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YouTube Advertising for Lead Generation | 5 Top Tips

November 21, 2019

– Hi everyone. Welcome. Today I’m going to talk
to you about YouTube ads and the top five tips we’ve learnt over the past kinda six months
or so running YouTube ads. For those of you who haven’t
seen my stuff before, or don’t know what we do, we actually, we run a pay-per-lead agency. So we have our own brands and we also work one on one with clients but what we do is we send traffic to our funnels which generate leads for X and we sell those leads for two X. That’s our general rule of thumb. It’s a very simple business model. And once we’ve found kind
of an offer or a funnel that converts, then we can tip lots of different traffic
sources at that funnel. So one of those being YouTube, obviously there’s Facebook ads, there’s the Display Network, there’s Twitter, there’s
Taboola, there’s Outbrain, there’s all of these
different traffic sources and we’re always testing all of them within our agency and with
varying degrees of success but one thing that it has has got be really excited over the last few months, six months or so is YouTube ads. We’ve spent quite a bit of cash there and things are looking really,
really promising for us. So what have we learnt? The top five tips for YouTube ads. Well, guess what? For those of you know
me, nothing’s changed. Creative is still king, okay? In order to run YouTube ads, you need to have a script,
a templated script format where you talk about the problem, the pain, the offer, the solution, all that type of stuff and if you can write a good script, then that helps but sometimes that’s not enough as well. You need to have multiple actors for these YouTube ads. I’m talking TrueView, skippable ads here. You need to have multiple different actors with the same script because what you’ll
find is that some actors just resonate with the audience and others don’t and if you’re not testing multiple actors, as well as multiple hooks on a consistent basis, then you’re never gonna know whether it’s gonna work or not, so within our program, we teach you how to do that. We teach you how to get cheap videos made, we teach you how to
write scripts, et cetera. So if you need to book a call and see if it’s a good fit, then please, there’ll be a link
below this video somewhere. The second thing is target CPA bidding is all you need for now. There’s a lot of people that, and it’s changing, right, but a couple of years ago I would disagree with this because target CPA bidding and the artificial intelligence and the machine learning
that happens over at Google was not quite as good as it is now but what we’re finding is that we don’t have to start
with cost-per-view bidding or cost-per-click bidding
or anything like that. We can go straight into target CPA bidding and the algorithm sorts itself out pretty much overnight. And that’s a big bonus. It means we don’t have to mess around with all these different setups and campaign structures
and things like that. It’s much easier. So we’re happy about that one. The third one is you need
to be brutal with your ads. If you have a target
CPA that you wanna hit, that might be 15 bucks a lead, okay? If your ads at ad level, not campaign level, not ad group level, at ad level, if your ad has
had more than 500 views, and it’s outside of KPIs, switch them off, switch those bad boys off and replace them with new ads, okay? The next one is send traffic to a quiz/survey funnel. This is perfect. If you’ve got an offer
in the financial services or it could be mortgages or car insurance or car finance or whatever that is, people need to like knowing if they qualify for something if they can get some results, okay? So if they qualify, you can ask them a series of questions mixed in with the criteria
that your client wants and you can send that
YouTube traffic to a quiz. It works brilliantly and that’s the only
way that we run traffic at the moment. You also have the pre-roll video, the video of the ad to explain the offer, so people are warmed up and ready to take action after
they’ve watched the video, they click on the funnel which is a quiz funnel and they convert very
well from there, okay? We’re looking at, on average, for every 100 clicks,
roughly 10% of people will convert into those funnels but these are highly engaged, good, great quality leads, okay? So 10% click per lead is very good. What’s the last one? One campaign per audience, all right? A lot of people have done Facebook ads and they know their way
around the interests and lookalike audiences and everything to do with that. Well, guess what? YouTube has exactly the
same, even better, all right? They have affinity audiences,
in-market audiences, custom intent, all these different types of audiences that you have
an option to choose between and what we like to do is break down each campaign by audience. We’ll have a run at the market which is the whole of our country or the whole of the country
we’re advertising in. Maybe squeezed with age brackets but sometimes not even that, depending on the offer. And then we’ll have one for in the market for credit services or
credit cards or whatever. That could be one of the interests and another one for that’s got an afinity with shopping or something like that and we break it down
with only one audience per campaign and within
that campaign structure, we break down the age brackets at the ad group level. So we’ll have a 18 to, I can’t remember exactly what they are, but 18 to 27, 27 to 40, 40 plus, 50 plus and we break down each of the ad groups within that interest
into those age brackets and then we’ll see how each
of those age brackets perform. So that’s our campaign and then we obviously have our ads after each of those ad groups. And we teach all of this in our training. So if you do need to learn more and you think YouTube ads
could be good for you, then of course, click the link below and we’ll book a call in and see if you are a good fit. But I think that’s it. Pretty concise, valuable tips here that are gonna help you if
you are running YouTube ads. Remember though, creative is always king and getting more ads up with new actors is going to be key. New hooks, new actors, try new stuff all the time. We’ve seen our cost per
leads on YouTube go down literally 30 to 40% overnight from one new video from the
same script, different actor. It happens. So please do try this. Yeah, that’s about it for today. See you next time. Bye.

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