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Zik Analytics Review | Ebay Product and Competitor Research Tool + BONUS

December 9, 2019

Hey what’s going on guys this is gene
plugovoy coming to you live in in this video I’m gonna with you Zik Analytics tool
and how it could help you with your eBay career help you find products to sell so
just kind of go over and we’re in dashboard right now and they have
tutorials they have different features of the tool like store analytics it has
a category research competitor research product research and then they also have
both books getting a new tool that they recently added so they have these many
videos like competitive research how to the product research pricing so you
could watch these mini videos tutorials that will show you how to use each
feature to your advantage and they also have webinars over here a Hebrew and
English so if you click English they’re pretty good ideas and inside webinars
they’re pretty long so they have a lot of good information so they have several
webinars that show you how you could use this tool to your advantage and how to
research products to sell on eBay of course and so you could link your your
store you could link your store so show you on linux you know how well your
store does and i don’t add it here because i have my virtual assistants use
this use this tool right here just account so i will not link my store
because my product researchers don’t need to know my store
okay so category research i haven’t used that much or product research prior
research i do category search not you could watch
those tutorial videos that will explain how everything works and whether you
want to use category research you know different people have different
strategies but the most product that i you i mean the most feature that I use
is competitive research so I want to find competition on already sell on ebay
and see what they sell so let’s click let’s say let’s if
dropshipping i could start with Walmart and let’s say I choose any line let’s
say I choose this product ok so let’s say I want to look up I look this up on
eBay and see who sells on ebay let’s see if mine this boy hand pulled up eBay yup
eBay check prices let’s see I’m just looking for when you when you’re using
invisible hand or price bling what it does it pulls the item based on the UPC
code so so basically as you could see UPC code all these searches are using
that UPC code if somebody was using their unique UPC code this search it
would not come up in this search particular so I don’t care I’m just need
I just need a product to find drop shipper like a dropship let’s say you
know I’m gonna sell 1650 let’s say I choose just any maybe someone a little
bit more expensive and see the titles not really good titles let’s see I wanna
start with somebody who has a pretty nice more decent titles as this guy’s
let’s not waste a lot of time so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna copy their use
your name I don’t care about whether they sold this or not because that’s not
my intention I want to research this person so I think here you could choose
38 days 21 so I’m gonna so basically is gonna research and instead of you go in
the manual way and clicking to see other irons and then clicking each one and see
if there’s any sales history or not or another way would be by clicking sold
listings and you just go through their sold listings what happened was the key
lyrics will pull there you go so posing last 30 days to sells on this item 2000
design this is my really good not really a good competitor to really
search for and he doesn’t have enough products to really show you what I’m
trying to do is do let’s try this this seller I’m just doing this live as I go I
haven’t prepped I didn’t prep any sellers for you to
research okay it shows you from Israel 17 percent click-through rate which is
pretty good it’s not bad okay so you could see this – I mean this product has
been sold 23 times you could you know change them around from you know the
most sold down to lease or vice versa or price it could be here you know I care
about the sales so let’s say this person so there you go you can click here and
you could see that’s that’s how much they sold in the last 30 days basically
this tool actually saves you a lot of time so you don’t have to you know go
through each and count how many sales they did and they just gives you right
here right there right there right there so which is pretty cool and then you
know but you see that these are hot sales in the last 30 days and then you
could just find out where they get their products from and you know see what
they’re profiting on this sale and you could you know start selling the same
product and you know see what their title looked like maybe you know improve
it or whatever you do with your titles and whatever strategy you’re using
improve it change around a bit and well I know some people they just copy the
same exact title and it’s like people that’s another option but basically
you’ve you get you find these highly saleable items and then you see what
profit the competitor makes and you just sell and you could sell the same exact
item or you could find something similar to it using you know on these keywords
because this title shows you that it generates sells and another cool feature
that signal it has is you could click here and it could search but they only
use Amazon so they could search so depending on your breakeven I put 20%
because my 9% Plus roughly 3% paypal 12 plus I
added 8% tax for Amazon so this product my I’m actually negative 8 unless if
it’s unless if it’s you know FBA seller they normally don’t charge tax so that
way you know if it’s not sold by Amazon comma but in the FBA then I’m probably
in a profit mode here but this is for demonstration purposes so you could
click each one and search for it or you know there there’s a a bulk scanner you
could purchase for an extra fee you can just click here you could just put
minimum price you know dollar or I mean it doesn’t matter me himself and say I
want minimum of four sales and maximum process doesn’t matter and profit
minimum dollar profit nice and boom skin and it will skin and you can just scan
scan scan scan a bunch of sellers and then you could check them out in your
I’m not gonna show my scan my scans that I did you know to revealed to reveal the
sellers but basically it will show you you know kind of like what this does but
this is takes time so in the bulk scanners just scans it and then gives
you the results and then you just go through them and see if it’s worth
selling or not so this is a great tool right here it gives you the sociation
which this tells you the items that sell quick you know you could tell that these
are them sell you know five sold it’s in demand so the sales you know speak they
speak that the item is you know in demand so then let’s say if you click
here you could actually if you click here skin tile so it will scan this
title and go straight to the product research if you click here and you scan
title and you could see other people selling selling this product right here
with that title so once you play here you could take six election and searching so you could see other
sellers our selling this item successful listing 60% so you could see a bunch of
other sellers that sell this and you see that they sold zero zero zero zero and
only the top so you could say yeah so so then when you were here you can just
click you know scan scan scan scan and you’re now scanning a bunch of other
sellers you know how much they sold and then you just go through and keep
searching like I said there’s still but also a bunch of other sellers to scan
you could scan or wants you out of sellers then you just click on any you
know and scan this listing boom and click here Zeke selection and then now
you got a bunch of other sellers to scan so it’s like endless once you’ve found
one dropship on eBay you don’t even have to go back to eBay and and search for
other dropshippers of course if you want to move away from Walmart and go more
like Amazon or other stores you may need to look up a drop shipper that sells
Amazon products or a Wayfarer or overstock sometimes a lot of times you
will run into other stores other suppliers just by you know even starting
with Walmer because let’s say a person may sell Walmart and Amazon and other
stores products not only strictly just Walmart so you will run into other
suppliers as you go but if you weren’t strictly start with like Amazon or
strictly start with a specific supplier you know they may there are a lot of
people that just you know have a store that using one supplier or you know so
yeah but it’s it’s your personal choice how you want to
start but I just kind of show you that and then let’s see so so this right here
is pretty much your product research if you click here and your product research
and when you search for anything dining they will set for example it will search
at the top page for the dining table said it’s like the same what shows up on
eBay you know and then you can also play around with this click here is it
selection and there are webinars and tutorials on the use of different
features I’m just kind of showing you guys you know just my point my view of
it so then that and let’s say you are in this we search this title right here and
we could do title on the lytx and then top three selling titles right here one
two three and then so you can see these are longtail keywords square layout two
got basically 89 cells 93 competitors use this you know these three words and
then the title that had these three words had generated eighty nine cells so
eighty nine cells you had ninety three competitors had this in their title you
know so you could play around and see you know less competition versus sales
you know less competition and it’s easier to compete as you know you could
watch webinars and tutorials to learn that so basically this is how it works
I’m just kind of scanning through some not spending a lot of your time price
analytics it kind of shows you you know at what price range you were selling if
that interests you or not and yeah so on this is this is what I use most is the
competitor research and you know in the product research
which kind of gives me ideas and keywords and titles and everything so
and I’m actually testing out a bulk boat scanner but you could also you know just
scan manually and then possibly find you know items from Amazon the only
thing is both scanner only searches Amazon and doesn’t search any other
stores but okay see you could see the same picture eight cents but then like
like I said if if I actually see if I click here if I see that sold
by that and fulfilled by Amazon most likely their tax if it’s sold and
shipped and sold by Amazon there’s always gonna be a tax if it’s a a be a
seller it could be me selling this and I don’t charge tax on none of the states
or you know on or maybe if I do would be only for one state that I’m registered
with so so yeah this is why I only shows that so basically you’re adding
subtracting eight percent from this because there’s no tax on this product
so yeah so that’s and you could link up your store your watch webinars they have
affiliate program settings manage payments lists you could save your
competitors because as you scan competitors to see what they sell you
want to build a list of competitors because they will give you ideas of
what’s actually selling and what you could focus on you know you don’t have
you don’t always have to sell exactly the same item as they sell you can find
similar items out there and you know just kind of piggyback on their keywords
because just looking at their title you know improve the titles and see what
they what keywords are used for there so then if you’re selling a very similar
product then you know you’re you know you could kind of leverage their titles
to sell your other products so um so yeah so that’s why you could keep on
checking on your competitors from time to time like once or twice a month and
see there’s any new products and new ideas are given to you and you know you
you could save items swatch list right here so you can see my items book
scanner that’s my book scanner and I’m testing out right now it’s through here
you can just scan them all right here and it will miss me instead of
each one it will watch you play care it will scan them all and then my safe
searches yep so on this so is a great tool I used to use terrific in the past
but they remove the competitive research which is very important to me though the
strategy that I use so when I found out about Zika analytics you know I moved
away from topic to xik analytics and been using them since then it’s been a
little over a year since I started using them I hope I covered everything I
definitely recommend using this tool and you know so yeah also if you love what we do in
our group by the way if you’re not in my eBay
dropshipping as for my group I encourage you to join because it’s a free
mastermind group for dropshippers where you could ask questions you get some
support and you know discussions it’s a community that I built together and
where we all communicate talk to each other network and then just you know
share ideas it’s a beta dropshipping mastermind so you know majority of
people here are dropshippers and you could learn a lot just by going through
our threads questions previous questions I do share some some free value some
trainings either inside the group files and so if you’re not there I will have a
link in the description of this video and also I encourage you guys on I will
leave a link my affiliate link to this software if you like what I showed you
guys if you liked the features of this tool and if you like this video please
you know like in comment and share this video and also I’m gonna leave my
affiliate link you know this by personally purchasing through this link
you know not only you will get the software you know whether you purchase
through my link or other link but you will also support our community and what
we do is so we could provide more for the group and you know because I mean it
takes time to really manage the group and hire some virtual assistants to help
out with managing and customer service and that’s what we grow bigger than of
course there’s more work at it so I will leave the link to my group and to this
software to access it if you have any questions feel free to comment below and
I’ll do my best to respond as quick as possible so I’m off before let you guys
go they also have a Amazon giftcard service which is
by Triple Mars they recommend this is where you could purchase gift cards this
is mainly for I understand it for international people because when you
purchase on Amazon 3 with your credit card you got a paid 3% 2% on conversion
fee and with with Amazon gift cards just see a lot of internationals are using
because it’s just an easier process and I don’t know a whole lot of details
about this I have never bought at myself b2b this side but I’m and how friends
were purchased from it my international friends from Germany and from other
places and they’ve told a lot of great stuff about it and if Zeek analytics you
know recommends using the service and it’s it’s a great service duty they
wouldn’t put their you know their company on the line if it wasn’t worth
they have a support group I’m part of the English group and you know the hard
does like webinars he has a lot of good stuff going going on in his group so I’m
part of that group as well when you become a member that’s what you can
access and access the group so um so yeah I hope I answer all your questions
if you have any questions feel free to comment below I will leave the links
both leads to my group and for the software down below you know thank you
guys for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and it brought some
value to you and you could see how this offer could help you guys you know with
your eBay career you guys have a great day and I’ll see you guys later peace


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