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February 28, 2020

She says you tell horrible stories all the time? What nonsense this is. Ridiculous things to say… Children of darkness. The real facts of life. Hanife will perform its own sub-conscious cleansing and purification process. The game we used to play when we were kids… Turns out it’s real. What spell? What Genie? Are you hoping for help from Hajji when there’s a doctor? Keep Alif away from this nonsense. Kiki Did you come here? Let me know if you’re here. Kiki Did you come here? The constant hallucinations of you and Alif… It means you’re connected to Magic. Why is only my daughter so ill? Magic doesn’t hurt people. The demons that protect that spell hurt people. Is he gonna make it? He is innocent. I’m going to save him. Be quiet. Don’t let him know we’re here. It’s like there’s no one. Welcome to the underworld. You have a very valuable name before you.; He’s the director of a lot of horror movies… We are with Mustafa Miraç Kaya. He has directed many films. But; These movies, I mean, when horror movies were being shot… You know those stories on the sets?; Movies are meant to be watched more. The lights are down… There are issues like the papers have flown, the Jinns have offended. He told me a lot of stories himself. We wonder if these are for ratings purposes… Unless it’s being used… Does he have the truth? As… We’d like to ask a director. He’s worked on a lot of horror movies… Pretty much his own.; I don’t know how many movies there were… He’s a pretty scary movie director. Sir, welcome. Thank You, Mohammed. Let’s get to know you, how many movies have you made?.. Where did you come from all this time? I want to learn this. Muhammad… This is directing… I was primarily a writer. Since childhood; Ever since I can remember… I have a director I love very much, Emel Yaman. Late. With his support, I started writing films. I was very young… It’s already in my BIOGRAPHY back then… Back in high school,. I started writing plays… Then I wrote It years ago… Can you imagine he’s 15-16 years old… I wrote a story. Years later, it attracts the attention of a mayor. and do that… I’m directing it, I’m creating the script. That’s my first horror movie… “Deris Efteni” It is the first horror film the Turks have sold abroad. After the script, after the shoot… We sold it to France. Wow, great. It’s really beautiful… He got the ratings, too. I got my first award for my first film… I also got the” best horror screenplay of the Year ” award. Afterwards… Close to eighteen… I wrote a horror movie. I’ve got eight lead roles in horror movies. I’ve directed close to twenty-four… In this area. It’s so pretty. I signed my own name for most of it… I didn’t print most of it because; Here’s the thing, this is me… I do love the job. This is my love. My 100% Love. Horror, writing and directing horror films. Because I love being in fear. and… I’ve never done this job… I didn’t see it as money or trade. You could ask me, like,; You’re a director… You’re a screenwriter. I bet you make a lot of money. I never made any money from anything I did. I’ve been all donations… Lösev, stray animals, orphan children… It’s one of my biggest goals… To open a “film school” to the east. Films, there… Who wants to play or who wants to be a director… Or who wants to be a writer… Too many people, too many direct messages. We receive too many messages. I really want those people to get an education. This job is my love and… How is a male… His girlfriend… Take care of your partner… A man or a woman how to… It forms complexes. He hugs her tight, strangles her sometimes. For me, too… That’s what cinema is like. That’s what directing is like. That’s what fear is. I can’t think of a life without fear anyway. Friends are in the middle and end of the video… We will share very good information with you. I’d say you’d be very scared… So make sure the video goes from beginning to end… Watch carefully. Yes sir; We have many questions, but… It’s one of the things I’m most curious about… How many movies have you made?.. Produced and directed by… How many of your films have been released? The visionary in Turkey… For my moment; I have a total of 24 jobs with my name on and off. The reason my name isn’t on it… Like I just explained… I made these movies… We do not sell. I did it to win and to donate. My name is on it now… As a director, as a screenwriter, as an actor… I’ve got 6 movies I’ve been to. In Turkey. It’s all my business. There’s also a lot of projects I’ve been involved in. I’ve played a lot in comedy, not just horror. But, like I said a while ago… If you ask me how many movies you have with fear and stuff… Kiki Damn-I Gin, I really put all my work to one side… He can make me say I only have 1 movie. Why, what have you been through that you can tell? While filming Kiki… I’ll talk about it in a bit. In terms of the Paranormal… I did. I just want to say; Here and now. This is the first time in my life… My movie… I filmed it working with psychics. Working with Real psychics… You made a movie. Yep. There were real psychics… That’s not the script, then. This is all reflected in the facts. The film is the true story already. The one we portrayed in the film… One of the characters is now in prison. I’m the first story… When I read it… When I first picked up the clippings… Could this be it? or what is there in that?… I thought, later… I spoke to a psychic friend… Mind if I give you his name? I don’t mind. Your followers can investigate. With the psychic Kaan Soyluhan… I contacted and, how much of this… I asked if it could be real. When he himself said something like this could happen… I’m with my lawyers… I went to a prison in Samsun. and to the friends who have been through this… My lawyers and I interviewed and talked. We’ve interviewed. He told us things in the first place… So we said it’s not possible. Did you get it? there is no such thing, not possible. We had a hard time explaining it. No, we did. A man can’t be so murderous. We’re saying a person can’t do that much… Here’s what the kid told us… He told us at the beginning,; “I didn’t do it, they ordered me to do it!” When we ask who… You or your followers may have guessed the answer. They just said it. He’s killing people with someone’s guidance. Not someone’s… Jinn… With guidance. A criminal who says that. Yep. We went where the boy said. We went to the place he was talking about. In the first place it’s either a fiction… We thought the kid had schizophrenia. But where we’re going, it’s what the kid tells us… The symbols he showed or drew on us… Things were all there. I mean, he really was there. So you were sure the genies existed. I’ve always believed in Goblins. You were sure they were there. I totally believed it. Because we’ve actually had things happen… My producer and I decided that … After I decided to make this movie… We were going to shoot our film at that house in Samsun. Until he’s a friend of mine from my script group… Tuğba Hanım… He had a major disturbance there. A healthy lady we don’t understand. Sara’s… There’s a distribution, right? Or if a person has epilepsy… That person is an epileptic. There was no such discomfort with this girl… There he began to have an epilepsy attack. It happens inside this house. That is well said. Broken glass, I’m not exaggerating. Some viewers might say:; He’s promoting the movie. This video, maybe… In 10 days… Maybe 1 month later, or 1 year later, there will be people watching. Yes, there is a house like this in Samsun. Yeah, there’s a story like that that actually happened. and the Genies really do exist. Can you give us the address of this house? We’d like to shoot there. Earlier in an interview… I was talking to a friend again. I told him; “No force can lead me there” We go out. I sure hope so. Believe me, we keep looking for other places. Wherever there’s scary, we’re there… I’ve traveled the world on this. I stepped into the world just to go to horrible places. So it’s really okay for us… If there is, it’s a place like this… I promise the audience… I’ll go there for you. You go, of course. Your friends can go too. Your followers will want you to leave. But don’t go alone. No Problem, sir. We’re a team already. I went with some Psychic Friends… I worked with psychics throughout the Set. We shot Kiki in this house. Yeah, that’s a bracket, guys. We’re with the director of the movie Kiki… We’re at the house where the Kiki movie was shot. I’ll say the words… People who think it’s fiction are about to… They can talk to the names I give them. I write stories first… Our story is a real story… Because we can’t accurately project it… Because it’s in a legal process… We’ve added some fictions. Sn. Psychic Kaan Soylluhan and… Tuğba dinçer… Especially Tuğba Hanım. As soon as he started writing the film… Your child has a little boy. A major disturbance ensued. Friends who want to contact Tuğba Hanım. He also has a lot… He’s a fear-loving friend, a friend. What he told me was completely; I’ll introduce you to Tuğba. Sir, we don’t understand what happened…. My kid looks at me like a cat. He’s trying to climb the walls. and he speaks Hebrew. God, for no reason? Yep. We rushed this kid to the hospital… He was treated for 1 month. Throughout the Set… Tugba’s been through it all… Even though we asked why it was the last day of the set… By not getting an answer… Tuğba left the house, so he left here. Our other psychic friend… When he realized something was wrong… He made us talismans. I never let it out of me, that’s a bit of me… Kept I think. He’s been haunted by nightmares. Home. We had glass exploding. Even; Within the film…. Friends watching the trailer must have seen. There’s a room, in the room stage… On our wall, here… All the walls are very solid and new maintenance has been done. Water started dripping from the walls, Muhammad. Allah Allah It’s a one-on-one drip. You know what the best part of the job was for me? Because i… I enjoy fear, or paranormal events. You know, in horror movies, they use the fly effect. We made our film in the winter… December-January, you know, you don’t fly on those dates. It’s in the movie… No fly that audiences and followers have ever seen… Not After Effect. It was completely original. So to speak, the flies gave us the game. In the impact scenes… Flies flying over the person to be struck… There’s an important scene… Will be an important event. There were about 100 flies in the House. Can you imagine? 100 flies. We’re drugging them, they’re not leaving… So, friends, don’t touch it anymore… They want it to appear. I said. So there was something you couldn’t manage. Yep. An incident in which a director is unable to intervene is on video… Yep. As he watched the monitor… I got out of the chair screaming. Because; It’s not something we can consciously do. Maybe if we did the After Effect… She could look that good. In the winter months… House… It was the beginning of flies. Believe me, it was something that caught my attention… And we know this, Genies… What do they look like to people?… They usually appear as animals. There’s a lot of fly in there. I wonder if they were Genies. Your shot or your movie… Are they haunted by demons? Now I love so much… My friends and friends and I went down this road. More than breaking it… I was afraid… I started with friends I was afraid of losing. First day of the set… As of the moment we started… Great friendships are over, you know? I broke their hearts involuntarily. Or they On Me… Or people with jobs… They start talking nonsense… You think it’s the downed lights… Do you think the camera lenses fall to the ground and break?.. The study glass attendant’s foot tripped… There’s no place for you to hang out, we’re on a flat ground. You think of a somersault… My dog Katina, I have a German Wolf. You know he was eating my art director? He almost tore it apart. If it follows me too… Who’s watching this video right now… If my person has followers, he’ll know about it… About this event… I gave an interview before. Show TV… The dog was really eating my art director. and I had to get him out of the House. Very serious matters. Yep. It’s really Kaan now… He might not be among us because; He can barely get the dog… We shot. Kaan locked himself in the bathroom. When I was mad at Katina… He ate my toothbrush. Was Kaan all Katina cared about? No one else it’s not. Just Kaan. Because Kaan is a real psychic. A real psychic and… To make sure nothing happens to us… The one with the protection talismans… He was a friend. He just attacked Kaan. I wonder what he saw. We can handle it… Maybe he didn’t want Kaan to write us an amulet. We agree, we think the same things. Quite frankly, this. Can you imagine it? A dog lying in your bosom. That day when I locked him in the room… When I took a break from the decks and went back to Katina’s… Katina didn’t have half her bed. Dog He ate half his bed. No outlet issued. Looks like he ripped out the floorboards. This may be an exaggeration, maybe to most people. But they all have proof. I’ll show it to anyone who wants it. No visual effects so far… and have you ever worked on any horror movies? That’s a good question, Mohammed. Actually, there are two different answers… What are we going through behind the camera when we shoot the movie? They might ask, or people. As your followers know, I have a movie called” Gin Fountain.” We are aware of. Say “Kiki” again… Yeah, I know makeup. Only in a way we can’t understand our makeup artist, He’s a friend that everyone loves. One day he packed up his stuff and walked off the set. We said, oh, boy, what happened, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do with plastic makeup? You’re both the director of the film., And you’re a screenwriter., And you’re the lead… And then I left, and I did the makeup. Yes, I have 4 films with plastic makeup… Gin Fountain, Al-Ummar, Nightmare… Kiki is one of them. As a visual effect… Honestly… For coming all the way here to dust off the set… I’ve worked in all the areas that are related to the set. I’ve had my training and I’ve had my training on set. I made tea… I also collected cables… I put on makeup, I hit a clapper. I hired a Timecod. I was also an art director. I was also an art assistant. Help directing it did. If you ask me what you did about the set… Whatever needs to happen on a set… Or in which tilt; Whatever it takes to work… Except for cinematography… I can say I did it all. It’s so pretty… You know it all from beginning to end. I know all about it. Me right now… I think it makes you successful in horror movies… That was my biggest step. Because… I really swallowed the dust off the set. People like what he says… They didn’t have any money, so they went and made some gin movies… They didn’t have money. Nope. Horror movie… The one with the most budget spending… Film In Turkey. You destroyed perception… Because; Everyone, including US… It’s simpler than a horror movie… We thought the horror movie was cheaper. Everyone thinks so… But it’s never like that. Because once already… I’ve been so lucky with Kiki… Like I said, I’m glad my house was overrun by flies. Because… Otherwise for every one of them… I was gonna give you $ 10. Think of. I was gonna give you $ 10 for each one. Montage of a horror film… The worst conditions are 120-130 thousand TL… You can make a drama film for 30-40 thousand TL. Or you can edit a comedy film for 40-60 thousand TL. Because it’s in a horror movie… The art you use, the place, the players… Or the preparation for it… It really costs more. We… Horror movie… To attract… We know, but the audience doesn’t know how to watch… Do you know why? Lately… Horror movies, Gin movies suck… Our society is responsible for this… Criticism of us… There’s always this criticism that comes from the producers. You shot the same story again. The Genie came out of there again. There he is again… The guys tried to do things differently. They tried to do more European things. He’s so ugly because he messes up. They tried to make a man walk on the ceiling. There’s nothing like that in US… A genie-infested person doesn’t walk on the ceiling. A genie-infested person hallucinates. It links it to schizophrenia. The type of fear… The Turks can’t make horror movies… No, the Turks make great horror movies. But the audience doesn’t know how to watch horror movies. We can all agree. I fear again in my next term… Yep. I’ll continue as a thriller. I’ll keep going in that direction. Of course there will be drama and comedy. But it’s what I’m in love with… Fear. It’s a privilege to write a horror movie. Anyone can do comedy. Anyone can play in a comedy. Pass the passer, put him on the set… Comedy becomes. “Hah,” people laugh. But not everyone can write horror. Not everyone can direct a horror movie. Not everyone is afraid. By the way… And we hear terrible noises. A dog around us… It sounds serious… I think the dogs are crying. This is not normal, this is not something that really happened. We live on sets, we know that. But right now… That’s what happened when we were shooting the confrontation series… It’s like a message. Things we went through during the Set I’m a little panicky about it. Yes, I love fear, I love fear… I’m pretty sure of myself, though… I don’t want any more harm to the people around me. To hurt the people around me… I don’t want any more. Then something happened to someone. That’s what I want to learn, teacher. Yeah, me… I just mentioned it, Psychic Kaan… My companion… Friends I love, trust so much… One. He lives in Ankara. Once a week, twice a week… He’ll surprise me and come out and give me a hug… It throws away the bad energy, the negativity. It’s dog howls, dog noises… After I started Kiki… After that nightmarish thing he went through, Kaan… Maybe once a month, maybe twice a month… He’s coming. Because; Her… In life… It is Allah that Kaan has great power. He can protect himself. Not having something started. My producer… Mr. Emrah. He had a big accident. Get well soon. and his car… He had a huge accident with his car… He was in a cast for two months. It’s our players again… Tuğba… He’s had a huge problem… Your daughter doesn’t have teeth in her mouth right now. That and stuff like that, so it’s me now… I want something more to happen. Therefore… I’m being very cautious and… I believe there really are Djinn. You know when I believed that? Muhammad. The first film I made was all fiction. Second, third, fourth… it was all fiction. When; Kiki’s story… I heard it from that kid in Samsun. From that day to today… So much has changed in my life, too. For example… I am now haldır Haldır Nişantaşın or Mecidiyeköy I have to walk around and chase jobs. I don’t get out of the House. There’s a script, there’s a job… They say we should have a conversation about it. I can’t go out and say, “You guys come here.” Because I can’t get out. Because I know… There will be something. I feel like something’s gonna happen. When you go out? Because they tell me. You speak? They. Yep. What do djinn live for? What is communication with humans? Who are djinn and how do they live? What are their tribes? I’m telling you people. So you know all this and you tell them. I am living with them… You you live with them. Everyone lives with them. I live with them, but I don’t talk to them. For example. Yes, I’m having a conversation with them. I love talking to them. With them… So a question for you: did you write the script? All I’ll say. For one thing, I am against this, Muhammad.; The one who says I have Gin… Or… The one who says I have gin… Both Psychic and teacher… You need people who are in a normal life… All is fraud. No son of Man has Jinn. Jinn do not possess humans. Jinn and humans… They could be in touch… Until… The wall of Solomon has fallen. I didn’t write the script, like this… It’s a story that’s already happened. Yes, I had help. There was something that was not possible; And when I write a script, it’s normally me… In a room shuts down… I had to edit it one by one, do math. I’m writing a script, and it’s in the room where I’m writing a script… 6 people at ease… He keeps asking me questions. He keeps interrupting me. He talks about his love life all the time… He’s always stretching, straining and all that… But I was on the one hand how… I’m writing scripts in a way I don’t understand… Can you imagine? That’s when my hands were entrusted to them. Yeah, Genies don’t hurt people. If you hurt the Elves… They hurt you, that’s what people do. If I curse you too hard, you can’t handle it… What do you do? Or something you’d be very uncomfortable with… What do you do when I do it? You’ll pay me back, won’t you? Honor, honor, dignity… Pride, honor, et cetera… Or have had any other way… When touched, we all stand up. You’re trying to burn the Djinn. Of course they won’t be silent on that. Or some magic, disturbing them… You’re massing the genies. Of course they won’t be silent. Of course they will hurt. But the damage they do… It affects you psychologically. People should know this. Of course here, maybe listening to me, watching this interview… Psychiatrists or psychologists… Life coaches or… Energy experts tell me that because of what I said… They’ll lynch him or something… That’s what they don’t believe… But that is the case. Experiencing hallucinations and reincarnation… It’s the other name of a gin strike. I always take these into consideration… I wrote my scripts. I’m looking at life this way. Will you continue the project?… Will you continue with the horror movies? We’re curious, because; Did, did, did… You’re afraid people will get hurt. Don’t make me leave it to you… Does he get caught up in something like that? I won’t leave it in no time. Just more cautious… More canonical, walking as it should be… I’ll always be in fear… I will continue to live with them, Muhammad. Kiki is already in the vision. When this is followed with today’s date in this video? But I don’t know… I’ll always have a baby. Always my favorite… It will be job. Because this job came to me with a dream. It came with a dream and it’s very interesting, I’ll mention it. Is too short. Sometime… I woke up. Kiki was actually our childhood… I was born in 1980. In our times with matchsticks… It was a game played. “Kiki, let me know if you’re here.”.. We’d have a séance… Tie two matches together. I am for the first time. There is a very interesting thing; my producer… Mr. Emrah used to be my manager. In my dream with Mr. Emrah… We were playing “Kiki” with the matchstick. I woke up in the morning… I have an executive producer and an assistant director. I’m going down to them, we’re going to have breakfast… I said,”I had a’s interesting.” We used to play “Kiki” when we were little… Emrah and I were playing these. Girls don’t know what “Kiki” is… I told you, look, it’s on the Internet. I’ll show the girls the Kiki. I’m going to show you how to play. For the first time I Google… When I wrote it, it was straight out… “Match Genie” The tallest Genie. Whoa! like I was. Exactly 5 minutes later, Emrah Bey from Ankara… He came to Istanbul. He opened the door, what’s up? hello and everything… I’m not talking about my dream… Because it’s nothing to worry about. Over tea and coffee, Emrah asked me directly:; “I want to be a producer, write a horror movie or something.” You write, you direct… I’m gonna make this movie. I said, ” Emrah, what are you saying?” I just mentioned a dream. Look, my friends are here with you… We were playing a game like that… You want “Kiki’s a genie”? I decided that day. I did, and even though it was Emrah’s first job… It made a very nice box office in the first 3 days. I’m going to continue horror movies. I want to do something to you here, too. Who watched this video… you can determine this for you… I’m going to play two guys as players in my next set. That’s a huge claim. I’m the only two people you can identify… My next movie… I’ll give you space. Maybe not a great lead… I’ll give you a chance to be in the movie. You can determine two people. Two of your friends… He’s supposed to be at the Kiki movie and… and he’s supposed to show you his ticket. You heard that, too. Kiki went to the movie and your ticket… You’re supposed to show us. I will continue, Muhammad. I’m going on set in June… “Demon” I’m getting into a movie called, hashtag… Doom is the name of the movie. Doom(Demon) It’s going to be an incredible Thriller/Horror. It’s a satanic ritual… Selling lice ritual… More than the devil… Stronger, scarier… It will be a reactionary and harder film. Behind… 10 seconds… I’m going to do a thriller called (nerdy). First made in Turkey… It’s going to be a Saw-style movie. Torture and serial killer. By watching this time… Most enjoyable… It’s one of the most beautiful horror movies… Which are the first three? I’m not supposed to be humble here… I can count on my own already. Buddha enough… Currently, on the contrary… Again, and again I’ll say… First Of All, Kiki… I’m not saying it because it’s my own movie… I’ll pass Kiki alone. Afterwards… “Kulyas The Price Of The Curse” It was a good movie. It was a very successful film. Looking at past movies… And a dear teacher I love very much… Always behind me… and I never lost my strength… But I’m not going to pronounce your name right now. Thereof… According to his request… If only… If we were with us now and… He would have added a seventh to his line-up. It was gonna be awesome. Next… My project is already on the job will be done. Siccin… Two One of my favorite movies. Who are your 3 favorite directors? If I take myself out… Murat Toktamışoğlu Of course. Hasan Karacadağ and Alper Mestçi. I can say that. I wonder, Where Is Hasan Karacadag? I know that very well, but I don’t want to talk about it. But everyone is curious. Where is Hasan Karacadag? Hasan Karacadag… One of my most cherished teachers. And I have the honor of meeting him. But I don’t want to talk about it. Do you think it will continue? She won’t. He quit? Yep. You heard it, guys. Hasan Karacadag… Left in the case. I’ll give you something like this. You know, dabbe 7 is going to be a vision… It’s a very talked-about period. Dabbe Al-Nazar… Would be. My Dear Teacher Alper Mestci… July 31… The movie al-Nazar… It’s like a series of siccin… He’s going to put it in the vision. So Hasan Karacadag will not film again. So, Hasan Karacadag, the whole thing is for Alper Mestchi… Verdi? Not. Alper Mestçi, Hasan Karacadağ and… Murat Toktamışoğlu is already a team. They’re a trio, a magnificent trio. One looks at one’s script and the other looks at it… They sit together, they drink tea, they drink coffee, etc. Of course they’ll see each other. I Think He’s Alper… Let’s just say he’s smart enough to get the name. Not the script. So that’s when… There is no agreement here. Not. Hasan Karacadağ for many years… In the films he made in Turkey… Really search anilicak… Interesting, I wonder if the Jinn raised Hasan Karacadag… It’s not that I’m not curious. No, it’s not. I wish it was in Turkey now, but it’s not. Like I said, his life is fine… and he keeps living properly. Sir, some of them do… We’re sure it’ll come out of your mouth. How much was the Kiki film shot on budget? How much do you think Kiki’s gonna make? Is behind the camera… The production side is clear… We don’t know exactly how much money he spent. But my own special wishes… The player I desire, The scene I desire, The camera I desire, Lenses… The crew, the equipment and so on have already cost £ 400,000. Otherwise… Our producer must have had external expenses. There has certainly been spending on Pr, or technical issues. Estimated between 700 and 800 thousand TL… There was an expense for the Kiki movie. But our producer had a claim… So he had a desire. Because he wanted to do it in memory of his father… He had no thought of putting money in his pocket. Sir, it’s the Gin movies you make… Do you get any criticism from your family? My family is always behind me to the end… It also makes me happy to know that. All my movies… To premieres, premieres, my family… Most front seats. They saw it right behind me… I didn’t get any reaction from my family. But in my immediate vicinity… Brother, stop with the fear… People who say that already have their whole lives… They are people who have never achieved anything. They are people who have never been anywhere. Because… Or around you who love you… The people in your family are the kind of work you do… Tongue or… Breed or whatever. According to this, if there’s a reaction to you, it’s the people., It’s not just people in your immediate circle. But if you’re asking why… Son, Don’t mess with the Genies, God forbid… If you’re asking, something’s gonna happen to you… I hear that a lot, yeah. Because; Just like when I was shooting a horror movie… If I’m being indoctrinated and the people around me… Unless I want him to get hurt… They certainly don’t want me to get hurt. I am very much my teacher, my family… Look at me all the time, man… Don’t mess with the elves. Now we’re done dealing with the Elves… Find other people who deal with demons… We’re having a confrontation with him. During the filming you did… What you live by is what you can’t really forget… You were so afraid of… You know how we said at the beginning of the video?; We’re about to explain a lot to you… Is there a case like this? We are in the livingroom.. There isn’t much time. In the middle of the night, we shoot during the day… Huge lights installed. We’re in… Suddenly, it was dark. When we look, all the lights in the garden are down. There’s no wind in the air. All those lights… A protector… He’s got a leg, he can’t be knocked down… Let’s say someone hit them. How did the light fall on the top of the crane? It’s a serious loss… £ 25,000 thousand of light supplies… Just when we were shooting the magic scene… Inside the movie Kiki… Those who watch know that I did it in the Hall myself… There’s a magic scene. When we were shooting that scene… 25,000 thousand TL of light material was destroyed. This is a very serious thing. Okay, the tripods may be down… Something happened to his protective feet or something.. Or hit the road while someone was walking, etc… There’s one big detail. The crane from which we get the night light, the full moon light… An 8-foot crane. On that Hill… How did the light fall to the ground? and at the same time? Simultaneously. That’s the one… Myself… I’m actually scared, you know, I’m not scared., I’m not afraid of demons, I love them… I was scared that day. It because I was scared. I said,”I did something wrong.” I wrote something wrong. Or break a few people from their realm… I made a move. Everyone on the set… I said they’re gonna ruin it here… I was really scared. 3-4 days this did not go from my subconscious… When I was cleaning myself… I tried so hard, I immediately called Kaan… “Kaan come immediately I can’t get out, I can’t get out”… Relax, you’re gonna make a talisman? are you going to write, vefk? You gonna make an incense? What’ll you do? Khan… He gave me a two-day purge. After he does the decontamination… From head to toe, one on me… Trembling, a cry… The feeling of crying, the feeling of crying… I cried and cried. After that day, I was relieved, that energy was gone. But after those lights went down… I don’t attack the player… My camera tipping over… My contacts are broken… Study glass attendant rolling on the floor… The destruction, the disappearance of art supplies… One of my players, Tuğba Hanım, fell… Breaking his teeth, etc. too many incidents. And did you get to shoot this scene, Sir? It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through… Set… Kiki was a fucking Genie. I had a really rough time. Because; Not with humans, but with paranormal beings, Jinn… Hard I tried. I’ve dealt with them. Thank god no one was harmed… From Our Art Director… Mr. Kaan is our general artistic director. To help Mr. Kaan… We called an art consultant for a day. Dear, Fatma Sumru Paperclip… He is the Artistic Director of the Siccin and Dabbe series. Did you know he cut his finger in one scene? His finger’s gone a lot. She’s gone a lot, bleeding. He bled, Mohammed… The whole accident went to trouble. Of course we have stock footage. Now this is the scene of the bloodshed… This part… You think it was intentional? Nope. I mean, what I think… Sumra Hanım is in a Jinn movie every time she goes… He thinks we should draw blood so he can relax? Not. It’s from our producer before we get on the set… I asked him to sacrifice. One more detail. Course. I have a ritual to sacrifice before I get to the set. Or I’m not going on that set. If that blood doesn’t flow there, when we get on the set… We’re shooting a horror movie, the lights go down… Art explodes etc… Something could happen to one of us. We’ll give the victim from the beginning so nothing happens to us. Tern… Because he came to help Kaan… Kaan’s day is in a different field… One to prepare… There is a cemetery area. Kaan prepares cemeteries. A few here in sumru… He’ll prepare the little things. Magic material, “soap Magic” They were preparing, while he was preparing the soap… The girl’s hand was cut off, in a very unrelated way, with a model knife.. A finger went quite. No matter what horror movie director you see… Of course it’s in the script… Either he had a paranormal incident on the set. We just talked about Hasan Karacadag… Hasan Karacadağ’ı most appreciated point and… The point I set an example for myself Is this:; One by one, the psychic wanders… It was real life from those real psychics… It takes events… He recites the verse-al-Kursi as he enters the set. He prints his amulet. He enters the set protected. We have learned that… This is the ritual of Hasan Karacadag. He never gets on the set without the amulet. His latest description in Siccin 6… There are those who know, if there are those who follow. He said something like this… Look, I want you to take a note of this. Because so are your followers… Hasan Karacadag said that; I am… It’s not the first time I’ve used an amulet in Dabbe 6. It was Hasan Karacadag’s last job. Hasan Karacadağ can no longer film. It’s not easy to make a horror movie. Everybody comes in, pulls out, thinks they’re doing something… Not. Once… Your knowledge needs to be on the ceiling. You have to be fearless, to the Jinn… Of course, fear is your kind… If you have a gin option or a gin phenomenon… This is a valid. There’s nothing to Goblin in every fear. If you’re making movies with Genie maturity, like me… You have to have everything about the genies. You need to be knowledgeable. You need to sacrifice. Or someone on that set, for sure… Big things can come. Mohammed Ben… A few friends before you… Thanks for coming, ” teacher… Shall we do something like this?, can we do that?” I joined them, though… You’re a real professional, I’ll tell you that. Thank you. You, me… I looked it up, I looked it up. Who is this man?, what is he doing? I’ve seen your videos. For once, I want you never to be humble. In your field… I don’t think I’m going to say you’re one of the top names… You’re the leading man. We’ve always watched, we’ve always been inspired… What if I’m going to be a horror movie director?.. On this journey I set up my channel. We’re dealing with you now. Hopefully one day tomorrow when we face each other… I was hoping I’d make a horror movie. I’ll always be behind you. May God bless them. And that with people like you who have a good heart… With the ideas we got… I believe it would be. Thank you guys for watching… You’ve seen the video from beginning to end. It’s my only advice right now… With so much good conversation, so much conversation… He told us about the Kiki movie. Kiki, I saw the movie really good… and I was incredibly scared. Who’s watching this video right now… and your choice… 2 people. We said. They’re going to watch this video… 2 friends are going to Kiki movies. He’ll send you his ticket. These two friends you chose… I’m in the next movie… In the movie Demon… I’ll give you a place as a player. You heard him, boys. I’ll pick two of you. I’m writing down the rules for that. Make sure you follow those rules. A movie in a horror movie… I say act. Thank you so much sir. May God bless them. We would like to thank. And welcome from you, thank you. May God bless them. Yeah, feel better. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING


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