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Zmodo Replay with 4 IP Cameras and a Network Video Recorder – Review Cruncher Technology

October 10, 2019

Review Cruncher Technology [CRUNCH] NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER: ZMODO REPLAY Summarized Ratings: Date of this review: July 3, 2017 Total customer reviews: 32 69% good ratings, 20% average ratings, 11% bad ratings. Summarized Reviews: Pros • One of the most affordable surveillance systems with good build quality
• Four IP cameras with a resolution of 720p and 25 frames per second
• The IP cameras have audio, motion, and night vision detection
• The two indoor cameras have inbuilt speakers to communicate
• Can be viewed on a TV, Monitor or mobile phone Cons: • Some difficulties involved when mounting cameras on to the wall
• Playback options don’t always play at the marker’s location
• Alerts some times pop up when they’re not meant to
• The four levels of digital zoom is simply enlarging the existing pixels
• A fast Internet connection is required if all four cameras are recording Is it right for you? • Deters theft, robbery, vandalism and violent behaviour from people
• Can be used to monitor your children’s safety and behaviour
• Gives you peace of mind if you’re overseas on a holiday
• Indoor cameras can be used to communicate to the viewer
• Acts as evidence or a witness for any incidents that may occur VESA mount is awkwardly positioned/ poor sound quality speakers Subscribe here. Check out the other reviews:

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