Why you are NOT making money from your photography clients

August 30, 2019

There are many marketing strategies we
covered in the last episodes but there are two questions you need to
answer to yourself. 1. Why you are not making money from your photography
clients? And number 2. Who is your ideal photography client? It is money Monday
marketing for photographers For the new faces here, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a photographer for many many many years. I am a former model and few other things. I make a tutorials and fun vlogs and also creative photo
challenges, so you might want to hit the subscribe button. There is one common mistake
photographers make and that is that they’re trying to sell themselves to
everyone and even worse they are trying to sell themselves in all areas of
photography… kind of deal I can do everything that type of thing.
The worst scenario is when you start thinking that everybody is your
customer. For example, when you go shopping to a shopping mall, you will go
to certain stores while you will avoid others. Well there are a few problems with that.
If you try to shoot everything, you’re gonna know a little bit of everything
but you’re not gonna be the greatest in a certain style of photography. You’re
not gonna grow artistically that fast and you’re not gonna enjoy photography
as much. Plus you might be dealing with some kinds you are not gonna enjoy very
much, in fact they might actually be driving your crazy. Before we find out
who is your ideal client you will need to ask yourself few questions
very truthfully though. Who are you? How old are you? How long have you been
taking photos? What are your interests or are your hobbies? How much do you know in photography? What do you like taking photos of the most? And I’m going to start with myself here.
I’ve been doing photography for 12 years I think I know quite a bit technically
but I will be always learning and in fact when it comes to photography we
will be always learning because technology is developing, styles are
changing. We need to stay on top of the game. I enjoy taking photos of models more in
a glamor way not so much in the fashion way because I just don’t like those
artificial poses. I really don’t feel comfortable taking photos of naked
people. I don’t mind taking lingerie shots and swimwear photos in a sexy
though and very upscale way. And since I like the glamor side of it the
bling-bling I guess that’s why I enjoy weddings. Also I am very highly romantic
person so it makes me happy to see happy people during the wedding. I don’t like
taking photos of very very small children and babies, just doesn’t feel
very comfortable unless they are my own. I’d rather take photos of older kids and
teenagers and adults. I am a very private person. I don’t like very large crowds. I
like to be alone quite a bit. I love sports
I like to do them actively. I don’t like as much watching them on TV. You all
know that I do figure skating. When it comes to places I love to be in the
nature. That explains I guess what I like to be alone and I’m shooting a lot in a
nature. I don’t like big cities because it’s overcrowded and I simply don’t feel
comfortable around a lot of strange people. I am NOT a strong salesperson. I
really hate chasing magazines and big companies I hate asking for big money
and that’s why I’m probably poor. That way stock photography is absolutely
ideal for me because they sell it for me and just make a commission I don’t have
to deal with the whole business side of it. So me personally I shoot lifestyle
and commercial photos for stock I do glamour photos and modeling
portfolios. I do portraits as well and I so shoot weddings. Out of this little
group I have to push for weddings, glamour and portraits. Weddings is
obviously the biggest for me. You should grab a piece of paper and
write down those answers truthfully and honestly and choose your specific niche.
What is niche? It is a job or position very suitable for someone especially if
they like it. It is a speciality. That specific niche will also depend on your
age category. When I was in my 20s I photographed very different things than
I photograph now. So now that we know who we are, let’s find the ideal client. Now
you might think is it just waste of time and it’s very silly and all that but let
me tell you why you should do it too. You will end up working with clients you
enjoy. You will feel that you connect with them on a personal level. You will
just be much more happier as a photographer. You will not feel like you
have to fight for the money because they will know your value and that is very
important. Most importantly, you will not have to market blindly. That means, you
will not just toss your money all over the place. Who is your ideal client? Here
are questions you should answer. Who are they? How old are they? What do they for
living? How much do they make? What do they like? What do they dislike and
mainly what kind of websites do their visit? Once you answer all that and you
know who your ideal client is, the only thing you have to do now is just to find
them. Communicate with them. Whenever you’re going to write something on a
social post or on your website ask yourself if it is good enough to attract
that type of group of people, if it’s gonna inspire them or maybe even just
make them laugh. You should use their language so if they feel like you’re
actually talking to them and letting them know how you can help out. Go where they go. What social media platforms are they on? What other vendors outside of
photography do they like? Maybe you should consider
collaborating with them. Lastly clean up your website and your portfolio. Just
post whatever you think that particular group of clients would like and that’s
pretty much it and then all you have to do is apply all those marketing tips I
was giving you in the last ten episodes. If you’ve missed those episodes, all
those links are in a video description below. I have been also thinking when it
comes to my Youtube channel here what I enjoy the most and definitely it is
stock photography as well and since I’ve been getting so many requests from you
we will be already covering some stock topics next Monday so feel free to shoot
me all kinds of questions you might have when it comes to stock I will try to
definitely answer them. So if you liked today’s video please give it a thumbs up
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much and I’ll see you next time … Cau… Ahoj… oops … was there a bird on my head? The worst thing scenario is….. I don’t have anything.. look at that. The worst scenario is. When you think that everyone is your ideal customer….. interest…. interest….
what photography do you enjoy…. what what photography do you enjoy the most?
He’s not gonna leave me alone …okay come then I don’t have anything. Come have a
look….. not my microphone…….. not on my camera…… crazy bird

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