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YouTube Advertising 2020 | How To Structure Your Campaigns

November 22, 2019

– Hi, everyone. Today I wanna talk to
you about YouTube ads and what our campaign structure is when we are launching a new campaign for a new offer, a new vertical, how we set it up and how it
tends to look inside YouTube. And when I talk about YouTube ads, I mean TrueView skippable ads, the annoy ones that everyone doesn’t like that’s kind of running for five seconds that you have the option to skip before you’re watching
the actual YouTube video that you want. And we’ve been running ads in this space for the last nine months, 12 months even. We’ve spent quite a bit of cash there and we’ve been doing this ’cause we wanna diversify a little bit from Facebook traffic. We were at a point where maybe 90% of our traffic was for our agency was Facebook and everything that’s going on there, it feels a little bit uncertain and we wanted to start diversifying and looking at better, well, different traffic sources. And I tell you, YouTube
has been blowing me away with the cost per lead
we’re generating them for, and the quality of the leads. We think the quality’s great because the video, that pre-roll video, that video that runs for your brand is a 30 to 60-second advertorial
type pre-sales letter for your offer or service. So people take the time to watch all of that and they’re intrigued and they’re brought into
this product or service, then they’re highly likely to convert and they’re highly likely to become a great quality lead for you. So it’s been an eyeopener for us and it’s been awesome. So if you wanna learn more, then obviously you can
book a call with us. Below this video, there’ll be a link and you can book a strategy session and we can see whether or not YouTube ads are gonna work for you
as a lead gen agency. If moving to a pay per lead is a good fit and whether YouTube ads
are gonna be a good fit, we’ll be able to discuss
all that with you. But this is the way we
set up our campaigns and I’m gonna do this just
kind of interactively. I’m gonna try and draw
on here a little bit to show you what it actually looks like. I’ve started it but if we look down here, this is the kind of campaign. This is the campaign
here, this is ad group and these are the ads, okay? So campaign. Campaign on this side. Ad groups in the middle and then ads on this side. Ad groups in Google are the same as ad sets in Facebook. So let’s say we start with
$100 in a budget in each, okay? And I would tend to try, obviously it depends on your budget and you can reduce those as you need but I like to always start
with kind of 10, 10 campaigns. At the moment I’m only showing three but you’d wanna do another 10 down here. So the way we do it is we have one audience per campaign. So the top one we always start with is what we call run of the market which is the whole of the country that you’re advertising in, okay? No targeting, completely open, just let it go and see what the algorithm and the machine learning builds out and then what we do, and if we do this for say car finance, as just a random example, you would wanna break
down the ad groups based on age bracket. 35 to 44. 35 to 44, 45 to 54. 55 plus type thing, okay? I’m not sure exactly, I can’t remember exactly
what it is in Google but break down the age
brackets per ad group. 25 to 34, 35 to 44, 45 to 54, 55 plus. All right, so do that. So for one, run of the market. Four different ad groups based
on the best age demographic for your offer, car finance. It’s unlikely anyone below
25 is gonna get car finance so we usually exclude that and we look at eight ads, eight ads, eight, eight and eight here. The same eight ads in each
of those different ad groups and we usually would have one actor, sorry, two actors doing four videos each. If you’re running your own offer and you’re comfortable
in front of the camera, obviously you can do that but within our program, we show you how to write those scripts, we show you how to find the actors, we show you how to get them shot cheap so you can get up and running on YouTube because the great thing about YouTube is that the quality of the lead, the cost per leads are all great. The even better thing is
there’s less competition because it’s harder for people to make the creative, all right? They don’t understand that you can get this done really cheaply. So if you need help, book a call with us below and we’ll see if it’s a good fit. So that’s the first campaign setup. The second one, we literally duplicate that first campaign down here and we find a new
audience to advertise to. So there’s loads of different targeting
options with Facebook. There’s in-market, there’s affinity, there’s contextual, all sorts of different targeting it can do, it’s even better than
Facebook in my opinion. So another one might be for car finance, financial services, I’m sure
there’s a car finance interest as well which we would obviously go after. But find the interests that are related to your offers and then
duplicate it across. So you’re gonna have one, two, three, four. Same 25 to 34. Blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Exactly the same ’cause
it’s duplicated across. You just need to go into, I think it’s in the ad group
settings, I can’t remember what it is but so you go
in the campaign settings or the ad group settings and change the audience
to financial services and you’ll have the same eight ads here, eight, eight, eight, eight and then do the same for duplicate again and do the same for a different audience and then keep on going until you’ve got 10 campaigns, okay? Right, so now you have
your 10 campaigns set up, you’ve got your ad groups set up, you’ve got your ads
inside those ad groups, what do you bid at, okay? So we always start now
with target CPA bid. So you tell Google how much
you wanna pay for a lead and we always look to go probably double what we wanna pay, all right? So if we wanna get $10 leads, then we’ll bid at campaign level. We’ll bid $20. 20, 20, 20, okay? What mistake you can make is if you put a bid at ad group level and then suddenly you
have a different name and the way that you name your campaign, things can get confusing, so always put your bid
at ad group level to zero which means that the
campaign target CPA bid will override what’s at
the ad group level, okay? So if we want $10 leads, we’d start at 20, we’d switch them on. Obviously 10 times 100
is 1,000 bucks a day which is fine for us. For other people it might
be a little bit daunting but we wanna test and get some results as quickly as we can. All right, so what will happen then, if the ad starts spending like crazy, you’ll find that your leads will start coming in but they’ll be too expensive and you’ll start freaking out a little bit but what will happen is that the machine is learning, it’s gonna take three or four days in order for you to get to the point where your leads are starting
to come in at a good price. If you’re not getting any traffic, then your offer, your
creative is not good enough and you’ll need to
increase your cost per lead at campaign level, okay? Your target CPA. I mean, we can talk about optimization, scaling and that type of stuff another day but for now, this is all about
setting up your campaigns and getting started on YouTube. I hope you enjoyed. If you wanna find out more, if you wanna speak to me and my team, click the link below and we’ll go from there. Bye.

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