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Wife Reacts to Our Texas Fishing Videos From 2019

February 13, 2020

you need a straw in yours? it is because my on-camera persona does not drink sir why do you find that so amusing? does it look like I was the bottle waving? VSCO girls… the only reason I know that is because of Leon Lush speaking of which Leon hi not a disco girl
Leon left a heart on one of our tweets yesterday Thank you Leon that gives my husband validation. You have no idea. so anyway Rachel’s having a glass of
wine so welcome to a very special episode of
avocado talk this whole video that we’re doing today is simply because we want to
say thank you it has been a fantastic year we are finishing season two we have
made it through two entire seasons of filming fishing trips and so obviously
yeah it’s a not December so anyway we’re gonna go ahead and wrap up and what
better way to do that then to show the best of our videos from this prior year
show you the best moments that we had along the way and about you know let’s
go ahead reaction video and let Rachel cringe her
way through anyway let’s get to the first video here
we go did you were you not watching just watch it don’t worry about the captions. Everyone knows I have to read captions. Gotta touch things! Touch things… like your eye with the glass worm?! Ignore the motor-cycle sounds, we are trying to make it look like we are in the jungle here. That dude was rad! Cutting up the coconuts for those awesome drinks! this really short I’m trying not to make
this like a 45-minute video oh ok that’s how we started off the year was in Cozumel that was our first series of videos that tanked at this point in time
just before we get started on the next clip we would like to take a moment to
thank those who have been just wonderful supporters wonderful people wonderful
friends that we have met along the way and have been just great people to work
with yeah first 1000 subscribers don’t think
we forgot and we want to thank you guys and we’re talking about grant McIntosh
A&J outdoors that Mosierboy Nicholas Pouliot Outdoors and Darren’s Northern Life J&C NoLimit TV you guys have been awesome love you to death and congratulations on the baby! I’ve seen those in the TV you guys have
been awesome love you guys to death congratulations on the baby
he looks adorable gonna be February when people watching monster hunter I haven’t
mentioned you all night man really appreciate what you guys have done along
the way blue collar fishing WTF Mike for always fighting with me Thank You Kohl Outdoors we’ve got
to give kohl a pat on the back for what he has done island life fishing fishing stripes
thank you fishing stripes of course to a Shannon Naylor has been absolute most
wonderful person to know in the world yeah
thank y’all I’m not gonna name you all there’s too many and you say we get to the next clue here we go can they hear that music? Ok they can hear the music. catch of the year right there
What he was thinking going for that lure we saw Thresher Fishing on that trip
he doesn’t know who we are but he will yeah that was the day my mom, Rachel and Me all got jobs in the
same day that was awesome around around around super excited that
trip Jesus that wasn’t that was a life-changing day we had all those
things oh that wasn’t great here the cast that ended it all right
there right here that was the thousand subscriber cast
Luke has an interesting catch apparently your mom said that it works near as me
eating things but that is however not comb jellyfish not
to be mispronounced in another way that’s so gross. we ate jellyfish for our 1,000 subscriber special I guess that’s right I was dragging my
feet through this right here like I knew it had to be done but I had already eaten
one yeah we ate two, had to do two takes as promised we’re going to eat jellyfish still
hurts to watch this I’d already eaten a whole jellyfish
before this this was the second take this was the second we did it twice they
didn’t taste really like anything awful yeah the beard thing was really gross I
think that was the grossest of all was it was she kissed me afterwards and
Peter’s just sitting there fishing no watch watch I know did not enjoy it suck it up
buttercup that wind noise then I said
jellyfishing my favorite I thought that ring it he was slapping me in the face with that cat fish amazing trip except for Luke and I got sick
crazy lot of bugs don’t like that still got that shell it’s on our porch
we still have to do a video on shells here Sea turtle day was the third day of this trip. we took a little time off when we all got new jobs yeah sea turtle weekend was awesome they were they were god
it was so close to bite her toes she did not care and that turtle kept chasing me, he wanted to be on camera I was filming and he kept swimmin at me I was
so mad cuz I was out with Cassidy playing of her in the waves we’re having fun though love sea turtles but you aren’t allowed to touch them
unfortunate there’s million you’re not allowed to touch that this
was such an awesome fishing trip Rachel’s got something mean oh you’re right yeah I can’t I felt so
bad she was biting squid in half on this for bait and I did not get a good
shot of it on me on video is just we needed to twist I have respect for you
know season yeah like dripping down your face and there were eight snapper wrong
it’s not I fight things watches like me on the channel actually we ought to hold some of this stuff then
I was chosen Rachel biting a squid in half I will show you that at five thousand
subscribers what oh did you Man I didn’t realize the Kobe hashtag our heart
goes out to the Bryant family hated watching him play basketball I’m a Spurs fan that
was such a wonderful day here I lost all the spear fishing footage right yeah
that’s why I couldn’t show anything underwater no I had it saved on the
drive and it didn’t save because I do everything with a phone this is camera person savvy (our daughter) when I was on my break yeah I had union dues that weekend I was good with a little project over there that was the
one you remember I was good inside trying to take my mind off how many Orchard daughter’s does it takes to reel it in then they broke the handle off now see how many times
this thing changes hands however what a mommy thing just throw it back on and
let’s breathe it out when I give it to the next cousin Dear God Savannah! Of Course that one is ours so Rachel’s gonna take over the
rod no no and then she switched over to Nick a little spit, that fixes it up not done changing hands you oh no that
was a ‘pass the rod’ moment yeah it was literally my tooth is hurting so much
this is Cassidy filming my brother’s daughter this was how many dogs can get to the
beach so so so he hands the rod back to cassidy and we get this for ten minutes I think this is
the fishes yes this is I had to make fun of us on all the
nonsense we went through for a thumbnail it looks ridiculous we are such nerds but Peters got a good eye though we didn’t
use that shot but he’s got a good eye mm-hmm I took so many pictures of hand
image of you yeah yeah oh yeah because it’s hilarious watching them now here’s
the fish we caught this year most of them some of our fish I lost the shots Rachel’s drum, my wahoo and my dorado! Rachel’s sheepshead no that’s my redfish. and our trash-fish superhaul. I don’t like calling them trash fish they are good to eat. Tired of people calling them trash fish I think they are good. so anyway that was the the highlights
like I said I missed a lot of shots lost all the footage sorry well I’m gonna
have to get some new footage right just before we get started on this next clip
so back at the beginning of December I put a tweet out on Twitter saying that I
would feature the names of everybody who left a comment on that tweet I am very
thankful to finally be able to say here are your tweets and thank you very much
for being so supportive and you know leave me comments and stuff like that
we very much thank you guys and I don’t know where on the screen I’m gonna put
them but they’re somewhere on here right now this is just truth like in front of
my face while you’re doing there well it can’t be in front of my face if
you’re getting the bird oh is that what that is, it’s a tweet?
alright so this the third and final one Perry and my Dad this one goes out to you guys I thank you very much this is going to be our time spent on Thrill Ride some of the best fishing trips of my life times of our lives over at your
house Perry and of course Paul we love you thank you so much thank you really
appreciate it I love you so much Orchard family I love the footage from these trips it you’re gonna see so much slow-motion
footage next year I love that footage there’s a formula to it I try to follow
the formula yes yeah yeah so Rachel picked up on that comment John we’re gonna get more Rachel that’s today
I waited for a month to be able to sit down and do this video right now because
she had to be in it we do that awesome slow-mo how cool is that
really well man the part that you missed on
this and I never said anything the video I hooked into a Marlin on this
trip didn’t have room for it on the video and I didn’t land it the dude I’m
so stoked about that or just about that I would literally
just watch that there leave it there all these guys jumping on this Perry I
missed the shot that he caught a Dorado and it jumped into the boat and the camera
died like 10 minutes before he actually like had one land
in his arms and I missed the shot yeah tripletail we still get something like
Perry’s like I will literally pitch in to like have you go on someone else’s
boat right now alright we got a little bit of a problem
here I am in the middle of editing this thing right now and the total runtime is pushing
about an hour and a half so what I’m going to go ahead and do is try to
hammer out this next segment as fast as I can physically hammer it out here we
go let’s go lightning around here nick and Dee Nimmin and Derral Eaves
you guys sent us virtual tickets to VidSummit this year an amazing
experience thank you so much roberto blake your
wisdom and insight has been far better than anything else that we have come
across this year thank you very much for your insight Darcizzle offshore Darcy
and Brian you guys have been absolutely amazing thank you so much for all of
your insight your wisdom and for being so approachable with such wonderful
members of this fishing community I cannot thank you enough personally for
all of the insight and guidance that you have provided us this year thank you so
much Scott Simpson you are the kindest most selfless person that we have come
across in our youtube journey you have been exceptionally helpful with the
insight that you’ve provided this as well I cannot thank you enough for what
you have done for us as well sir thank you obviously we would not be where
right now if it wasn’t for the wonderful assistance that we have got from Tubebuddy saltwater action gear and fiTec
castnets you guys have been just the best people in the world to work with I
actually don’t even want to do well okay what I was trying to say is that working
with you guys has been such a pleasant and wonderful experience that it really
kind of killed our desire to want to do brand deals and work with sponsors than
anything else because I really don’t see anybody topping how wonderful you guys have
been so thanks for that now I do need to mention one other thing before we end
this video just real quick I missed a whole lot of people that there are
literally about a thousand names that I need to have in this video and I am just
not physically gonna be able to fit them please leave a comment in the comment
section down below I promise to respond to every single comment on this video
and I will give you the pat on the back and the thanks and the appreciation that
you deserve down there we look forward to season 3 and we have a giveaway
announcement coming up very soon have a wonderful day enjoy your weekend I’ll
see you in the next video


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