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Windows 10 Pro – Approx £10 – Purchase and Activation

November 13, 2019

hello I’m Cal welcome to another video
this one carries on for my previous three videos from the budget build
series in part one complete budget gaming builds I suggest components for
three complete budget gaming builds which includes suggestions for monitor
keyboard mouse I explain basic parts compare and suggest alternative
components to increase the performance of these three modern budget builds in
part two the assembly video we put together
option B from the first video I’ll show you the parts how they connect I believe
in the easiest order where all wires go what to look for in order to make the
build easier along with an annoying catchphrase “we can only plug it in one way” with winks to drive home how easy this can be as long as you overlook the amount of
wires just relax and think about things logically my son built most of this
computer his hands are in there for most video I haven’t got tiny hands in part
three the software install I cover updating the bios the drivers chipsets the recent
great improvement to the AMD graphics drivers making a Windows 10 USB boot
drive and install windows, this video is how to purchase a product key and
authorize this Windows 10 install these previous ones all good if you’re
thinking of buying or building a PC I encourage you to watch these videos
before you purchase parts also watch them in full there’s important
information in them but maybe you haven’t thought of especially if you’re
new to this we all make mistakes I have hopefully by watching these
videos you wont also I’ve updated the Amazon links for more alternative parts
and written tips inside these product descriptions added later these extra
details are not in the videos check these out before you buy it’s up to you
to recap then in this video I want to show you where to buy a reasonably priced
Windows 10 license and how to authorize it on your PC hopefully just by covering
this part this video will be quick I want to follow this video with
recommendations of must-have free software to install on your PC one of
which will be Google Chrome how to set up a Google account email
YouTube etc therefore I will do a series of videos on this subject at another
time rather than making one long video subscribe and hit the bell icon for
notifications of new videos feel free to leave a message below or a question I
will try to answer them so let’s start open your browser and type in HTTP S colon
forward slash forward slash hyphen s c d or click the link in the video
description block type in Windows 10 Pro in the search box currently we have two
options here retail and OEM key click the OEM key this is a single-use license
which you cannot swap to another computer you can only use it for one
installation and this will be tied to this PC the price here is in u.s.
dollars change this by going to the top right hand corner then amend the location
to the country you want I’m in the UK I’m selecting this from the drop down
menu the price has now changed to pounds very reasonable too – we can better this in
a second but for now select buy now here you can log in using your details but
you are new to this so we need to create an account select sign up now on this
next screen enter your email address and then create a password in the next box
this is for use with the S cd-keys website only do not enter your email
password repeat your password again in the next boxes you can put your nickname
or whatever you want it doesn’t have to be your real name these details would
just show us your login for this website only tick the box to state you have read
the Terms & Conditions and select sign up I did this a while ago so I can’t be
sure but you may be sent to Code via email just to confirm that your email is
valid and that you are using it so you use your email that you have access to
there may be more security questions too Once your account has been set up
continue by selecting buy now enter cold br0 one in the promotion code
box this is a code from another youtuber I will put a link in the description to
his video below then select apply nice even cheaper you can leave a message in
the description box for the other youtuber mention me if you like either
way select submit order in this next screen set your payment method
I suggest PayPal I’ve used this site several times and not had a problem but
I would not use my debit card for online payments I suggest you do not either add
another layer of security onto your payments by using a second party for
online payments I will put a link in the description below for PayPal so you can
register with them but I will not cover this registration in this video select
your payment option the box will highlight and a tick will appear
select the pay now in my case this takes me time only PayPal accounts or login
notice the web address has changed with a padlock whoever you choose for this
service login and confirm your payment request with them I’m going back to
screenshots now as I’ve already bought and installed the key for my son’s
computer I just took pictures at the time once
confirmed you will be taken to the user center / order status automatically your
key will be displayed in the bottom write this down you can refer back to
this by checking your purchased orders at the same website at a later date but for
now write it down or copy and paste it into a document or notepad
this short video confirms the most sons computer hasn’t been activated
yet type activation in the Cortana box to bring this screen up here you can see
that windows still hasn’t been activated click on change product key on this
screen paste the product key into the box or type it in if you marked it down
select next after a short time you will get confirmation that your Windows key
has now been activated I’ve used this site before last year an
office package that I purchased took a few days to activate
but this Windows 10 key activated quickly took seconds that’s it
and newly activated clean PC what next future videos I’ll be going through
installing free must have software that everyone should have on their PC you
can’t get more budget than free for my next video though I’m going to divert
onto something else I need to change a direction stay tuned though please like
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misconception a few times now if you are unsure of things or how to navigate
YouTube watch this previous video I made for smartphones Thank You current
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basic for people new to this scene I will be making more! windows one’s soon thanks for
watching I’m Calm Cal have a good morning afternoon or good
evening farewell till next time I’ll see you later

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    When I purchased my key it cost me £9.10 – proof in video, remember these are OEM keys so will only work on the Pc you install it on. Watch the full series to gain confidence on building your own PC. Post any questions below I will try to answer them, thanks for watching 👍

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