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You Asked I Answer ,No Walls Just Truth Q&A

November 6, 2019

Oh everybody welcome to homestead Tessy
hi everybody so today you guys may have remembered a
long time ago I did yes a lot of questions and I said we’re gonna be
doing that video answering those questions well today that video is here
and we have over 70 questions so we’re gonna try and answer them all this might
be part 1 and part 2 will probably be coming next Saturday so here we go
all right green gate garden homestead asked Scott do you have your own channel
yes I actually have multiple channels I have a car channel that is called Reve
line 89 that’s re b li and e89 and that is dedicated to cars I have my
review channel called Scott’s honest reviews that is dedicated to doing video
reviews and then I have a check node we got aunt chronal me and then I have a
random channel where I have vlogs and stuff like that that’s called the random
life of Scott I will have all my channel link in this video description for you
guys and then I have a couple others that I upload from once in a great while
okay and by the way if I’m misspelled a name or something I am sorry about that
but it’s going to happen Numan yes with all these great recipes
that you cook has your mom thought to produce a cookbook that her subscribers
could buy I would love one trouble is I live in the UK so here’s
the deal number one requested all of my subscribers and friends what am I gonna
have a cookbook when am I gonna have a book I am really going to have one it
seems like in the summer time I’m really busy I’m hoping to start working on one
in the spring we’re not sure if it’s going to be an e-book or if it’s
actually gonna be a physical book I do like having physical books that will
look like they’re handmade that they’re made by me I’m not gonna go into detail
about that and give it away but yes we are
working on that and that is it that is my heart’s desire it just takes a lot of
time and energy to do it so that is something that I’m going to
try to work on this winter three musketeers homestead I would love to see
a herb by herb video series from beginning to end you can do and you can
do with each herb I would love to do that I do have a playlist where I have
about 30 to 40 videos on herbs and I do specifically state about the different
kinds I’m going to have more up to date on my herbs but until then there is a
playlist where I do have all these videos for the last three years and I do
cover a wide variety of herbs I do like growing herbs that are more unusual so
you’re not going to typically find the more usual herbs on my videos you’re
going to find more unusual ones but I will write that down and in this spring
we will start again from seed to harvest Linda the canal Nick no sorry
like I said they wanted to say I just want to thank you for helping your mom I
think that’s a wonderful thing you do and you are very welcome I’m glad to do
it so Lynette Jennings tessie no matter what I do when I freeze
meat I always get freezer burn any suggestions well the number one thing to
not have freezer burn in your meat is to get a vacuum sealer now I know not
everybody can afford one of them so the number one two thing is is to manually
try to get as much air out of your food as you possibly can that means double
bag all of your items or layer items flat and use your hands and try to get
all the air out and then and seal it with the zipper seal or however your bag
seals but laying it flat and trying to get the air out and double bagging will
make a big difference in your food okay and also she also added that I want to
help support you as well but don’t have extra money and basically what the last
that we answered watching the ads and if you like the ad click the advertisers go
to the website and just browse their site for a little bit maybe that’s the
best thing anybody to do watching my videos people as how I get paid and
watch the whole thing because yes view time is really important so in
a 10 minute video if you only watch two minutes that doesn’t help me out YouTube
doesn’t like that because they think oh she doesn’t like that video but if you
watch my full video then that really makes a big difference and YouTube will
share me more okay up next is it Angelia or Angela height
or hit again I’m not perfect with grammar or yes well your Duchy Scot
iocked Allah we believe we are Duchy you know Oh
mine do you have special editing software to edit and upload your videos
also Tessie said when she reached twenty thousand she’d be sharing her book as
she’s still planning on doing that well we covered the book as far as my editing
material I do use a movie maker that is on my computer I do have an editing
software that I do not disclose simply because that is something that I do to
make my videos and I feel that it’s something that is unique to me yes that
is I 100% agree on that there’s so many software programs out there that they’re
all just as good if you know you basically have to know how to use it
every severy software editing program it’s almost as good as the next if you
know what you’re doing right it’s not the software it’s how you use it yeah
and it’s just trial and error you have to understand I’ve been in it three
years now that’s a lot of editing Kelly McNeely said I would like to know what
your parents plan for the so she’s asking me what your parents plan is for
the future do they have retirement money seed or are they currently saving do
they plan to continue until God calls them home just curious I’m 52 and my
husband is 59 I don’t work but I am currently looking for part-time
employment my husband has worked as an independent contractor since 1995 we are
currently paying down debt but still have about 30 months to go we have
nothing safe except emergency fund this is a little scary to say the least I
would really like to know tessie’s feelings on this
well that’s really that’s a loaded question so as you know I am a Christian
and I do believe in that the Lord will take care of us yes we do have money
that is saved that we do not touch whatsoever I also believe in living day
per day per day YouTube probably will not be here forever but I plan on being
on YouTube as long as a platform is here this is my calling and this is my
devotion as far as our retirement we don’t have money saved up like some
people do but we do believe that God will be there to support us at times of
need I would like to add also to that because I’m answering questions tessie’s
not exactly thorough as you guys might know so I do want to point out that um
how they live is a big factor because no matter what age they are the way they
live in preserving food and stuff you know for example if we have a financial
collapse tomorrow how they live they can continue to live that way you see most
people live really outside their means a lot of people have Netflix that when
they really don’t need it or cable or they overpay on cellphone bills and all
that stuff that they don’t do that you know if things hit the fan tomorrow you
know your credit card payments to $300 what are you doing
well homestead Tessy and my dad you know my mom and my dad yes tell them that
your father he is just as free goes by if not even more yes yes oh and that’s
why it works in our family because the husband and wife we both agree on it yes
but did you know there are health things that people you know that come and and I
understand that and we just are thankful if we don’t have to go through any
health issues but when they arise we will take it one day at a time and I’d
like to point out that a lot of programs are out there that if medical issues you
can’t you don’t have to just pay the bill and lose everything you have you
can try and fight it a little bit to get the bill lowered there’s also government
programs that can help you on big expenses for medical so just search your
options for stuff and to save up honestly make a list this is my personal
thing I think you should go make a list of all
your bills if it’s a weekly bill a monthly bill a quarterly bill every a
yearly bill make a list of those bills and then go through a seat is that
something that you have to have you cannot live without that bill or can you
cut it back or cut it out a lot of us you know have smartphones and 60 plus
dollars a month bill do you have to have the newest smartphone do you have to
have the newest thing I use a tracfone it’s a smart phone
the initial cost $100 for the phone but my bill is anywhere from fifteen to
twenty-five dollars a month for the cell phone bill now and because I basically
pay as I go and it’s just so many areas like that that’s a whole nother video
but I’m big into like every day I check my finances so I’m big into that stuff
if you guys want to see a video on that please leave a comment letting us know I
hope that helped if not send me a personal email and I will I will give my
best advice I think to a lot of youtubers will say they live on this and
live on that and they really don’t yeah they just do it for show but I think
people my viewers see now they see my house they see what I do they see how I
live and they realize that yes I do live this way I don’t just say it I live it
for example this is homestead tessie’s mansion right here just to show that
it’s not fake you know the way she lives is not fake it’s not we’re not living in
some kind of rich place but then only show in a shack you know it’s
legitimately real so just wanted that was actually yes this is all staged yes
but people are the way they are okay let’s see Traci Sanders Tessie are your
adult children ever bothered by your frugal lifestyle do your neighbors ever
seem unapprove enough how you choose to live your life with all the little all
the little sheds on your property okay so what you have to understand is I live
in a community where everybody pretty much lives frugal so I don’t have ritzy
houses near me we all live this way this is how we live I’m a little more frugal
than a lot of people as you we can tell by now but everybody else
has all of these kind of sheds and this this is where we live this is just
normal for me as far as the children my children have always known me as being
frugal this is this is I’ve always been this way now yes we did do more things
by going out to eat we used to go to rodeos when we spend a lot more money
but as far as down-to-earth I’ve always been down-to-earth never was
very materialistic I think they think I’m rather silly
sometimes in my frugal nests but yet I think they admire some of it because
they know that we are living under our means and we’re not making any financial
mistakes correct like there’s a lot of ways to answer as a child there’s a lot
of things that I couldn’t even do I wouldn’t want to do as a millennial you
know growing up I saw mom you know I was a kid I played in the garden I used to
make well my mom was in the garden I would make dirt rivers and then put
people in the rivers and use a hose and that was fun but um a lot of stuff I
couldn’t live without some of the amenities that they do like fully
running water and that stuff I couldn’t do it I just if I had to I had the
background on it but yes um and also I do want to point out that all their
shacks that you guys might see not every building you see is actually homestead
testis if we look over this way there’s a couple shacks that’s the neighbor’s
property so it’s not hers she only has a garage bran chicken house a chicken
house and just a little hottie shed potting shed and those are both yeah
they’re not that big so other other things you guys might see that’s
actually not her her property just to point that out nothing I have is run
down deep okay can you pronounce that or not Bulova yes it’s good with that d C’s
mightily okay your mother is a kind of sweetest most sincere person on YouTube
I mean that from my heart you take care and God bless thank you so much deep
that means a lot to me Irene Rex’s mummy has she ever thought of getting a goat
for milk also has she ever made homemade cheese if so I would love to see how
neither I’ve never either though as far as you go I really
don’t have the property for the goat for a goat and as far as making cheese I
will try to work on that I know a lot of people have asked about it I simply can
get it so much cheaper than I could make it so I don’t I don’t make it next week
is the last part of all of these questions and some of them are very
personal and I answer each and every one of them a little over two years ago we did the
very same video a Q&A and sitting at the very same place come watch us two years
ago and see how the difference is in our lives and see how some things are the
same also here’s some other videos I thought you might enjoy of my son and I
take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow


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    Greetings Tessie.. looking forward to your book..I think that a book would help spread the culture.. sometimes I actually have people from Germany itself asking questions about the Amish and Mennonites..thank you for your video today it was as usual informative and awesome ??.. blessings to you and your family ? ?? ?

  • Reply Yvonne Shaub November 3, 2019 at 4:34 pm

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    Our little structures, etc. are mostly made out of "recycled" materials, things that are going to be discarded, my hubby brings them home (given to him) and he will make things that we use every day on the homestead here, and people will "snicker" at these things because they are not brand new, on the other hand, they are amazed at what we do have because of that, nothing new but it is functional, etc. We also are frugal and my hubby is wonderful! Thanks for you two sharing from the heart, make sure to give Scott a shout out from us –Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂 Blessings!

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