innovative product, it is
an innovative product. Do people also
probably interested in participating? But how? So for the decision. It’s a feeling
and only followers. Number and commitment. For now. So ideally, we’d like to create a list
of the flu and look then. Of course the flu contacts,
and then, of course. it is important to see how
are the time. Because without the interns…
not the whole thing. According to this, the flu
also its awards, its sales price. And then look
…one here too. One practically works. Never with the flu,
unless you get those informants Go. Really what? What is it about interns that leads to so many
Guys, minor flu mostly? Let’s say which ones
Do you need it inside? It’s super important. It’s super important,
to really control this. These are sometimes screenshots of
those who are in business to Business. Profile So the
Yeah, usually a little. Profile. You probably also have a
a little profile. There you go. but you, yours can see that. It looks…
one the activity, the target group y. He the content and there you can
just see How Many Stories You’ve Seen Did you? Who’s the target group? How many contributions, how
are the impressions? All factors play a role and
Like I said, you really have to control, because they are not currently
always have a lot of influence, and the media center. It says…
and then some numbers. But, you know, whether or not
you can always rely on it? I mean, I’ve had people of influence,
that have been sent to me, and and then I paired them up,
and they didn’t fit. And that’s when
…quite disappointed. If you receive an offer of 3000
Euro, and you know the person he won’t be able to act. We will achieve our goals with
this person probably won’t reach. And that is, of course.
always a little stupid. Do you have that? Not even, but if
that you decide to work with to work with someone. I remember a project,
where we sold the dirndls. Oktoberfest, I think,
…when I’m holding on. I’d be interested to know what
I already hinted at that. So we’re hoping that the first
Sometimes the “we” factor… Put one euro in and who? I don’t know, the flu
receives a thousand euros. We’re going 4500 right. You didn’t talk to
…to someone about it. Because today I have another
I was talking about it because …he was a little insecure. Now with son
the budgets on which which is not 550 euros,
which has already been said, a a little higher up the whole thing. And I was a little panicked
and Influence for one minute Sequence to publish a story. Having 7000 euros is already
a guy who’s not 500 euros. And then this
a little bit of risk. Risk plays a big role here. And of course it can be
I hope it works. But you can…
not be absolutely sure. There’s only one thing for sure that death has
the Mara didn’t say it, but she …is now worded this way. Yes, I ask because
I just remember that often the strategy is that if
as we have done with others the client must, not now
is necessarily event-driven. We’re trying to establish a long-term relationship with
to work together because often only from the third month, as soon as
has the community with the product, it’s only worth it, but
then also more time absolutely it’s good. One strives to be…
to establish a long-term cooperation with the have. If it works.
You’d better both benefit. So why not? But like I said, it’s
a little difficult because of the market introduction. You have to make people
and see what’s going on. it works. That
The target group works. It could be him. Find him.
Bloggers are not interesting at all. You have to…
Replace the whole thing. Well, you have to
to be a little flexible. Okay, but would you,
if there is one, isn’t there? I’m just interested, but
I’m not going to stop. I’m like a Doberman there. When you see what I’ve been working on,
That’s what made me I’d be really interested. If we
now with e-commerce customers working together, that’s how it is for you
yet for many other influential marketing, one of the
the most exciting channels you can or one of the most exciting instruments,
which can be used to attention, but also
to generate customers. I still believe in it at this point. I don’t know how that
is in a year. There’s a lot of talk about it. The marketing of flu no longer works,
and the market is and I don’t know. I think you have to. You must
you watch what the weather’s like. I think there’s
is leaking relatively heavily. And I believe that the successful
are still successful and small. You probably never will.
create more with your dates. But for now, it will remain that way,
unless there is something New, the landscape. So first of all.
something new and great is about to come. But the discoverer, for example… Yeah, what do a lot of people do?
a Lena Meyer-Landrut who performed. That fits, of course.
to your music too. No, no. Why me? I believe it.
There’s a reason for it. Influence marketing. It will be
become significantly more competitive. But it’s still going to be really
work hard for those who have the The game or the stop of the game
is much better understood. And that even though I’m not
I rarely work in the financial sector. Is it relatively simple why
Influencer for companies always will it be exciting? Because behind
Influence puts people and not Machines as in. As in…
Facebook and Google. That’s it? It’s a whole
lightweight mechanism The most Facebook people in a target group
…the more expensive they become. And year after year he always invests
more company money on Facebook and Instagram. And that’s exactly how it was
on Google when I’ve never experienced that Google’s ADS, so
Google AdWords, it gets cheaper. Who’s been on the last
years more and more expensive. Since he got out,
is getting more and more expensive. It’s perfectly normal, because
more and more companies are joining in. That means it’s a perfectly normal
Cycle for the Son, for the Son, for the an application platform. But people overestimate themselves
…or they underestimate each other. Either they are, they have a too
high price, or its price is too low. That means that people…
can often find themselves so …bad judgment? I know for example that I’m allowed
him, the name, probably not say. But I know,
that we’re dealing with a flu work together, that the
is the cheapest. And it has mostly
the best numbers. How can that be?
And it’s worth it. And you’re gonna need that at some point.
because she’s going to see, how the market is growing. But it doesn’t matter. That’s just…
up to a point. But then it’s a lot to
you as a company no longer profitable, if suddenly…
I was working with someone. No idea. 550 euros per month
paid for, paid for in a year, but already 3000 euros for you. And it’s worth it
…then not quite. Exponential growth, then. The prices are. The
The prices are real. Sometimes I’m very surprised,
when I hear the prices. Really? But of course, because in
In the beginning also always in the same more obvious, here
…me in. Yes, yes, you do. You must see that
which is the best performance. To prove it. And then if it doesn’t work,
then maybe it’s a a little lower, a little
including a small one. Well, I was working with a wire.
Flu, and also the has given me a story that
me an offer of a thousand euros so a story has a
15-second sequence in the Ideally. If you give me
…I’ll give you more now. Wonderful. There’s no price list,
which one adheres to maybe. That’s what I mean. That’s why it’s…
an open market, where he says, “Okay, I…
do more for me. And then it would cost
wonderful if there was such a thing. No, that would suck. It’s .
would be a little more transparent. It would be more transparent to me. That too, like
he said he would. That would be then
can always be regulated. But there’s always the possibility
each one decides individually if they want want to do or
wants to go higher. It could be. But that’s exactly
the point at which and see realistically what you can do.
numbers that are also called …then I can understand it. You must…
also the customer feedback give. Then the client must give
and explain why. Influenza A? Just because a
The best actor is with two. We also wrote to Influenza,
have two million Follower, and they’ve acted. It’s not good. Because it still is. There are people,
…don’t have a relationship. And then the customers pay large amounts of money,
where the money from the The wall. In big business…
First of all, impressions are important. OK, the prestige. Still, it’s for
other smaller clients simple clients difficult, because they make
…of course, the prices will be ruined. But that’s it. But this is it,
that’s what I mean by that, however. So that’s why
also in the case of the flu once again maybe a little easier if
…will take care of the intermediary… or with small
Yam works with us. What’s really important is that I can also
they recommend everyone to do so. Mixing it all up? Of course. Yes, exactly, because I think
that we say we’re going to Facebook and now, of course, on the
Influenza, so that especially the brands and the son comes in, holding one of the
Market with budgets at the same time. Which, by the way, are the little beginnings,
that are suddenly also big just because
no one with the flu yet except for the very
Start, who grew up with him are with Instagram. Yeah, that can
he’s not supposed to do that anymore. This window of time has it before, it seems
I was there five, five years ago. seven more years
…so hot. 2014, maybe, yeah. And yes, I don’t think
the hype really does get that much smaller. I don’t think
is necessarily going to be a lot less. It’s getting different. And also…
she’s the same as ever. Now it all depends on how long
you’re a very good judge of who …to act or not to act. Who can evaluate this better? Who burns the most money? And who will bet their
More cash through? Now I have the subject
…and then it was finally resolved. Don’t you feel the same way?
that today we’re going to be more or less right are? But I have
…I’m lost too. I wasn’t trying to…
but I have you interrupted. I want to put him in the
I’ve looked at the list of demands, but yes it’s not that bad. You have the
all the time just seeing my face. Two cameras. Remember that time…
the third topic you have would speak. We had a talk this afternoon,
which, by the way, is always was. We usually have
never really be prepared. It always sucks. Today, Friday, we are taking
today, and we’re waiting …actually I’m always on it. Such
small, such a small event, when we finally get back
in a row. But we often talk
already on Monday, Tuesday, and then around Issues that could be. Let’s just say
Yeah, let’s think about that. do. Make tomorrow a Friday
that we really do. What’s happening this week. And that’s how we get most of it
the themes of the week, what …happened during the week,
which is then worth it. I don’t know how you, how
Now the transition to the Experience …to bring. But just ask me
Let’s ask the question, why would the client Experience a lot to
it’s very underrated. Did you write it to me now? How did you forget? Anything else? No.
it’s super, super exciting. I just need to figure out which one
context I was thinking that I want to talk about it. It was a beautiful Friday. Damn it, I have
didn’t advertise the beer. Distracting? Neumark, I’m glad. Because I don’t have the glow. Do you have the light?
You have the precious wood. I don’t really have that. Maybe we can think about
another topic in except the Client Experience. Why the customer experience is so
it’s important, too is underestimated. Well, that’s…
Yeah, that’s okay with it. We can also
to think of something new. You’re the one who…
there’s no problem. We can use advertising
and about what? …about the whole world. If you, because
you just buy everything. I have something today, I
I had an exciting experience today. If a client. Can you talk about this
talking in the phone booth? It was dark. I left my phone
so you know we have one. It’s a vegetarian sausage and listen
to me, now come on, now come on Unbelievable. I had…
actually today. A conversation with a customer, where
is about the fact that the client is an article dealer. It’s a little
a little difficult, closer to her to get in. And now he’s gone? Yeah, I felt like
I’m not sure I’m really going to argue because I’m supposed to be…
just ask me, in what context it was in. Why people in the user experience? Why is this underestimated? Why is this often underestimated? Why is that important? The
doesn’t help me. Sure, why?
as a question? Because Behrens is perhaps the most important,
what it is, what there is. I think I even have
something really good about it, because. Again and again we are interrupted
cut to the chase, both very quickly. I have…
that it’s not soon yet. processed. Now…
I still have time. You are allowed two minutes in the
the customers are talking, and you have four minutes on the
Experiments talk. But it could have been much more…
to the client than you Experience. Is it interesting
for our viewers? Listeners? That’s it. All I’m saying is that
usually yes, often very interesting. Shortcut plus five minutes. I tell him it’s okay, you know,
that so far this has not been a relatively was a good result, so far.
total loss and just let me …that he interrupted. And ultimately.
…alone there we want… not to go back to the flu
marketing, but writing about the flu. But if
someone interested in the flu Marketing and that, please! Slowly and surely it becomes
uncomfortable with advertising. But anyone who has a good curry sausage
…goes to 36. There’s a way to do it.
in the newspaper I know, not minutes, but it sure felt like
significantly less than usual. I’m saying that the story of the client I’m raising
and I agreed. A delight. And I…
Shall I tell you why? Yeah, there’s a word for finesse. So, are these delicacies still available
…a little bit of my youth? User experience Why so much
is underestimated? Because too many companies
thinks this is bullshit! But because too many companies
always focus only on getting traffic Grant and convert,
but never really deal with the way
your client, really? Can you offer an experience? That sounds like a total effect, because you’re
asks how I can be in Does the Internet offer an experience? But it’s possible. That’s what’s going on. For example, if you, if you
ordered an item, how can you use it you’ve been avoiding the email you sent to
to the user’s destination, since the email, the speech
Is that really something? Maybe you show healthy
distribute or share dishes? Or the plate that
Sado plate? Am I a big fan of yours? It actually has a
so incredibly fluid. If you, if you’re with
you do, so handy, custom T-shirts, practically yours.
your weight to your Size and shoe size. And then we’ll do
like your custom-made T-shirt. That’s where they make the cut. Why the shoe size? I don’t know. It must be…
…I’ll have to ask. I just imagine that the
Worry about that. We asked about the size. and how heavy it is
it’s hard to be a person. And then out of the oven like this, like this.
in the back, ask for your shoe size. And then someone says why? And he says it just like that,
…so we put this in. Imagine it would be like that
an algorithm that then calculates this, what a T-shirt should look like. How about you order that one? Does it always take this long?
a little while until it’s manufactured? You really must. Yes, by hand. So I know.
not exactly like the sewing machines it works. But it worked. Of course it’s interesting,
what the different staffs normally if you’re in If you’re in this kind of
you will be he just asked. And then, at some point
said that a package is now has been sent. But in your shops
it’s just that they… it is being said right now
a cutting pattern, a pattern done. How many e-mails do you receive
sometimes two or three Westwalls always picked up? In which
Does he hit now? And then it’s sent,
when it’s sent? It’s supposed to be, like.
…then you have something on your label… …is if the name was on it,
I would have. Yeah, there might not be anything wrong with
and I’m sick of it, because I think it’s very good. Yeah, it’s just that…
just a totally sarcastic bookstore. But you can’t do that.
it’s not all sunshine. He’s a relative
Kulik, Spyri Absolute. And the way
The designs are very, very clean, very minimalist,
aesthetically. Scandinavian and the road,
how they address you is very, very personal
and totally tangible. And because there’s still a new
As a result, I find that ultra exciting, simply because
are present. But this one. But this feeling.
only or convey that Feeling that he’s not being bothered. This is ultra exciting, and I
and I had to. The newsletter recently received from a
a relatively well-known brand, the sell plants, too
very expensive. From France. And they are
also relatively well known in Germany The sale also in Germany has yes
I already had popups and …etcetera, etcetera. And as
In December I have all the French e-mail time. And it pissed me off so much that
I don’t grab myself, but I was so militant
the CEO is lying down, looking for him. I have. On Friday, the last
On Friday, I wrote he said, “Hey, buddy, I’m getting
fucking quick French e-mails. And it is
a pretty big company. I think they probably have
and the Dadaab over a hundred employees, and the Kulov
he actually wrote me answered in one hour
My Akris I’m sorry, I Check it out. I’m looking in there,
and I’ll let you know tomorrow. Then on Saturday morning, he told me
He said what the The problem was, he said. Cocoa beans When we created a database
imported, we have also 1400 German e-mails with in
include the French list packed. And thank you,
I found at some point. By the way, a good one for me was
what I have my problem with that he doesn’t ignore, but
took this seriously, took solved it directly. And besides.
I feel like I have helped a little.
And who knows? No, but that’s because it was. It was actually coal dust. I
I didn’t expect anything either. I don’t either. I have…
also, I think, a relatively cool Experience. If you ever…
maybe an agency search and remember, or
see any of our content and I know I only have
helped him, I didn’t he expects me to give him an assignment
or a plant or a Plant. I once said that
that we have so often equipped ourselves with have. Well, I have some time…
did he say why me in this country? I don’t think so. Maybe,
who knows, who knows. That would be good, for example, if
the only mega horny customer Experience. I didn’t.
Sometimes you’re given an e-mail address, and I have for him
solved the problem. If he was a tough guy, and if
would make sense to the customer Service and customer experience, then
would come here to get Send a medicinal plant, even two, one for
me in the Thanksgiving economy. That would be really great if
I would do that to her. That would be the epitome of
Customer experience, based on user experience how I feel, because I
to everyone, and I would tell everyone to other people if he asked me to,
where to buy your plant, even though I’m practically
had a bad experience. French e-mails would have
…I’ll tell you, I recommend it, let’s say they’re horny plants,
and they’re the right people. Good. And that should feel so…
for example, there shouldn’t be employees for this? Very, very clearly very managerial, the
…but then you have cold numbers. Yes, we need
a lot of retention anyway. But actually this, getting this particular
…in front of your eyes, what you can do. I think there’s
for example, by the way, to the Grey’s Week by Foot Locker. Let’s say now …fat. Did you get the
…do you see? Alone, alone. As I was saying, this particular box of Choo
of Grey, too fat and …I called it casual. And I would.
Stop. And that would have to be… And other companies have to use it
to cut a slice of himself. That costs money, and
it doesn’t work. I was just saying. I have…
because I’ve also done my Advent calendar. That’s when I remembered…
not necessarily as nurturing as Right now I feel…
nutrient modems, Advent calendars. And there was nothing but nonsense. In this stupid Advent calendar I found
I wrote it very badly. And then they gave me a
The package was sent with everything possible Varieties. And since I’ve been
sometimes they only land with the selected ones. But I got it this year.
once because we had a Advent calendar, and that was
stupid again. Seriously, what happened? I have until today
not receiving any e-mail. I’m very disappointed.
to buy from them again, I think to me. Yeah, that’s…
I actually understand that. Because Kassner did it. This is also so underrated that the
The people on the front lines of the camp, in the The customer service among the most important are
the way people are using their Business, your business. Think about your business and do it
is also important for small companies, not only
naturally defensive. Because in big business, you think
Yes, his ark is a thousand People, the Telekom employee
for example. He doesn’t give a shit. Where they are already
have improved significantly. Do I need to use a spear
Break? But especially in small businesses, which, by the way, have the potential
to be much more personal, since also to show a little identity
and again around the Roof, around the corner
to think, to say when a the customer is extremely dissatisfied. That’s good.
a little unexpected. He’s coming, for example. I must say that
I could also say that we we will take care of your
Problems, inform us soon, instead of …to show up. So…
and then by email. Massu directly finishes the package, takes
then the map and it says “We”… I hope we can’t surprise and
let’s get some feedback there. And then he cheers
once the five-star ratings and no one checks why in the world. People are there
it’s not that bad. But most companies
are not customers at all oriented. They’re just
only oriented to the kpa. Somehow we’ll get the Breton in
West and not how we can to deliver the full user experience. And that’s why it’s massively underestimated,
because it’s just us and this, I think a good
It’s closing time today. If you’re able to get up. The short-term benefits to
to avoid that in the long run The benefits, which are much higher
…they don’t concentrate. Are you the maximum benefit? Especially these days, because
everyone thinks only in the short term, so when you. One of the few
companies that internalize the can, can say. There are a hundred of us
percent for our customers. Amazon is the best example. They’re not giving anything away now. They have the sickest, by the way.
of all time delivered on Monday Same day shipping
Sending Freiham. I mean, we have
not even the decent ones. This is today
it’s probably different. But in your early days.
from the old doors of your desks, because you said we wanted
our customers the best, pray, the offer the best prices. That was the most brazen customer
The experience that now has its own Logistics, not logistics,
but more mail service. What do you call that? I have…
just a package to DHL. Am I stupid now? To the
DHL provides its own shipping service. I have my own cars now. I
deal with the company not to get them there any faster.
may or may not be based on leave the DLL. I
I don’t order, I do. So far I have
only good experiences. If something breaks.
he sent it straight back so it would never Trouble. I at least
whatever. In conclusion, perhaps one could simply
they say it was a bad day A phrase like, I screwed up,
because I’m going to a better one …wanted. Yes, yes, but lock up
…perhaps it should be said. Don’t underestimate him. Get some more
…to keep busy, maybe get someone… which is a
a little more about that. This advice does, and
not necessarily an agency. The research I don’t know if
this person also gives this person the Give me some space. Really. Now I’m deliberately saying the word
to develop beautiful ideas for to make people happy. That’s why you’re doing this. You’re doing it.
It’s because you bring pleasure wants. And then tell
positive people. It’s the best publicity,
that can be done. Definitely in the sense of
have a good weekend. No, thanks to the viewer. So you can listen? Feedback will be gladly given to you. So I’ve been getting feedback, I’d like to
also under the contribution, with pleasure also on our Instagram account. We invite you to send us your comments, a
Chris, please don’t take Likes there. …to the left on your Instagram. Y
Yeah, that was the weekend. Episode 4 in next week’s box
Episode 5 Where Does It Lead? Yes, and for those of you who haven’t heard of the UTA,
should also quickly show the times now Marketing. This is the
a goodbye. Jesse stays healthy
and he’s still athletic. That too.


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