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Welcome to Digital Happy Hour

December 5, 2019

Grab a hold one and relax because this is
Digital Happy Hour, the show that takes you inside the strategic minds of Strategic America
and actually lasts only about a minute… give or take. Today we’re looking at SA’s Coffee & Analytics
group, which meets four days a week to search for wisdom in archane manuscripts from ancient
civilizations. Is that pretty close? Not really. We started the group to help clients all over
the country get a better handle on their digital metrics. Analytics are the basis for optimization tactics
we use for our clients and help us create a strategic direction for their marketing. That strategic direction of course becomes
the foundation for every aspect of a campaign. The analytics team takes into account SEM,
SEO, cost per click, click-through rates, and more. Some say that those who fully understand these
concepts are actually wizards from an alternate dimension. Hmm, yeah, nobody says that. I just said it. Well, ok, whatever. But learning any craft takes consistent effort
and SA gets that, which is why we dedicate time every day to understanding and learning
about analytics. Having a client facing team that can interpret
data will only improve customer service and get better results faster. Better results faster are a key part of finding
a better way, always. And that’s what SA, and the Coffee & Analytics
group are all about. Thanks for watching Digital Happy Hour, and
tune in again, won’t you?

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