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Z-Boys Sinchon Busking Reaction – You Have To See This

February 8, 2020

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another video and today I’m gonna be checking out the scenes on
busking performance from z-boys this is similar to the one from Z girls so if
you haven’t seen my reaction to that one I will link it down below for I hit play
make sure you hit subscribe and turn on notifications so that you always be the
first to see any of my new videos alright now that’s out of the way let’s
get started okay first up is crush beautiful and
it’s from Roy could barely hear me okay I think maybe they should try making the
audio louder or the microphone latter benefit I think I could hear him a
little bit better now okay it is this is crazy so I don’t know
this song crush beautiful ladies may 6 hi the notes are high so yeah whoo the bad there’s not many people watching them
hey I mean I don’t know what it’s just the angle of the camera now I could see
the Z girls are in there and decided there’s a Meyer on the the top dovetail
in there yeah I was filling it this is definitely shot on like an
iPhone or mobile it’s a bad I’m not too familiar with the
song but looks like Roy’s you know doing his best to do justice in the song I’d
say look probably not the best song personally
for me but as long as he’s singing it from the heart and nailing all the high
notes you know it’s alright cool I’m Sam be down alright what’s this mic
drop BTS okay with the z-boys alright this
should be interesting sounds like mic drop button BTS I like
that song it’s funny not many people are watching
them hey so I can see the zeros dancing on that corner and now they’re getting the room the
dance moves right here that’s good this one I like this this this part it’s good yeah now they can dance really well yes it’s synchronized enough yeah I thought they’ll be they’ll be a
yeah very quick all right next one’s from Bruno Mars what’s this
that’s why I like remix ok this song yep it’s not a dance cover a I see there’s
one on T in there watching on the very left she’s probably wondering who the
hell this people it must be very cold and they could see
these Eagles wearing jackets when they’re performing no jackets with shoe
the z-boys probably feeling in the same way as well oh nice they got those moves and a bad but it’s only five of them
dancing hey where is the rest of them so it’s only guy Josh mavin Perry and Roy Oh yeah guess what is the other two are
there they artists standing in the back with the Z girls that’s Google excuse that’s curved it’s
not too bad – I know I preferred the 16 shots dance cover over suit body see
girls this one’s not too bad as well showcasing their dance talent I mean
everyone and the the z-boys the Z girls role you know talented individuals where I was hoping there’ll be more
people watching them hang but only a couple here a couple people here in
there nice very sharp very sharp dancing there they’re coming down below what you guys
think of the z-boys cinch on busing in here nice cool next once the holla holla yeah
there you go this is their song said not too bad as
well I don’t mind listening to this one has that similar dancing stuff from that
BTS mic drop I find from this one and it’s a couple people watching now on
the side yeah still remember – sorry we now know I
don’t memorize the lyrics are there – called pre-chorus to go into the chorus they did a fast slow fast slow version
of this one the dance practice video that was pretty funny too
we have achieved our I’ll link down below a la love you and it’s funny because this is a busking
performance right so it slightly different and how to perform this
compared to the music video but I think I don’t know I feel like yeah they think
that definitely practices so many times so this should you know this is
ingrained in their memory already so it’s just yeah it’s just how did dancing
and here it looks great okay I haven’t really seen anyone
lagging or anything by an arts yeah that’s good nice that’s good because I keep saying it’s good it’s
good I’m just trying to focus in here and yeah all right oh not yet this is NYADA remember this party I love you okay now remember oh cool all right there you have it let
me know down in the comments below what do you guys think of the busking
performance here by Z boys and if you’ve seen the Z girls busking performance let
me know which one is better is it the z-boys the Z gross lip honestly for me I
know I’m a little bit biased with the Z cos I would say the Z girls would have
won but then again look the Z bar is did well in here so I suppose dispersed
personal preferences on who the support look I support both both groups but if I
get if I’m only gonna choose one on save see girls sorry boys anyways let me know
again let me know down comments below what you guys think all right cool and
yeah that’s it for today thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out
with me and if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a like I really
appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos all right cool
I’ll see you the next one


  • Reply Weston Vaughn February 6, 2020 at 11:59 pm


  • Reply Dennis Chua February 7, 2020 at 1:09 am

    What’s your favorite performance here?

  • Reply Rosita Rj February 7, 2020 at 1:59 am

    I love all of them 😍❤

  • Reply Marlisa Wong February 7, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    FYI, you made a bit mistake in your description on Zgirls Sinchon Busking Reaction, you wrote it as Zboys, just thought i let u know on that 😊

  • Reply Z-Stars GalaxZies February 7, 2020 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you for reacting Z-Boys ❤
    Beautiful-crush is the OST of Goblin

  • Reply KATYA Gelsie February 8, 2020 at 8:30 am

    Thank you for reacting our baby Zboys busking 🙂

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