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What SOLD on ebay for Profit – February 2019

September 10, 2019

Hey everyone Chris the thrift shop hustler here reseller on steam it want to do a What sold on? eBay today where we’re gonna go through some of the items that were sold over the last actually I think these are all the last 48 hours 24 hours Once again, I’m Chris the thrift shop hustler definitely go down there and click to subscribe Button, we’re doing a live show right now. So we’re going to wait a couple minutes to get Some people into the chat. We’ve got a little bit of time before it works I said hey you why don’t I do what’s sold on eBay video. I know you guys definitely like that. So Definitely click the like button if you enjoy these videos that helps YouTube and the algorithm Do its thing and so I really appreciate all of our new Subscribers welcome to the channel. We’ve had a lot of new subscribers over the last month. So I really appreciate all that support I know how much work it takes to do a YouTube channel, and it’s it’s a lot of work. I mean some of its Would be considered, you know a full-time job So, you know who’d shout out to all the youtubers out there all the resellers that are doing reselling and doing YouTube. It’s incredibly difficult to just swing a lot of things especially if you’re into Merch by Amazon Amazon FBA retail arbitrage and like all the different things we do to make some money Hey, we got Geronimo man. Good morning, brother. I love your videos as always He says I know Geronimo from steam it he is doing amazing work there I haven’t been doing much steam at stuff lately. It just been kind of super busy And and like I said to just doing YouTube alone is a pretty much almost a full-time job in itself So I really appreciate Geronimo being here for sure and all the stuff he’s doing daily vlogs over there on steam it the price is down a little bit right now this year with crypto currencies and Some of you who have known me for a long time have known I’ve been into crypto currencies for forever pretty much since Bitcoin started And so I’m very optimistic for the future of Bitcoin and all the crypto currencies right now We’re in a in a huge bear market probably the longest bear market. We quite some time since the 2013 Bear market, but I’m very optimistic and I’m really believe in the technology But anyways, let’s get right into what sold on EBay, if you guys have any questions comments, please leave them in the live chat or if you’re watching this on the back end definitely leave a comment below and like I said Definitely click the like button that lets others know that I’m alive and you’re here and we’re here and we’re all gonna learn together Because my saying is the more you learn the more you earn or sure Let’s get right into it. Let’s start learning First up we have this harley davidsons leather chain small dog collar. I didn’t even know Harley Davidson made all kinds of Pet accessories like this until I did some research This was a very cool piece knew what tags It was a really cool thing because I saw some of the other Harley Davidson dog collars were pretty much all leather with some of them had studs and stuff like that it was rare to actually find the the metal choker kind of ones that are like mostly metal with a little bit of leather on the end here and so I Put this for $49.99 and this sold on our weekend sale. And by the way, we have a weekend sale I usually do a weekend sale every weekend and so definitely go down there The link is not there right now, but I’ll put it on the back end for the American Cancer Society EBay shop that I helped run and so, uh, everything goes to cancer research which is which is amazing amazing Charity for sure, but anyways back to this item here Don’t pass up Harley Davidson stuff. If you see them at thrift stores and garage sales, especially new what tags items like I said I put a high price on this for $50 because I didn’t think like I Didn’t see too many of these as a matter of fact, I don’t remember even seen any of these when I did my research So it was pretty cool to get 42:49 with this plus $5.99 shipping. We want to give a huge shout out to the chat room. We got Rhonda Steam monster girl Isabelle jeev. We got We got steam people here. That’s that’s great Like it’s kind of funny like the YouTube communities usually never shows up but I can always depend on the steam at community to come and Show some love so that is super super funny though. I love you guys. That’s great Steam it. Ah, it’s I’m telling you it’s it’s it hasn’t had its watershed moment yet and it’s gonna at some point And we’re gonna be all along for the ride Next up. Is this Disney? Land parks Jedi training for those that have been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World over the last 15 years they have a kind of like a show that happens every couple hours where it’s like a Jedi Academy where they do kind of like a skit with People that are dressed up as Jedi’s and Darth Vader usually shows up and Boba Fett and Darth Maul sometimes well Anyways, they saw these kind of items into the shop. It’s called a Jedi training academy It’s pretty much a robe this came in and I snagged it I knew I wasn’t gonna get a super amount of money for these But this one happened to be a youth large as a matter of fact I put it on and it fit me and I should actually put a photo of me wearing this in the auction That would actually really been funny but I think we took a best offer for 20-something for this and It shipped in a medium Priority box. I could have squeezed it into a Bubble mailer, but I’m not a big fan of squeezing different things also a different clothing items into a flat-rate bubble mailer and so If it’s a shirt or something like that something small I usually will put it in a in a flat-rate bubble. And I think that I think it’s 750 now if the price went up To ship something in the flat rate Well the Miller but anyways that my main point is Disneyland items sell very well Disney World items sell very well Looking at my titles here. I probably should have put Disney World or wdw in here and That was probably some of the good keywords another pro tip for eBay is definitely Use all your characters you can in your title and put relevant keywords now, I don’t think for the most part Descripting words like brown or the size or stuff like that. You can put it in the drop down menu in the item descriptions and That should people should be able to search with that so there’s kind of like tips and tricks to do with title But to me the trifecta of a perfect eBay auction is having proper title Proper photos as you see here, this isn’t like to be honest. This isn’t the greatest photo because it was a crazy robe Usually, you know, we do sweaters and t-shirts and stuff like that so that the mannequin works fine as you can see here It’s better than just laying it flat on a table. And as you can see there’s a white background Google indexes white backgrounds, this isn’t perfectly white as a matter of fact, like I said this isn’t the perfect photo my ideal photo, but it was something quick to put up weren’t making a Ton of money on this. So it was one of those things where just to get it up into photographic but at least have some of the things To do that. So Isabel G’s asking I was on vacation for 17 days in beautiful Mexico. Awesome I’ve been back for about a week and can’t seem to get my sails back up any advice I guess my personal advice would be just to put some more items up go through your older items stuff That hasn’t sold stuff that’s been up for more than a month Maybe change the titles a little bit and then save it back out and see if that helps. Also you may be ending your items some of your longer items just end it restructure the titles change it around you have to change something maybe like move some photos around in the positioning Q and Relist it so don’t don’t do relist just do sell similar and do all those little things and see what happens but definitely put some new items up maybe five items and then also go back in and restructure some of your old erotic items and that should jumpstart the Algorithm a little bit I have a I have a video coming out and I’m not going to say what it is because I Swear I said when I say stuff that I’m gonna do something. I always see other Youtubers and other people do it like the day the day after so I don’t know if like it’s smart to say, you know the different things that I’m doing but I’ll have a video coming out in the next few days about increasing your eBay sales and it should be a really good one and I’m gonna give a huge shout out to another youtuber because I believe in giving shoutouts because Like I said, there’s a lot of people that I don’t want to say there I want to say I don’t want to be rude But I maybe they’re inspired by other youtubers and I definitely love giving shoutouts for that omni O says do you have a thermal printer or laser printer? I have a diamond labeler for my Shipping stuff. I’ve had a diamond labeler for over 15 years I’ve had a diamond labeler ever since DiMeo came out Back in the day you had to manually put in your addresses and stuff like that Now it’s such an easy task to just print it out I know that I think you can I haven’t done a shipping through eBay in such a long time I use ship station and huge shout out to Jeff Who’s part of the merch talk? Jeff suggested God was it called ship station a long time ago, and I totally never like thought about it I was like, ah, it’s another thing because I use stamps comm for years, but Ship station actually took I think stamps calm turned back into ship station or turn into ship station and I was like I gotta go do another thing but ship station is probably one of the most amazing Shipping programs to have and it does cost money I want to say it’s like $24.99 a month and I apologize for not knowing the exact money amount, but stamps kept calm was about $15.99 a month and so it’s just like some extra more money, but all the stuff that that it does is quite amazing It saves me a bunch of time. It imports all your sales and stuff like that, and I don’t know if they got an affiliate program, but I’ve I’ve been kind of a What do you call it? Talking really well about them over the last couple of days Anyways next item. We got these Nike Air Force Ones We were visiting a shop the other day in Long Beach. And by the way, there’s lots of Discovery shops in, California so definitely go to Google and search for American Cancer Society discovery shops, we found these in the shop. They were trying I think they were selling these for like $40 in shop and we thought like why don’t we put a couple of these pairs on eBay and see what happens? We did take a best offer for $60 plus $19.99 shipping these had to ship in a large Flat rate box and if you guys have any pro tips on how to ship shoes cheaper, these are size 12 So they were kind of large Definitely leave it in the comments below I’m very interesting to knowing if there’s an easier way or cheaper way to ship shoes. I know that USPS makes shoe size boxes and you have to order them I don’t put those out like the medium and the Flat Rate large boxes in the stores. So leave a comment below if you know a video or a best way to to Ship shoes now. I don’t want to put them in a polybag. I’m just totally against doing that kind of stuff So if your answer is a polybag forget it, I don’t want to ship shoes in a polybag. I want to respect the customer I think shipping to me is one of the most important things For the whole business and you can see in our feedback and my personal feedback in my other eBay store that you know I take very a lot of pride in shipping and I think everyone should if you want to have a successful eBay business but anyways I learned a lot about this kind of stuff with just this pair of shoes and I learned that this style this kind of pattern this gray and white and Black pattern is called a Oreo pattern And I don’t know who came up with that or if it’s actually a Nike term that they called this material Oreo like Oreo cookies But it was something I learned from these pair of shoes and I saw Glen has hustler hacks Talking about some Ross shoes yesterday on Instagram and he was shout out to him. He’s doing amazing work He was he said Oreo too, so I guess this is a style for For that Geronimo Rubio says shipstation does have an affiliate program just look it up That is always the first thing I look when every service I do is okay cool Yeah Because maybe I’ll do a do something with with them in the future but a ship station is amazing Program and I highly suggest anyone that does Ecommerce and does that for sure we got mad Evo brand. I hope I’m saying that right. He says what’s up? I said, it’s Mac Dave Oh Mac Dave, Oh brand if I’m saying that right Mac, Dave Oh, let me know in the comments below I really appreciate you being here If you guys have any questions while I’m here, definitely leave them in the comments and the live chat We’ll try to get to them but anyways this was a good so we took a best offer for $60 shipped at a large mailer a Large box flat rate box I should say Next up we have this con us a director shooting stars trumpet we get in musical instruments from time to time as a matter of fact, I think like every Year, we get in some high-end trumpets and stuff like that. We’ve sold trumpets as high as Three or four or $500 especially ones that are like, I don’t know if they were called them if they’re limited edition But there were definitely very special ones This one was actually missing the mouthpiece And I took photos with the pin text camera on this one and you can see some of the close-up photos are really cool Really well done with the Pentax camera. So I highly suggest switching between your iPhone and finding a DSLR The DSLR doesn’t work for certain things like for me. It’s probably the lens like micro lens. I Usually use my iPhone to do like jewelry and stuff like that. But anyways This was missing the mouthpiece Always look out for these kind of things if you’re at yard sales or in estate sales Especially if it’s a well-made trumpet some of them go for hundreds of dollars some of them the the mouthpieces Which this one was missing and it was also stated in the auction Some of those are pure silver So look out for those those alone can go for like 60 or 70 dollars just the mouthpieces if they’re in good condition So definitely look out for musical instruments We took a best offer for 50 something on this this came This literally I literally got a best offer five minutes after listing this and I took it and it shipped Ups because it was very bulky. So if you have bigger bulkier items I highly suggest Using ups my MACD vo says I’m a drop shipper on eBay. I heard some months ago are better than others for selling. Is that true? I don’t like drop shipping. I’ve never been a fan of drop shipping to me It’s not it’s not part of my business model at all drop shipping to me there’s so many things that can go wrong and drop shipping and To be honest, I like to have as much control as possible And sure, you know, there’s lots of people that have become millionaires with drop shipping But it’s not for me. I don’t like dealing with the headache I don’t like dealing with the possibility of having a third party involved in my eBay business and so it’s just one of those things where It’s my personal opinion and I wouldn’t suggest anyone that’s new to eBay to get in to drop shipping Unless you’ve had some previous experience so You know if you’re doing good with drop shipping that’s good for you What works for me doesn’t work for everyone else and what works for everyone else doesn’t work for me everyone has their own journey and I’m not gonna sit here and say that drop shipping is a bad thing because like I said, There’s millionaires that have been made doing drop shipping. It’s just not for me. I’m not a fan I drop shipping personally It has nothing to do Against anyone that does drop shipping more power to anyone that does drop shipping Next up we have this Andre Ethier bobblehead. I took a best offer for $10 just to get this out We had a lot of bobbleheads that came in maybe like eight or twelve of them and we’re local Right side of Los Angeles so we get Lakers We get a lot of Los Angeles stuff in from time to time we had when I looked through some of these bobbleheads some of them were signed and and Those ones we sold actually last week a customer came and picked them up And by the way, if you’re in the Los Angeles area Check out our shop anything you buy you can come pick it up for free. You don’t have to pay for shipping We have lots of items in our store. We have over 300 items and money goes to cancer research so it’s also you’re helping a good cause By purchasing items through us but anyways bobbleheads. Let me just give you some pro tips on bobble heads bobble heads are seasonal usually Baseball seasons not baseball seasons coming up. So we’re gonna see in April More sales for stuff like this jerseys and baseball memorabilia Right now we’re kind of in a low point, but definitely look out for bobbleheads in your thrift stores Estate Sales They’re made out of resin and some of them are the earlier ones are made out of plaster So just remember that they that they break they don’t break very easily, but they do tend to break from time to time So if you’re gonna buy a bobble head for a high price definitely open it up. It usually comes in a foam container I’m not sure if I actually showed a photo of that. Yes, I did they come in these foam containers and Sometimes there’s a bat like this piece that screws into the thing here before our back in the day They would just like make the whole piece one piece and the bats would break so you could tell it’s a newer Bobblehead when you know, the pieces are kind of separated because they’ve kind of got smart over the years now They’re not super high quality because these things are usually given out at ballgames usually create like 10,000 15,000 of them And so they’re not like the highest quality paint jobs and stuff like that So just remember if you see in one of these they’re not going to be amazing quality statues But one of the pro tips is definitely look out for breakage. Look out for some of them are signed some of them are very rare and I found some higher-end bobbleheads at The Thrift stores for like 5 bucks and I’ve sold them on eBay for 60 or 80 dollars. I think I had some last year that I got at actually a discovery shop before I was hired there and I bought a bunch of them and there were some really rare football ones and they ended up selling for between 40 and 80 dollars each Samo thrift is in the house. She says hi, Chris Glad to hear you’re doing well selling what people want all the best to you. Thank you very much, Donna I really appreciate your support. You’ve been watching the show for a while. So I definitely Appreciate all your support and I really appreciate everyone’s support for watching the videos and learning with me Everything’s a learning experience. Even me. I’ve been in the e Bay since 1995 since it was a little blog site I wish I saved screenshots of eBay like when it first came out. It was like this weird Blog site that had like science stuff. It was so weird. It was so weird and it wasn’t even called eBay It was called. I forget what it was called. It was called like I Don’t even remember what it was called. It wasn’t even called eBay eBay didn’t change its name to like 1996 or 1997 but anyways, Geronimo Rubio says My brother and I are just starting an eBay business. You have any specific websites or places? We should go look for products We are starting today. Wow, you’re starting today auction web. Thank you, Rhonda So you’re so you’re starting today I would go to garage sales Go to garage sales You I think you’re in California. We have tons of garage sales every weekend and the weather is nice So you shout out to everyone that lives in, California We have it made compared to anyone else that lives in any part of the country. Our garage sales are literally 365 I’ve seen garage sales in the rain. So we’re blessed with that. So Geronimo my pro tip is to Go to garage sales go look for stuff that you know, if you know about car parts They’ll look for car parts. If you know about video games go look for video games and just learn about different things because Look for brand new items you can use scanners and stuff like that If you download the eBay app You can use their search tool to scan barcodes if something sealed and you can see if it’s going for good money And so that is my pro tip for you is to go check out thrift stores also in your area Since we’re in California, we have plenty plenty plenty of of all kinds of things to go and source I wouldn’t suggest retail arbitrage I wouldn’t suggest buying stuff online and flipping it If you’re just starting out, I would go to thrift stores and garage sales because you can get stuff pretty cheap and you know The the cost of entry for someone that seen it was very low by going to garage sales and thrift stores So that is my tip to you Let’s get into the next item. We’re kind of running a little late here Mickey Mouse vintage Child’s watch this was something we sold for $44 wasn’t one of my photos. Obviously. This is another photo from another employee This probably Were okay. So let me back up This this thing is probably worth $200 to be honest. So whoever bid on this actually got a great deal So if you’re looking for some some online arbitrage opportunities come check out our site See what we have like this. I probably would have bought this for sure for $44 if someone bought this and Then took better photos and did another listing I think it probably could have went for like 80 to $100 So this is what I’m saying is what on my point is there’s lots of great deals on our inner shop. So Definitely go and look we have stuff that’s on bid starting at $0.99 and all the proceeds go to cancer research So whoever bought this good on you This is amazing collectible Disney watches especially older ones go for a pretty good amount of money Do your research because they’ve created Disney watches in the millions so there’s some of them that are pretty much I don’t to say worthless, but There’s a lot more stuff that’s lower end Disney watches then there are higher end So it’s just one of those things where you’re gonna have to Definitely check that out but this whoever bought this is a great deal good for you. This is awesome Next up we have this Fantasia 2000 this was I was checking out some DVDs we came in and and looking some of it This one wasn’t sealed, but it had the DVD seal on the top And if those that know about DVDs know know what I’m talking about I was surprised that this actually this blu-ray was going for a lot cuz usually Blu-rays don’t go for a lot of money because they’re so they’re mass-produced and places like Target and Walmart Discount the heck out of them. You can find so many for like 5 bucks But I was very surprised to find this once on for the $60 range around that area ones that were sealed With the cellophane. This one didn’t have the cellophane this one barely just had the DVD sticker on top it to me it didn’t look like it was a Used in any way so we marked this as brand new. I took a best offer for $44. So this was a very nice Sale on stuff we get in DVDs and movies like everyday so the things that we get in everyday tons of clothes tons of DVDs tons of glassware and so this was a nice find Next up we have this Lilly Pulitzer zip up pull pull oversized em. Now this was an older listing because we can see here It’s got the hangar in the black background We’ve had this up for maybe over a year. So this was nice to sale is sold for $39.99 and We saw a lot of high-end clothing for for pretty good price. So definitely check out our shop Next up we have the spy a Bodega glasses we get in I glasses or sunglasses pretty much every week 99% of the time they’re junk. I pulled this one to the side because I thought it was you know Something hip that you know, someone would want and we took we put this on bid, you know We got nine ninety nine plus nine nine nine shipping and you know, of course when we get used glasses They usually have little scratches and stuff like that. So definitely look out for that Anyways, this is Chris the thrift shop hustler definitely click the like button below and I really appreciate everyone that came to the chat room and We’re typing in chat. I really appreciate it Geronimo Rubio. Oh and everyone here Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it and wish you the best week possible If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll see you next time. Take care


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