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October 2, 2019

– Fortnite challenge? – Who does Blake love more? – That’s the challenge? – Yup, that’s the challenge. – I’ve lost! – My own daughter. – Hi, SOTY Family guys! This week is a big week. – This weekend is CVX Live! Come if you want to meet us! – We will be in Provo,
Utah, Friday and Saturday speaking, doing fan experiences, and just getting to meet some of you guys. – And it’s Blake’s birthday,
she’s gonna be two. – Oh, snap. – Guys, my baby is turning two
years old in just a few days. That’s insane, where has the time gone? I am worried that after a few days I’m not gonna be able to
call her baby any more, because she’ll be an official toddler. So guys, it’s now or never. We’re gonna do who does Baby
Blake like better challenge! Is it Mommy? – Ahh. – It’s Mommy. All right guys, so for this challenge, I am going to be competing with every family member to see who Baby Blake likes better. (Blake cooing) Uncle Derek. Who does Baby Blake
like better, me or you? (whooshing)
– Obviously me. – [Jamie] Baby Blake,
who do you like better? Blake!
– Come here Blake! – Come here Blakey! Come to Mommy! Come to Mommy!
– You don’t want Mom. Come here!
– Come Blakey! Come to Mama! Come on! Come on Blake! – Blake, come here!
– Come to Mommy! Come to Mommy!
– Come here! – Come on, Blake. Blake! Come here. – Come, come here, Blake!
(toy crinkling) – No, that’s cheating, that’s cheating! Come on Blakey!
– Blake! – Blakey come to Mommy (laughs)! (screaming) – (mumbles) Nuh-uh!
– She was coming to me! All right guys, you are
all witnesses to that. One point for me. Candy is just cheating
the system, Uncle Derek. – Do you like me without candy? (sniffling) Fine, I’ll take
my candy and just leave. – All right guys, so before
I take on my next contestant, I need to check on Taylor. (door creaking) – My glasses broke. – So Taylor has some tape action going on. It’s not working. – How do nerds fix their
glasses when they break? – I don’t know, ask Stephen. – He doesn’t have glasses! (whooshing) – Blakey, are you ready
for the next competition? Guys, she loves me, I’m
gonna win this thing. But first, I need to get this
cute Beddy’s on that mattress. (whooshing) Guys, that was way easier
than I thought it would be. And they’re so cute. (zipper sliding) That right there is why I got these, guys. I have seriously wanted these for probably four or five years now. I always have bunk beds in my house, and I hate making the beds, guys. But with these Beddy’s all I have to do is zip ’em on and off, the
sheets are already built in, they’re super comfy and soft, guys, and I don’t have to make the bed. Seriously, it all comes built in. Best invention ever, life-saver. – Now do mine, Mom! – Yes, but first, it’s time
for another competition! – Is it against me? – You bet. – Come here, Blakey!
– Come here! – Come here, Blakey!
– You wanna sit on my lap? – Come on!
– You wanna sit on my lap? – Come to Mommy! (Taylor screaming)
(Jamie cheering) Oh! Yes! Muah muah muah muah muah muah muah! Yay! Woo! Woo! All right, guys, so, I
wanted to show you something that I am seriously excited about, so if you’re a mom watching,
you will totally get why as soon as I saw this at
the store, I grabbed it, didn’t think two seconds
more, purchased it, and I’m gonna wear it every single day. Can you guys see? This is my hat, guys, mine, mine. Guys, this hat represents
everything that I am about right now, at this point in my life. Especially with an almost two year old who doesn’t sleep the best, guys. I’m as tired as a mother. (whooshing) Oh good, you’re home.
– Yeah. – Are you ready for a competition? – Oh yeah. But first, can I have dinner? – No, because I am going
to beat you so fast, you won’t even have to worry about it. (door creaking) Stephen. You versus me. – Fortnite challenge? – Who does Blake love more? – That’s the challenge? – Yup, that’s the challenge. – I’ve lost! – All right guys, so
Stephen literally does not stand a chance, so I’ll
let him use one prop. – Oh I know exactly what I’m getting. (door creaking) The candy drawer. Hey Blake, you want candy? – All right, Blakey, remember
who you love the most! – That’s cheap. – [Jamie] That is cheap! – Yeah, but, who gave birth to her? – Not you. – Exactly, that’s my point! – [Jamie] Stephen, you’re there. – Are you there? – And I’m here. Come here, Blakey!
– Blake, want the candy? – Come to Mommy!
– Come get the candy! – Come to Mommy, Blakey!
– Come get the candy! – Blakey, come to Mommy!
– Blakey, come get the candy! – Yeah, come to Mommy! Blakey, come to mommy!
– Blake, come get the candy! (Jamie screaming) – Blakey, no, come here (gasping)! You even opened it? – I even opened it for her. – Blake! – [Cameraman] Oh, wait a minute. – Blake, come here. – [Cameraman] She doesn’t
like Stephen either. She took the candy and left. Oh. – You love me, don’t you, come here, Blake come give me kisses,
come give me kisses. (Blake quietly grunting) (laughing) (whooshing) I think I won. – All right, guys, I will let
you be the deciding factor on that one, because she
technically took the candy bar and left him as quickly as she could, but she didn’t come to me, so so far I have two definite points. Maybe a third? (whooshing) – You definitely don’t
get a point for that one. One point for me. (Blake quietly grunting) – [Jamie] Are you done eating that? (Blake quietly grunting) – Can Daddy have bites?
(Jamie crosstalking Steve) – [Jamie] Can Daddy have it? – [Steve] I want bites.
(Blake whining) – Eww.
– Mmm. I didn’t really want a bite. You’re so nice!
– (mumbling) Watch Coco. – You wanna watch Coco (laughs)? She’s gonna pick me. (laughing) – (mumbling) Mommy. – We are saving that one competition for very last. Winner takes all. And, no bribery will be allowed. – All done. – All right guys, I interrupt this vlog for a gymnastics performance! (light techno music) – Let the competition begin! (grunting) – I got this is the bag! Blake likes me better! – Nope, me!
– Nope, me. – Me.
– Me. – Me. Prove it! Hey Blake, I have an iPad for you! – No way, Blake, I have a
Nintendo Switch for you! – [Jamie] On your mark, get set, go! – Come here, Blakey!
– Here’s an iPad! – You want this? No, this one, Blake! (whining) (Blake mumbling) – She loves me, right? – You really wanted the Switch? What about an iPad! – We’re gonna play it together, Blake! (Blake whining) You want it? There you go, it’s yours now. – Mine. – So I got someone else
to do my job for me. Come on, snap snap, get to work! – I’m the worker bee. – He’s the worker bee. We have a lot of kids,
and a lot of Beddy’s. Done! Done! And done! You’re welcome, kids. All right guys, so this next person that I have to go up against, is a little tough, guys. Because Blake loves Parker. I’m a little nervous. – Parker, I love you. – So I’m gonna let Steve do this one. – Blake, you know you want me! – Blake, I’m your best buddy, come to me! – Blake, don’t, don’t go to Dad, come to me ’cause we play together! – Blake, you know you want your Dada, come to Dada. – Come to me!
– Come here, Baby Blake! – Come to me!
– Baby Blake, come to Dada! – Come here, come to Parker!
– Blakey! – Blakey, Blakey, Blakey! No, Blake, come here! (girls screaming) My own daughter! (kiss smacking) – And that’s why I didn’t
wanna go against Parker. – ‘Cause I win? (Blake mumbling) – So can I point out
that Dad has zero points? Just saying.
– I got two points right now. – All right guys, it is
time for the last and final competition of the night, guys! This is the big one. Winner takes all. And I don’t really know
what you take, but you win. – Good enough for me! – All right, are you ready for the last and final competition? (Parker mumbling) Choose Mommy! – She’s gonna choose Daddy. – [Parker] You’re gonna choose Mommy. – On your mark, get set, go! – [Both] Come on, Blakey! – Blake, honey,
– Come on, Blakey! Come on!
– Come to Daddy! – Come to Mommy!
– Come to Daddy! – C’mon, come to Mommy!
– Where are you going? – Come to Mommy!
– Come to Daddy! Come here, baby!
– Yay! I am the ultimate champion! Blake loves me the most! – You love the daddy?
(Blake groaning) So sad. – All right, guys, thank you
for watching today’s video, but it is time to get this
soon-to-be birthday girl to bed, guys, just a few more
days ’til your special day! Thank you, guys, again. Make sure you subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. Click that bell so you can get notifications of when we post. Give us a thumbs up. Comment below what birthday gift we should give Blake, and we will see you guys tomorrow, bye! (light guitar music)

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