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Your Most Expensive Keyword List

November 21, 2019

Hello and welcome to the marketing moment, I am your host. Matthew trent and today we’re going to go over some tips on identifying and optimizing your most expensive keyword list. Let’s jump right in Okay, if you’re watching this video I’m sure you have either run or are currently running a paid search program. It is important over the next three to five to seven years that you get the most out of your Google paid search. There are technologies like voice and vr they’re coming that could potentially lower the efficiency even more than it was back in the nineties and early two thousands of paid search and make cost per acquisitions really screamed through the roof, so one of the things that I’m recommending that you and encouraging you to do today is to log into your Google ads navigate Keywords tab find your search terms inside of your account and I want you to go ahead and set a longer date range and go through each of these search terms and building negative keyword lists to add to your paid search account. This is going to drastically improve click through rate and potential conversion rates and it’s just another big step into optimizing your account to be successful with Google paid search if you enjoyed this video, please, like share comment, subscribe and we’re gonna be running this videos Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week we will be here uh in today Days to talk to you again

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