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Why Personal Injury Law Firms Should Use a Conversational Landing Page

December 5, 2019

Hi guys this is Arnav from the TARS
marketing team if this your first time watching one of our videos: we help
marketers increase their conversion rate using conversational landing pages
usually by a factor of 2 to 3x. Today I want to briefly discuss why personal injury lawyers or any law firm for that matter should consider changing their
traditional landing pages on Google ads into conversational landing pages. So to
begin with I just want to show you guys this side by side that I have going on.
On the left you can see a traditional landing page which we’re all
familiar with. It’s got all the stuff that you would expect on a traditional
landing page. It’s got a form, it’s got a live chat widget, a video, a subheading and
a heading. And on the right, the page that I just refreshed, is a conversational
landing page. This is a much much simpler design it’s just a chat bot on the page
but you have to interact with to get anything done. There’s a lot less
text on page. Now the reason that the transformation from the page on the
left to the page on the right makes sense comes down to a simple conclusion
that we realized a couple of years ago actually which is the traditional
landing pages and traditional CRO is broken we think of these traditional
landing pages like the one you’re looking at on the left as being normal
and being the way landing pages are supposed to look like but they
consistently give us conversion rates set up below five percent. That means
that 95 percent of the people who actually click on to these landing pages
usually through an ad which the law firm is paying for drop without giving any
lead information and that’s a huge waste of money. In fact to get to this landing
page in particular– there we see a pop up To get this landing page in particular I
looked up “accident lawyer” and I clicked on the first ad that came up and my
handy keywords everywhere tool over here tells me that the cost per click for
this is $194 So you can just you can imagine
how much money Jacoby and Meyers the law firm is losing just because traditional
landing pages are so bad at converting people; And it really doesn’t take a
rocket scientist to figure out why they don’t convert well. Traditional landing
pages tend to be very information rich and this is especially true on
mobile. There’s a lot of text all over the page there are this rich media so
pictures videos and those are those are only good things but
when you put too much of them on a page they tend to turn people off and of
course worst of all there is the form no one likes filling out forms and it
caused a lot of people to drop even if they come back and fill it out at a
later date that’s one extra click they’re paying for in each of those
clicks again costs almost $200. So anyways combining all of that together
the forms, the text everywhere, essentially these landing pages… these
traditional landing pages run on the philosophy that you should give as much
information to the prospect as possible to make them convert. So give them as
much information as you can as much useful information as you can and
they’re going to read through that information they’re gonna fill out the
form and they’re going to convert but that’s not what ends up happening people
end up skimming the page they look at the form and they sale fill it up later
and that’s how you get the sub 5 percent conversion rate. So what we did was we
took this traditional landing page we took all the information and we flipped
it on its head we created this conversational landing page which is what you’re seeing on the right and the underlying
philosophy behind that is “less is more” so we have all the same information
that’s that’s available on this landing page it’s just structured as a
conversation and a prospect who lands on the conversational landing page has to
actually interact with the with the chatbot to reveal that information so if I
click and I have a question it’s going to show me a couple of FAQs which I
can have answered so how much is it going to cost, it’s going to talk to me
about the contingency model the most accident lawyers lawyers actually use
and then when it comes to the actual lead generation flow I can hit schedule
a consultation and through a chat it’s going to take my information. This
has a significant advantage over a form because forms tend to be very
impersonal. The law firm tends to just give prospects a form and
prospects except expected to fill it out over here you’re actually having a
conversation so if I type out my name the chatbot is gonna say nice to meet
you Arnav Patel, which is a human touch, it’s a personal touch, that that a
form just can’t provide and the end result of the transformation
again is a conversion rate increase by a factor of 2 to 3x and again when you’re
spending $200 per click 2 to 3x is a significant jump you’re
getting 3 times the number of lead for the same amount of ad spending you’re
maximizing your ROI. So if this is sort of thing you are interested in and you want
to create a conversational landing page like this so you want to transform an
existing landing page you have into a conversational landing page like this
we’ve made a full guide for law firms and personal injury lawyers in
particular and we will add it as a link in the comments or in the CTA at the end
of this video so go ahead and click that and you can see a full guide the video
slightly longer in that guide but we go into intense detail to get you the
highest converting conversational landing page that we can. We talk about
everything from the message bubble colors to what order you should ask
different questions in, to what sorts of wording you should use. It’s a little
longer but again I think it would be work for your time if you are interested
in increasing your conversion rate

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