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October 12, 2019

– [Mom] What in the world? She’s itching his face. So what we got is big. – I think I know what it is. – Mustache. (kissing) (upbeat music) – Our new sod is looking amazing. The one problem is that every
morning we’re coming out here and some animal is pulling it up. It’s either a deer or really
big rabbits or squirrels, but they’re pulling up the grass. So it’s become a new
chore for us every morning that we come out and
roll the grass back down. (upbeat music) – Okay it’s super bright out today but the weather is really nice. It’s actually been nice
for the last couple days. And so I’m going out on a morning run. And I just have been really
enjoying my morning runs. I listen to uplifting things
and I get to move my body and breathe fresh air and
it just feels amazing. It’s funny, when I’m not
in the habit of running, it sounds like a chore, like
I don’t wanna go running. But when I have it as
part of my daily routine, I look forward to it and so hopefully I can keep up this routine. – [Dad] How’d you sleep last night Laura? – Good. – [Dad] It’s good to see you,
do you wanna go get some eggs? – Sure. – [Dad] Alright let’s do it. (playful music) Nae Nae, are you helping? (playful music) Salt in. – Yeah. – [Dad] Good job! You did it! How’d your egg turn out? – Amazing! – [Dad] How was your egg Laura? – Amazing! – Whoo! – [Dad] What’d you think about that? (splatting) (laughing) Are you dizzy? You playing with your little sis? – Whoo! (laughing) Whoo! (laughing) (cooing) – [Dad] We often find
Isaac in playing with his. – Nae Nae. Whoa! (punching) Ow! – [Dad] Did she head butt you right there? – Yeah. – So I got back from my
run and everybody wants to join me on a walk so
we’re going for round two. (upbeat music) – Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Dad] So what are you playing? – Clue. – [Dad] You guys have been playing a lot the last day or two. – Yeah, we learned it
yesterday and it’s like all we’ve been playing. – So let us know in the pole
if you have played Clue before? – I’m gonna go, I choose
mustard with the gun. – [Dad] Alright, Isaac
just won, he guessed it. – Yay! – [Dad] Good job. – I’m playing. – [Dad] You guys wanna play again? – Yeah! – He’ll ask for a glass of milk. I love milk. I love you and maybe
what you could do is make your own milk mustache and send me a picture of you
in your own milk mustache. I love y’all, have a great day, bye! – [Dad] What was that? – It was Papa reading us a story. – Can we hear it again, please, please? – [Dad] Sure, you guys… – I wanna make my own milk mustache. – [Dad] You’re gonna make your own milk mustache to show Papa? – [Laura] Me too! (twangy music) – I love that Papa is
deliberately trained to connect with the kids in creative ways. They have their milk mustaches. – Hi, Caleb. (laughing) – [Dad] Yours is huge. I like it upside down. – Hello? – [Dad] Alright, Nae Nae’s mustache. (laughing) – Mine is so small. – Mine looks weirder than I thought. – [Dad] Cubby decided to make one too. – It’s small. – Mustache. (kissing) – [Dad] Someone’s making noise. – [Boy] Go down. – Again, again. (clapping) We have not gotten bored of this toy. She just keeps going. She’s working hard, take
a breather, good job. Whoa! She’s not phased, she’s going again. So we used to have couches
down in our basement but they were really
big and kind of broken and they didn’t fit for what we were wanting to do down there
so we got rid of them a couple of years ago and since then, we’ve had no furniture in the basement but we really missed
having a place to you know, cozy up and read down
there so we finally decided on what we want down
there and we bought it and we’re getting it today. – Is it at our house? – [Mom] It is at our house. – Do we have to set it up? – [Mom] I don’t know, let’s go see. – [Dad] Let’s go set it up. – [Mom] So what we got
is big and it arrived. – [Dad] Here it comes. Our new furniture. – I thought you said it was big? – [Mom] What are you thinking? – Thinking that we either
got one small thing or we have to assemble it. – [Mom] This is going
to be our new furniture. This box contains everything that we got. – Alright, who wants to help me? – [Kids] Me! – You guys are gonna be opening it up. – Okay, what is this? – It’s heavy. – Go ahead and lift it out. Ah! – What is this thing? – It might be a cushion, just one cushion. – Guys look, it unzips. – I think I know what it is. Is it like a blow up
thingy that you sit on? – [Mom] It’s gonna expand. – What does expands mean? – [Mom] It means it’s gonna get bigger. – [Dad] Here we go. – [Mom] The kids are standing back. – So they compressed it. – [Mom] What in the world? – This is the inner part. – [Mom] A-ha! So here’s the ottoman and
that is what we purchased. – What’s an ottoman? – [Mom] An ottoman is
something to rest your feet on. – Whoa, look! – It’s not even a square. – [Mom] So guys, your roll it around. – Roll! (laughing) – Oh whoa, this thing is huge. – Oh so is it a beanbag? – It’s like a huge five foot beanbag. – [Mom] It’s called a comfy sack. – Basketball? – [Mom] Oh, did you find another one? – My turn! – [Mom] So they say it’s
gonna be like three feet tall. – They said it might take four days to actually expand to its full size. – [Mom] But we can hurry
it up by moving it around. (excited chattering) – So this things gonna
end about how tall I am? – [Mom] Yep, they said it’s
gonna be about three feet tall. – [Dad] So here’s the actual cover. Put it in. – Is the zipper on your side, Leesy? – Yeah. – [Dad] I like the color. – Yeah, I do too. – [Dad] How do you feel,
how’s the material feel? – Nice. – Really nice. – Goodnight everybody. – [Dad] Ope, it’s nap time. – Help, help me put this thing on. (laughing) – Not me. (laughing) – So this is gonna help it expand, right? Oh this is heavy, ugh! – [Dad] So that’s where
we were wanting to put it, was over in that corner. – What I was looking for
was a spot that you guys might like to read, do you think you guys would like to read down here? – This is gonna be my main reading spot. – So one of the things
that sold us on this comfy sack is that it’s
supposed to be indestructible, apparently the kids want
to test that theory. We watched a video of
a tank driving over it and it didn’t destroy it
so we’re hoping our kids can’t destroy it. (laughing) – Woo hoo! – Oh I’m high. – And this isn’t sponsored,
we just found the product and decided to get it. – I just walked downstairs to this scene and it makes me so happy,
I want to like evil laugh like waa, ha ha, my evil plan is working. I’ve been lately like kids,
go down in the basement and they weren’t really
wanting to and Jeremy and I realized it was
because it wasn’t set up in a super user friendly
way like I didn’t wanna hang out in the basement so
now that we have something in the basement, they
want to be in the basement and now that we have
something in the patio, they wanna play on the deck. Yes! Let’s see what you guys are reading. – I’m reading Mercy Watson. – I’m reading the Candy Shop War. – I don’t know what I’m
reading but I’m just reading. (laughing) – [Mom] Truer words
have never been spoken. – I’m reading Maple Ridge,
Lost in the Blizzard. – [Dad] Leesy’s helping me gas up. Please remove nozzle. Then you’re gonna hit this button. You want the cheapest one. There you go. It’s fueling, look, you can see. Here’s the amount, how
many gallons and look there’s a neat little trick
you can stick this part down, okay now let go. – Oh. – [Dad] Cool, huh? – Does it stop? – [Dad] Yep, it just automatically stops. – But how did gas come here? – [Dad] Trucks, they drive
the gas and they fill up their tanks underground. Those are some really good questions. What are we looking for? – A bike. – [Dad] A new bike. Elise’s bike right now is
about the size of Caleb’s. – Yep. That’s a big bike. – [Dad] You want that one? – No. This is exactly what I wanted. This. – [Dad] You want a basket? – Yes. – [Dad] Tassels and everything? (playful music) – Whoa. – Is it too small for
you or is it just right? Ah, whoa! – [Dad] You okay? There you go. – The handles are a bit weird. – [Dad] They’re kind of angled funny, huh? – But I like the basket. – [Dad] Okay, let’s
see what else they got. (bell dinging) (playful music) – Elise’s consulting with
Kendra about this mountain bike. Elise has never done the
gears and the brakes up here. – We’re at the pool. (playful music) – [Dad] Oh, are you
eating something sweet? – So we’re watching some of our
friends’ kids this afternoon so we have an extra two
year old and two month old over and the kids are so
excited to help with them. – [Dad] Jenae wants to hold her non-stop. – She’s itching his face. Yeah, at first we thought
that Jenae was crying because I was holding a different baby, no, Jenae was crying because
she wants to hold the baby. – [Dad] Yep. (cooing) – Is that the baby? – Hi. – Hi. – [Mom] Hello, hi baby. Oh, the hiccups are so cute. – Hi. Is it nice to be awake? – [Mom] Well we had a fun
play date but now it’s time to take these cute girls home. Hi, thanks for coming
to play at our house. Ah, look at that grin. It was fun to have our
friends’ two little girls here this afternoon. It was sweet to watch the
kids interact with them and kind of comical to
watch Jenae trying to share and not really knowing
what to do with having other babies in the area but it was cute, I was feeding the baby a bottle and Elise came and said, mom, how do
you know how to do that? And I’m like, I know you
haven’t seen me do this recently but I have raised five children here, it was just sweet and
made for a fun afternoon and busy, seven kids is a lot of kids. Laura was super doting and
motherly, Elise was so cute with the babies and the boys
were all just completely sweet with them so Jenae
was a little bit harder, it was hard for her to share. She’s used to being the
baby around here so it was really sweet to have a little
baby in the house again. – Hi! Yeah, you okay? – [Dad] So how has it been going learning to ride on your new bike? – Awesome. – [Dad] So at first, it was a struggle. Mom said you actually fell. – At first I fell but then I kept trying. – [Dad] I’m really proud
of you for being brave. Do you guys wanna ride around the block? – Yes. – [Dad] Okay, let’s do it. (playful music) Good! Yesterday Elise wanted to
make homemade applesauce all by herself and she did. She peeled the apples,
she chopped them up, she put in all of the stuff
and cooked it on the stove. Here is her. – We’re having leftovers for snack. – [Dad] Homemade applesauce. – She even put it in a jar. This is the real deal. – [Dad] Yeah she did it all by herself. I’m so proud of her. So Jenae has started
singing to us regularly. (singing) The family sits around and watches her. We clap occasionally. (singing) Awe, baby Jenae. (singing) She can just lay there and sing to you. – Good night, J House, out. – Hey guys, my favorite
book as you can see, is named Ugly. The author is Robber Hodge. This book is very similar
to the book, Wonder but for my opinion, it might be better. – I’m Edward from the UK
and this book has helped me through a lot more in
life as it explains a boy who’s gone through a traumatic lifestyle, not having his parents
around and he goes through an adventure to go find his
parents in the far future and it’s just amazing. – Hi my name is Hailey,
my favorite book is The Miscalculations of Lightning
Girl by Stacy McAnulty. I really think Elise would like this book. – My name is Emily Roper
from Birmingham, Alabama and my favorite book is
the Princess in Black and I like it because there
is a horse named Black in it and it involves a princess
named Princess Magnolia. J House out!

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