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What Is All This Junk!? – JCB Teleskid – Part 3

October 12, 2019

look what laying arms found by bomber
rocket gun it’s June 7th and being that we decided
to do a little cleanup outside some front came through from Canada and it’s
a little cold out there like I need a sweatshirt but all my nice sweatshirts
or my work sweatshirt it’s a hot here at the shop oh yeah we’ve got this this is
a nice little package sent to us by egg cam and I haven’t had a chance to
install it yet but this is the preemie camera setup on here and we got a
machine where we throw it about here soon so expect to see a future video on
that but with that said they were kind enough to send us these nice sweatshirts
so so soft hoof I can’t get it dirty yes I can Oh choices decisions which one
definition this is a great opportunity to try out this tell us get some more we
reload a lot of the stuff in our dump truck and it’s got a pretty tall bat on
it the 270 John Deere just barely enough boom length to get over the top of it
but it was tight it’s like gum its tippy toes try to get it there this thing I’m
gonna hand though has plenty of reach being it’s a telescope and so we’re
gonna hopefully get a lot of this back back of the farm yard cleaned up stuff
moving around there’s just so much to do that we need to get done so we got this
machine let’s use it got these tanks right here we had an opportunity to run
a certain product in our fields and these were our old diesel tanks so we
lined them up here and fill the pull of stuff and we did it and now we’re done
and so now we gotta get rid of tanks we got that additional 16 thousand gallon
oil filled tank for our diesel now so there’s really no need for these tanks
in fact I think we’re to put them up for sale and sell them all but with that
said we don’t want them here you have to mow around them and stuff we’re out of
the place and if I’m gonna put them so we’re all these into the dump truck leg
arms bringing the front end loader over here and we’re gonna move this the big
bobs big blood bin boom crane right here get that out of here – we’re getting
these pallets out of here gravel off the bucket there’s a couple Hobbs and ends
clean this up we’re gonna mow all this and then on to the next place to clean
up so here’s like arms this chain this up gets out that’s two tanks in there I’m going to
take this valve off the end here cuz I still good valve and we’ll run this over
dump them come back and get those other three tanks that are still left over
here then clean up the ties and bow it up be good now time to get bob’s big bug bin boom
back at the bin site this cultivator here we like to call a plow but I guess
I’ve gotten in trouble for calling the plow there a sweep in Montana we call
them a plow sorry but it’s going here it’s great place to rest this thing’s
doesn’t stick in the mud he’s gonna drop it down and we’re gonna put it on here all right let’s drop these tanks get
them out of here nicely done leg arms nicely done
I think when I take these tires over there – something’s are kind of rotten
that’s usually we keep our railroad ties anyways as well
my arm is gonna go scoop that up hit the tank a couple their items let me bring
the mower over here maybe a mutant bar clean all this up it looks a little
nicer oopsie interesting story this actually used to
be our main water tank for our water truck we have an old 50 some Chevy truck
that we used for my whole life girl hood Huff pretty much this is what we got our
water with hauled up the farm thousand gallons at a time we had a six thousand
gallon cistern and just did not stop hauling water year round now we don’t
have to haul water anymore and man life is great but they got turned into a
cistern and then it got turned into a storage tank and now it’s gonna go get
foot with the other tanks nobody finds the next life somewhere absolute
perfection how much diesels in it a lot you want to
run this over there everything else man you take
okay all right well meet you over there so every operation has a different need
for a different machine what’s nice about a skid steer is it fits just about
every operation you look at every job site farm operation cattle operations
dairy operation hay and operation it seems like everybody’s got a skid steer
that’s why they’re so valuable is because there’s a high demand for the
Telus kid brings a whole new level of capabilities to the scene and somebody
asked well you guys are just cleaning up some of that Telus can use it for a real
job well here’s the thing on this farm that’s what our skid steer does a lot of
it’s just moving stuff all the time we’re constantly scraping lifting
picking moving pushing all that stuff so what we’re doing right now it’s things
that are john deere skid steer would be doing only this thing’s making it look a
lot better and more fun just drop the tank off now I’m dumping the railroad
ties I think they’re heard he came out okay well those tanks and stuff out of
there it’s another spot we’d really like to
clean up and that’s this we call us our iron pile there’s a lot
of engine blocks all kinds all that is just obnoxious as I was saying we also
put tires here too and we don’t want the tires here so we’re getting rid of them
if they’re just junk and these are absolute garbage tires there’s no use
from they’re all wore out flat crack anything there’s no purpose
so let’s little bit of truck get them out here Oh baby he’s got a stack I’m ready to go how you like them stacking apples I’ve
got a pretty good feeling I’m gonna lose a tire on the way where I’m going so
I’ll keep my eyes peeled I must say this actually is pretty nice feels good to
get these out of here just it just feels good
this pile since I was a kid it’s just grown and grown and grown and I know a
lot of you might consider this junk but in honesty most of this – the tires but
most of this is Goldust because we do so many projects and it’s amazing what we
pulled from here and use it it’s not hurting anybody sitting here it just
doesn’t look pretty to the eyes we can dig through it pull out iron and weld it
together cut it up chop it up all kinds of good stuff but at a certain point you
have to just say that’s the nub and get rid of it so we’re at that point with
leaf attired we’re gonna start bearing out with do the rest of stuff me and
iron prices go through the roof then we gonna just you know trade it all for
scrap the little treasures you find buried underneath tires the old
dollhouse or at least a 10 version of one one side that’s pretty cool I mean I
was one of my hands look what lying arms found
by Baal maracas gun don’t worry this one is safe no eyes have been shot
out with it just guess how many how many bottle rockets Machado is baby I think
we found the bike and lawn mower graveyard I remember some of these bikes
why did they end up here in the tire pile or why did the tires end up on top
of the bicycle a lawn mower graveyard pile I don’t know but this is
embarrassing don’t laugh okay last load got all the
tires out of there looks a lot better and let’s go dump this get back and get
away from this rain because it’s about to come down on us those legs gonna do a
lot but I’d like it to do a lot well like farming goes get started on
one project and you got to switch to the other well the winter wheat sprayed
spring wheat needs sprayed now so we’re getting ready to spray that leg arms
already out there doing it we’re getting the brute filled up got a move shuttle
off the foeman’s over here got the Telus kid come to do that
so anyways guys I wish we could have finished that cleanup project but just
weren’t able to make it happen so we’ll hopefully get back to that soon least we
got a chunk of those tires out of there but uh thanks for watching again guys
like and subscribe check out some other videos and keep watching because the new
video is gonna be come and they’ll be good so catch you later you


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